Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer features, the mixer cover is automatically lifted, and the material in the water pot and the oil pot can be directly sucked into the emulsification pot through the conveying pipeline under vacuum state, and the discharging method is that the emulsifier pot body is inverted and tiltable, and the electric heating tube is placed in the pot interlayer. The heat-conducting medium is heated to achieve heating of the material, and the heating temperature is arbitrarily set and automatically controlled. The cooling water of the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer can be added to the interlayer to cool the product, and the operation is simple and convenient, and an insulation layer is arranged outside the interlayer. Homogeneous agitation and paddle agitation can be used separately or simultaneously. Material micronization, emulsification, mixing, homogenization, dispersion, etc. can be completed in a short time. The contact with the materialof the vacuum homogenizer mixer is made of high quality stainless steel (medical made of 316L material, the inner surface is mirror polished, the vacuum mixing device is hygienic and clean, and it is manufactured according to the sanitary standard of GMP. It is the most ideal cream production equipment). Emulsifier is the High-shear mixing emulsifier structure and application.

The working principle of Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier structure: The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier consists of an emulsification pot (a liftable lid, a flip type pot), a water pot, a oil pot, a vacuum device, a heating and temperature control system, a cooling system, and an electrical control system.

Working principle of air homogenizing emulsifier: After the material is mixed in the water pot and oil pot by heating and stirring, the vacuum pump is sucked into the emulsifier pot, and the center stirring and PTFE scraper in the upper part of the emulsifier pot always meet the stirring. Pot shape, Sweep the wall-mounted adhesive material, so that the material of the vacuum homongenizer mixer to be taken continuously creates a new interface, and then the blade and the rotary blade are cut, compressed, folded, stirred, mixed and flowed down to the homogenizer below the pot body, material Then through the strong shearing, impacting, turbulent flow generated between the high-speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve, the material is cut in the shearing seam and quickly broken into 200nm-2um particles, due to the inside of the emulsification pot. In the vacuum state, the bubbles generated during the stirring process of the material are taken away in time of the vacuum homogenizer mixer.

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