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Do you Know the Filling Principle of Liquid Filling Machine?

As a China Suppository Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you the filling principle of Liquid Filling Machine:

Because the physical and chemical properties of liquid materials are different, there are different filling requirements when filling. The liquid material is filled into the packaging container from a liquid storage device (commonly called a liquid storage tank) by the following methods.

1) Atmospheric pressure filling

Atmospheric pressure filling is based on the weight of the liquid material directly flowing into the packaging container under atmospheric pressure. A machine for filling liquid products into packaging containers under normal pressure is called an atmospheric pressure filler.

The process of normal pressure filling is as follows:

liquid inlet and exhaust, that is, the liquid material enters the container, and the air in the container is discharged;

Stop the liquid feeding, that is, the liquid feeding will automatically stop when the liquid material in the container reaches the quantitative requirements; ③ Excluding the remaining liquid, that is, the residual liquid in the exhaust pipe, this process will exhaust those to the upper air chamber of the storage tank. Structure is required.

Atmospheric pressure method is mainly used for filling low-viscosity non-gas liquid materials, such as milk, white wine, soy sauce, potions, etc.

2) Isobaric filling

Equal pressure filling uses compressed air in the upper air chamber of the liquid storage tank to inflate the packaging container so that the pressures of the two are nearly equal, and then the filled material flows into the container by its own weight. Machines that use the isobaric method for filling are isobaric filling machines.

The process of isobaric filling is:

aerated isobaric pressure;

liquid inlet and gas return;

stop liquid inlet;

release the pressure, that is, release the residual compressed gas in the bottleneck to the atmosphere, so as to avoid a sudden drop in pressure in the bottle and cause a lot of risk Blistering, affecting packaging quality and quantitative accuracy.

Isobaric method is suitable for the filling of gas-containing beverages, such as beer, soda, etc., in order to reduce the loss of gas contained in it.

3) Vacuum filling

You can perform vacuum filling under atmospheric pressure. It has two basic methods: one is the differential pressure vacuum type, which allows the interior of the storage tank to be at a normal pressure state, and only evacuates the interior of the packaging container to form a certain degree of vacuum. The liquid material depends on the pressure in the two containers. Poor, it flows into the packaging container and completes filling; the other is a gravity vacuum type, which allows the liquid storage tank and the packaging container to be in a nearly equal vacuum state, and the liquid material flows into the container by its own weight. The vacuum filling machine is also a negative pressure filling machine. At present, the differential pressure vacuum type is commonly applicable in China, which has a simple structure and reliable operation.

The vacuum filling process is as follows:

The bottle is empty.

The liquid is dispenses.

The liquid is stops;

The remaining liquid goes back. That is, the residual liquid in the exhaust pipe returns to the storage tank through the vacuum chamber.

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