vacuum emulsifying mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Some of the industrial parts that make up a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer include the main pots, the preparatory pots, the electrical adjustments, and the hydraulics of the vacuum pump. 

The vacuum emulsifying mixer operates using a reaction-based manufacturing method that considers the whole system. There are five main ways in which the vacuum emulsifier outshines the competition in this procedure.

5 Competitive Advantages of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer in the Cosmetic Industry

  1. The vacuum emulsifier is built around a pair of concentric axes. The vacuum emulsifier’s agitator and shear may work separately to great effect, thanks to the design. 
  2. The vacuum emulsifier has an advanced electrical control system, and its high-precision system software guarantees dependable operation. 
  3. A closed vacuum system in the emulsifier machine prevents outside contaminants from entering the pot and guarantees a high-quality result.
  4. Installing the force scraping mechanism on the agitator ensures that the vacuum emulsifier has no dead angles and can easily handle high-viscosity materials. 
  5. Vacuum emulsifiers are highly easy to clean and maintain as their emulsifiers may be reversed.

As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Supplier, we share with you how to choose a vacuum emulsifier

🔵 Set Preliminary and Pilot Tests

To begin, it is necessary to do the preliminary test and the pilot test operation to name the positive solution data. 

Using a cosmetic vacuum emulsifier may help you get reliable data in the lab, which is essential if you want to create a groundbreaking new product. In this way, you may avoid making a poor choice and go on with the pilot test using the pilot emulsification machine. Minimize the potential loss on manufacturing investments. 

What happens in the test run is essential for choosing which equipment to buy. The only thing that can be observed is the rotor. However, the vacuum emulsifier’s dispersion function depends on meeting the shear zone rate and the mechanical energy given to the raw material. 

It is possible to figure out the circular speed in the lab by using the machine’s perfect speed. This way, you may choose an appropriate interval for the industrial type.

🔵 Assess the Problem

The second step is to judge the problem of the amount of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier. 

The industrial machine equipment selection table shows water-based standard treatment volume. You must consider the viscosity, specific gravity, solid content, thixotropy, and other properties when choosing raw materials. Since measuring the viscosity gap and thixotropy is hard, understanding the real working amount will always take effort. 

To come up with a selection plan that is close to realistic, you need to have an excellent technical conversation with the engineer based on actual data and experience.

🔵 Create Cosmetic Vacuum Emulsifier Selection Criteria

The third step is to prepare the key points for selecting a cosmetic vacuum emulsifier.

To identify the necessary results, evaluate the procedure, select based on laboratory data, and specify predicted criteria like flammability. A cosmetic vacuum emulsifier is essential for surface treatment and operating situations, including explosive, pressure-resistant, vacuum-proof, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature.

It is best to use the careful selection method when there are more uncertain factors and complex processes. 

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