In cosmetic products, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, food companies, the use of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is often used in applications where dispersion, homogenization, emulsification, agitation, and mixing are required. In different industrial production occasions, different manufacturing requirements, different types of machine equipment specifications and sizes are required. Usually, the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier of cosmetic equipment on the market can be divided into laboratories according to different specifications. Emulsifier, pilot emulsifier, batch industrial production and production of emulsifier.

Laboratory Emulsifier: There are usually two common specifications: 5L, 10L. These two types of machines are often used in the trial development of cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, etc., and have the advantages of convenient use and greatly improved test efficiency. .

Pilot-type emulsifier: There are generally 2 types of models: 30L, 50L, the results of the pilot emulsifier docking laboratory, the key step to the large production, is the test of the content of the formula, whether scientific and technological innovation is important for mass production The route has greatly reduced the risk of production.

The combined components of the vacuum emulsifier include industrial equipment such as main pot, pre-treatment pot, electric adjustment and vacuum pump hydraulics. The operating process of the vacuum emulsifier is a holistic reaction production process. In this process, the vacuum emulsifier has five major competitive advantages.

The vacuum emulsifier uses a concentric two-axis construction. This type of construction allows the agitator and shear of the vacuum emulsifier to operate independently and produce a very good product.

The vacuum emulsifier is an innovative electrical control system, and the high-precision system software program ensures the smooth and reliable performance of the vacuum emulsifier.

The vacuum emulsifier is called a vacuum emulsifier because it uses a closed vacuum system to avoid the incorporation of other impurities into the pot, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

There is no dead angle inside the vacuum emulsifier, and there is no problem in processing high-viscosity materials due to the installation of the force scraping device on the agitator.

The emulsifier of the vacuum emulsifier can be reversed, so it is very convenient to clean and maintain the vacuum emulsifier.

Due to the increasingly mature and stable technology level of China Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, the vacuum emulsifier equipment with more powerful functional modules is widely used in the industrial production of food processing, daily chemicals, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. Whether it is in hardware configuration or in the selection of functional modules, its flexible non-standard personalized custom design and production methods are deeply loved by new and old customers.

From the heating mode, the user can also choose different heating modes according to their own requirements. What are the heating modes of the vacuum emulsifier?

Steam heating mode: Some users can use steam as the heating mode of the vacuum emulsifier due to the uniqueness of the production and processing materials or the ready-made steam at the user’s production and processing site. The steam heating mode also enables adjustment of the material heating temperature by means of an intelligent temperature control system. Our company is Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer, welcome to come to us.

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