Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is an industrial emulsification production equipment for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. It has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation, stirring, vacuum defoaming, dispersion and homogenization. It is suitable equipment for producing high-end products. In the emulsification production process, customers often ask us how the emulsification process guarantees product uniformity. For example, in food production, how can we guarantee that each batch of products can guarantee the same taste and the same quality? Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Factory to explain to you.
First, artificial weighing ingredients
For example, in the laboratory or small-scale production, artificial weighing ingredients are suitable for this small-scale emulsification, which can ensure that the materials are proportionately configured, and can obtain accurate experimental research data results, or consistency in small-scale production. Good product.
Second, the flow meter
When the scale of production exceeds a certain limit, the efficiency of manual weighing and batching is low, and the labor cost is also high. This method is no longer applicable. In some emulsification productions that require a large amount of water, a certain amount of water needs to be injected into the emulsification tank. How can a simple and labor-saving ratio be allocated? Some customers will use a flow meter to control the volume of liquid in the dosing tank, which can also achieve an efficient and labor-saving effect.
Third, the pressure probe
Flowmeters also have a range of errors. Some customers have high error requirements and need accurate data. Pressure probes can be used to solve this problem. When the pressure sensor at the bottom of the tank senses the set pressure, the valve will automatically shut down. Regarding the weighing problem, the weighing module can be used, so the precision is higher. Many pharmaceutical industries use weighing modules to control the liquid level and mix and match.
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