In order to meet the requirements of Liquid Filling Machine filling accuracy and speed, in the filling part, the fixed volume filling design with the servo motor as the main motor is usually adopted, because the servo motor control system has high control accuracy, fast speed. Features such as stability and easy adjustment. The conveying part before and after the container filling adopts a linear design; the conveyor belt part adopts frequency conversion speed control; and a set of automatic sliding barrel separator is designed to cooperate with the transmission belt to achieve the semi-finished product and empty container after filling The purpose of quickly separating and taking it away from the filling machine. As a Liquid Filling Machine Supplier, share with you.

Matters needing attention in the daily use of the filling machine:

1. This filling machine is an automatic machine, so the dimensions of easy-to-pull bottles, bottle pads and bottle caps should be uniform.

2. When adjusting the machine, the tools must be used properly. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to disassemble the parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance of the machine.

3. When the machine is adjusted, the loose screws must be tightened, and the machine can only be used after turning the machine with the rocker handle to see if its movement meets the requirements.

4. The machine must be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to have oil stains, liquid medicine or glass debris on the machine to avoid damage to the machine, so it must:

1) In the process of using the machine, remove the liquid medicine or glass debris in time.

2) Clean all parts of the surface of the machine once before the shift, and add clean lubricants to each activity department.

3) It should be scrubbed once a week, especially in places that are not easy to clean in normal use or wiped with compressed air.

Disinfection and rinse:

1) Loosen the upper and lower set screws, remove the injection system for overall disinfection, or disassemble for disinfection and cleaning.

2) Put the liquid inlet tube in the cleaning liquid and start cleaning.

3) The 500ml model may have errors in the actual filling, and the measuring cylinder is measured before the formal filling.

4) Needle for filling machine, standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for type 10, 20ml glass filler for type 20, and 100ml glass filler for type 100.

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