Cosmetics Filling Machine production error is mainly determined by the material characteristics, filling amount, filling speed, and upper and lower switching speed.
Under normal circumstances, please check whether there is leakage sealing parts, mainly for piston ring, three plane sealing ring is worn or not. Intakeexhaust inadequate or damage will affect the accuracy of inspection. China Cosmetic Filling Machine cylinder, pneumatic switch, whether they are loose or not. They must stable fixation, slight vibration generated during the filling process, may also make the cylinder or cylinder switch loose and move, then affect the accuracy.
The switching speed is not necessarily the same, it is depend on the experience of the operator and the field production. Two filling head valve switch on the filling machine mainly adjusts the two throttle valves. The accuracy of filling is mainly determined by the wearing degree of the silicone rubber O ring on the cylinder piston, and the wear degree of the plane seals. Reducing the air in the feed pipe as far as possible, no air condition is the best.

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