cosmetics filling machine


The production error of a cosmetics filling machine depends mainly on the upper and lower switching frequencies, properties of the filling material, the filling speed, and the filling quantity.

Troubleshoot Operating Cosmetics Filling Machine

In normal circumstances, you should check the connecting rod seals, three-plane sealing ring, and piston ring to determine whether they need replacement and creating leaks. The inspection findings will be correct if the intake exhaust is in good condition. 

Check the cylinder and pneumatic switch on the cosmetics filling machine to see if they are loose. Even though they need to be firmly attached, there can be even a slight shake or vibration from the filling process. This could cause the cylinder or cylinder switch to come loose and move. Making the accuracy less accurate.

It’s possible that the switching speed will vary. The production output and the operator’s expertise are key factors. 

On the filling machine, two switches for the filling head valves mainly modify the two-speed valves. The level of wear on the silicone rubber O-ring on the cylinder piston; and the level of wear on the plane seals mostly determine how accurately the filling cylinder is. 

It is optimal to have no air conditioning. And to reduce the amount of air in the feed pipe as much as possible.

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