vacuum emulsifying mixer

vacuum emulsifying mixer

Those who work in cosmetics, home chemicals, medicines, the chemical industry, and food companies often use a vacuum emulsifying mixer to disperse, homogenize, emulsify, agitate, and mix different substances. 

In various industrial production situations, different manufacturing needs call for a range of machine tools with varying specs and sizes. 

The Difference Between Cosmetics Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier in cosmetics labs often falls into one of many categories—emulsifiers, pilot plants, industrial batch operations, etc.

🔵 Laboratory Emulsifier

Usually, there are two standard sizes: 5L and 10L. Both types of equipment are commonly used to test cosmetics, medicines, and other products. They are easy to use and make testing much more efficient. 

🔵 Pilot-type emulsifier

There are two main types of models: 30L and 50L. The pilot emulsifier docking laboratory results are the most crucial step before mass production. They test the recipe to see if science and technological progress are necessary for mass production. This way makes output much less risky.

🔵 Vacuum Emulsifier Machine

The main pot, the pre-treatment pot, the electric adjustment, and the vacuum pump hydraulics are all pieces of industrial equipment that make up the vacuum emulsifier. There is a total response generation process going on inside the vacuum emulsifier. 

Because China’s Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer technology is getting better and more stable, vacuum emulsifier equipment with more powerful functional modules is used a lot in manufacturing food processing, daily chemicals, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. 

Why Use Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers?

New and old customers love its non-standard, unique, custom design and production methods. They are flexible and can work with many different hardware setups and functional module choices.

You can also choose from different heating modes depending on your needs from the heating mode. What are the different ways that the vacuum emulsifier can heat up?

Steam Heating Mode

For some users, steam can be used as the vacuum emulsifier’s heating mode because the materials are unique or because steam is already available at their production and processing site. 

In addition to the steam heating method, an intelligent temperature control system lets you change the temperature at which the material is heated. 

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