product introduction:


This type of Filling Machine is our company according to customer requirements, combined with the advantages of domestic models research and development.

The product becomes a new generation filling machine, which breaks through the traditional open type and adopts closed filling, meets the requirements of food hygiene grade, integrates machine, electricity and gas, is controlled by PLC, has close structure, reasonable design, high filling precision, stable and reliable operation, Good working efficiency, long life, simple maintenance and so on. Widely used in all kinds of fluids, liquid filling and so on.

This Labeling Machine and the material contact are 304 stainless steel manufacture, conforms to GMP and QS authentication standard completely. Different links are connected by quick and live connection, easy to remove and wash, filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted, the containers with different specifications can be replaced, no parts need to be replaced, and the width of the parapet and the distance between the filling head can be adjusted. The filling barrel is filled with photoelectric detection and counting method. When the barrel count is full of 8 barrels in the full start state, the filling begins, less than 8 barrels are not filled, the equipment is in the waiting state, and the liquid crystal screen can accurately display the number of incoming bottles. The bottle is also counted: when the filling is over, the cylinder begins to unload Hour count, when counting to 8, the cylinder is reset, the next filling preparation starts, the equipment moves smoothly, accurate, is the ideal machine electrical integration product at present.

The electric system adopts three-phase four-wire system 50HZ AC, the total power supply is connected to the L1 / L2 / L3 / N terminal in the electric box on the back of the machine. Ensure the safety of operators, electrical box and fuselage must be reliable ground!


  1. Main technical parameters

Total power of machine: 1.5kW

Power supply voltage: 220V\ 380V 50HZ

Machine weight: 500KG

III. Working principles

This machine consists of conveyor belt, cylinder, filling head, Flowmeter, pump, material barrel, and other parts.

  1. Bottle conveyor belt:

The transmission of the conveyor belt in and out of the bucket is driven by a

three-phase asynchronous motor with a power of 0.37 KW (which can be adjusted by a frequency converter), and the plastic flat-top chain makes it run smoothly in a certain direction.

  1. Filling:

The machine adopts pump pressurization, back flow filling, extracting material

through water pump, and pushing the material into the container without material at the top of the equipment. When the material box reaches a certain pressure, the

material will pass through the Flow meter, manual valve, pipe below, Fill the outlet

into a portable bucket. Pressure gauges are installed above each Flow meter, and each gauge can be measured and changed separately. When filling, the pressure of each discharge pipe should be adjusted separately according to the actual filling condition, and the discharge speed of each pipe should be adjusted to the same as possible, so as to ensure the accurate measurement of liquid material passing through the Flowmeter.

  1. Operation and description
  2. prepare for boot
  3. Power supply:

To connect the power supply (see circuit diagram), the rack must be grounded.

2.Gas source:

The pressure of gas supply is 0.4-0.6 Mpa. and enough gas supply must be guaranteed. If the gas supply is too small, the pressure will be reduced, which will affect the normal operation of the machine. Insert the intake pipe into the inner air source connector of the rack, connect the air source, and adjust the pressure reducing valve knob (above the air source double connection, lift the knob up), so that the working pressure is set at 0 ~ 5 Mpa.

  1. Lubrication:

Reliable and correct lubrication can greatly prolong the service life of the machine

  • first, apply proper amount of 40# machine oil to the guide bar of the transmission

(2) open the right side oil fogging screw and fill it with clear and transparent oil (see

instructions on the oil mist housing for more details

(3)after tightening the oil fogger oil screw, then turn back half a circle to a circle (it is advisable to drop oil every 6 minutes while the machine is working normally.

(4) open the screw port at the bottom of the cylinder and put in enough lubricating oil, which not only lubricate the screw but also seal the cylinder. The machine has been filled with enough lubricating oil before it leaves the factory, and no further injection is required for half a year.

  1. Gas road drainage:

If the machine finds the oil-water separation of the gas source binaries during normal operation and before the machine starts up when the water is located on the left side of the two part, the drainage should be opened at the bottom to drain the water

The operation of the machine is relatively simple. Turn on the power, open the button to enter the initial screen interface:

Press the “On-Off” indicator touch button on the display, then the screen into the

“boot” screen, according to the screen prompts into the operation page, load setting page, monitoring page. Mushroom head button is an emergency button, when an emergency, you can press this button, all actions stop. To recover, rotate the mushroom head button clockwise. Monitoring: the equipment enters the second picture after the start of the machine, the right one on the right side of the surface is the monitoring page. In normal filling, the numbers in the column can be displayed in the rear data, and the count situation of the 1 – 8 flowmeter is monitored in real time. And the volume setting is adjusted through the actual situation.

Load adjustment: enter the loading adjustment page, according to the actual situation, in each filling volume after the data bar, the volume of fine-tuning. For example, if the filling quantity of No.1 is small, the value of No.1 filling can be increased slightly, whereas decreased. (reference: 1 = 1.5 ml)

General manager: Jane jiang


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