oil bottle filling machineAs a Filling Machine Factory, share with you. As an important equipment in the packaging industry, edible oil filling machine has extraordinary significance for the development of the industry. It continues to develop into more defects in the packaging industry. In this era, new filling machine equipment has just been released. It not only provides more impetus for the sustainable development of the industry, but also meets the different needs of market development. The continuous development of the filling machine conforms to the domestic production capacity, and is also the result of the technological progress and development of the filling machine.

The edible oil filler machine plays an increasingly important role in the production of enterprises. For enterprises, the use of edible oil filling machine is not a problem, but it ignores the correct operating specifications and maintenance.

1. Fully automatic edible oil filling machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and should not be used in places containing acids and other corrosive gases.

2. Check the parts and electrical components regularly, check once a week, check whether the bolts, bearings and other moving parts on the lubricating block are flexible and wearable, and find that the defects should be repaired in time and not used reluctantly.

3. When filling the packaging machine with oil, do not let the oil overflow from the cup, and do not flow around the machine and the ground. Because oil easily pollutes substances and affects product quality.

4. After the machine is used or stopped, the parts should be cleaned, and no residual oil or dust should be left behind.

5. If the shutdown period is longer, clean and wipe the automatic quantitative edible oil filling machine. Coat the smooth surfaces of machine parts with anti-rust oil and cover with cloth.

The main features of edible oil filling machine equipment:

Oil Filling Machine generally adopts flowmeter type filling. Flowmeter type filling is a computer that automatically tracks the oil temperature and density changes to adjust the oil delivery at any time. This is so that the quality of the oil delivery is reduced. The error occurs with the temperature and density changes.

1. This type of filling machine is applicable for filling, sub-packaging and metering of various oils, oils, oils, liquid materials such as lubricating oil, edible oil, barreled wine, chemical products, spices, etc.

2. The machine is mainly comprises of magnetic cylinder, oil cylinder and electrical control components. It has the advantages of simple overall structure, small footprint and easy operation;

3. A quantitative cup structure drives the piston of the oil cylinder. Repeat through the cylinder to fill the bottle quantitatively with oil. The quantitative accuracy is high and the filling speed is fast;

4. Double-speed filling, first fast and then slow, to prevent material overflow when it is almost full.

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