Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer


Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is used for emulsification manufacturing in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. It performs the following functions:

  • heating
  • cooling
  • heat preservation
  • stirring
  • vacuum defoaming
  • dispersion
  • homogenization

How does emulsification assure product uniformity?

When we talk about the emulsification process, buyers often want to know how we ensure the result is uniform. In food preparation, for example, how can we be sure that every batch will have the same quality and taste? As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Factory, we will describe to you how the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer offers product uniformity.

First, artificial weighing ingredients

Artificial weighing ingredients, for instance, are suitable for this type of small-scale emulsification because they make sure that the materials are set up in the right proportions. This lets researchers get accurate testing data and consistent small-scale output. Product made well.

Second, the flow meter

When production output goes over a certain level, mixing and measuring by hand doesn’t work well, and the labor costs are also high. This method is no longer useful. In some emulsification processes that need a lot of water, a certain amount of water has to be added to the tank.

Is there a quick and easy way to divide up the work? Some clients use a flow meter to control how much liquid is in the dose tank, which can save them time and work.

Third, the pressure probe

Flowmeters have fluctuating errors. Customers with high error requirements need precise data. Pressure probes can fix this. The valve shuts off when the tank’s bottom pressure sensor reaches the set pressure. The weighing module improves accuracy for weighing. Weighing modules manage liquid level and mix and match in several pharmaceutical companies.

Our company specializes in providing quality Automatic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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