Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer‘s components include industrial equipment such as main pots, preparation pots, electrical adjustments and vacuum pump hydraulics. The operating process of the vacuum emulsifier is a holistic reaction production process. In this process, the vacuum emulsifier has five major competitive advantages.

The vacuum emulsifier uses a concentric two-axis construction. This type of construction allows the agitator and shear of the vacuum emulsifier to operate independently and produce a very good product. The vacuum emulsifier is an innovative electrical control system, and the high-precision system software program ensures the smooth and reliable performance of the vacuum emulsifier. The vacuum emulsifier is called a vacuum emulsifier because it uses a closed vacuum system to avoid the incorporation of other impurities into the pot, thus ensuring the quality of the product. There is no dead angle inside the vacuum emulsifier, and there is no problem in processing high-viscosity materials due to the installation of the force scraping device on the agitator. The emulsifier of the vacuum emulsifier can be reversed, so it is very convenient to clean and maintain the vacuum emulsifier.

As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Supplier, share with you how to choose a vacuum emulsifier.

In the first step, the preliminary test and the pilot test operation should be carried out to call the positive solution data. If you are planning to develop an innovative product, you should first obtain reasonable data in the laboratory with the help of a cosmetic vacuum emulsifier. This way, you can prevent the wrong selection, and you can further carry out the pilot test with the pilot emulsification equipment. Reduce the risk of production investment. The data obtained by the experimental operation will be the key to the selection of the machine equipment. The key to the dispersion function of the cosmetic vacuum emulsifier is that the raw material meets the shear zone rate and the mechanical energy transmitted to the raw material, where only the rotor can be quantified. The circumferential speed can be calculated in the laboratory according to the speed of the machine under the ideal condition, so that a reasonable interval can be selected in the industrial type.

The second step is to judge the problem of the amount of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier. In the industrial machine equipment selection table, a water-based reference treatment volume is presented. In the actual selection, the viscosity, specific gravity, solid content, thixotropy and other factors of the raw materials should be fully considered, and the viscosity interval and Thixotropy is difficult to define, so the actual amount of processing will always be difficult to grasp. This requires a good technical exchange with the engineer, based on the actual and effective data and experience to determine a near-realistic selection plan.

The third step is to prepare in advance the key points for the selection of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier: to determine the required results, to judge the process used; to select according to the data determined by the laboratory; to list the expected conditions, such as flammability Explosive, pressure-resistant, vacuum-proof, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature and other working conditions require cosmetic vacuum emulsifier to meet the special requirements of working conditions and surface treatment; in the case of more unpredictable elements and complicated processes, it is proposed to adopt conservative Selection method. Our company also has Mayonnaise Mixer, welcome to come to consult.

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