Do You Know The Common Problems and Solutions of Cosmetic Filling Machine?

cosmetic filling machine

As a Cosmetic Filling Machine Manufacturer, we share with you. The cosmetic filling model is filled by a piston pump. The cylinder is used to push the piston to fill the high-concentration tank into the container. If the filling accuracy is very high.

It can also be equipped with a multi-head weigher. After hitting high-concentration materials, there will be a heavy filling machine, and materials that do not meet the accuracy requirements will be returned to the bin.

Common faults and solutions of Cosmetic Filling Machine

So, in the future work, what problems may occur in the cosmetic filling machine?

Cream filling machine does not discharge:

  1. Of course, first check whether there are materials in the material box, how can you put them out without materials.
  2. The second is to check whether the filling lining is clogged. Generally, there are two situations: the first is the clogging caused by not cleaning in time during the last filling. Especially the paste that solidifies at low temperatures will undoubtedly block the filling nozzle. Therefore, after each work, the filling nozzle must be cleaned in time to avoid delaying the next day’s work. The other is glued to the piston of the cylinder liner, and the sealing effect is very poor. This situation is the same as the first situation, the filling nozzle is cleaned in time.
  3. If neither of the above two types can be used, the sealing ring must be replaced, just replace the sealing ring on the inner piston.

The filling volume is not accurate

  1. The pressure of the pressure valve of the filling machine is not adjusted properly and needs to be adjusted slowly to the ideal error range.
  2. Also check whether the air pressure valve is leaking.
  3. If the diaphragm valve is damaged, just replace it with a new one.

What is more important to choose a paste filling machine, among which is the investment in the cost of filling the filling machine. It is necessary to deeply analyze the operating cost of the filling machine, such as manpower and material input, and machine parts. Loss and replacement, the service life of the machine and its depreciation rate.

In the highly competitive modern market, reducing production costs is undoubtedly crucial to the development of enterprises. When choosing a paste filling machine, you must make a comparison, weigh the purchase cost and operating cost, and find a cost-effective purchase plan that suits you. Our company also has China Food Filling Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.

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