Last week our factory Makwell Machinery Co., Ltd exported one set knot tying machine to Liverpool,UK.

This Paper Card Knot Tying Machine is new design machine specialized in knot tying card with elastic string and non-elastic string! applies to various shapes of plastic, cloth, cotton, PVC, paper tag Elevators automatic punching forming, threading, tie a knot and hang tag, points to complete a series of processes automated production machine for Europe, America , Korea, France, Germany, Africa countries all kinds of tag, Elevators process.

Universal shape knot tying machine usage: service, gifts, food, alcohol, credit card issuers and other industries tag. Simple, safe, high production efficiency, the use of wire: cotton, phone hanging wire, gold thread, silver thread, nylon lines.


1, covering technology currently on the market similar machines;

2, the body in all steel structure, solid perfect, to ensure stable operation of equipment;

3, has a higher security measures to ensure the safety of personnel.

4, knotting system developed by our company to achieve a fully mechanical structure movement, different from any machine on the market, to ensure perfect results tie.

Reliable, low price, free technical training for customers, welcomed the consultation;

Tag size: adjustable

Knotted length: adjustable

Speed: about 50-80 pcs per minute

Threading diameter: 0.3-2.1MM

Power: 0.75kw

Power:380V, 3phase, can be customized

Weight: 700kg

Welcome to order “MAKWELL” automatic tag stringing

machine.Any normal use of the product quality problems occurred

since the date of purchase within one year, responsible forthe free

repair. All becausethe user is not required,self-installing, removing,

or incorrect use caused damage to the companycan provide

maintenance,but to collect the appropriate service charges and parts


Warranty principle

1.Users from the date of purchase, under normal usage (by the

authorized technical staff judgment), damage to or failure of

warranty parts warranty. (Wearing parts are not within the scope of


2.During the warranty period by the maintenance staff of the

company other than the parts repaired or changed input voltage is

incorrect, defective product causes of accidents or natural disasters

caused by time is not covered by the warranty.

3.Before accepting warranty service, customers need a machine to

produce guarantee to prove date of purchase. Unable to confirm the

purchase date speak not guaranteed.

4.The contents of this book are subject to change to ensure that it is

invalid. The Company reserves the right to interpret the contents of

the book to ensure that.

  1. 5. Warranty time: Guaranteed for 1 year from the date when the

machines arrive at the port of destination. Within this period, Seller

shall provide accessories (include easy-broken accessories) in free.

But buyer bears postage charge. Seller Should a engineer need to

provide service at Buyers’ factory, Buyer bears the engineer’s travel,

food and accommodation fees. And salary of USD 100 for seller’s

engineer per day. If buyer sends worker to Sellers’ factory to learn

how to operate, maintain machines, seller will train them with free in

seller’s factory.

PLC display

yellow button is JOG button, red button is EMERGENCY Button

The machine basic Debugging method

1.Cam mechanism

Through a certain regular curve, the specified direction of

rotation, so that the output of the specified action.

Master content

(1).Understanding the role of each cam.

(2).How to regulate cam.


By linking between the connecting rod is connected to achieve

the state of motion or movement direction change.

Master content

(1).Adjusting rocker length, change swings.

(2).Several basic rocker adjustment method and the role of the tag

stringing machine.

A.Changing the length of the line.

B.Tag holes and threading alignment adjustment.

C.Trigeminal rocker regulation on the location of the tag punch.

3.Positioning structure

Place the stack so that the tag positioning device.

Learning content

(1).Ascertain the effect of adjusting the position of the left and right

positioning plate tag punch position.

(2).Master regulatory role before positioning fence.

(3).After positioning the baffle master role.

the operation basic precautions.

The operator must read the following info. carefully before

operating the machine:

  1. Before starting the machine, first for hand along the counterclockwise

direction to turn the hand wheel a few times. Then make sure no error,

and turn on the machine. Remember, hand wheel must to be turn in the

counterclockwise direction only, but cannot turn round.

  1. When threading needle down, should not be too low. If it is too low, it

will lead to the knife clip will clip the threading needle. T the same time

bad outlet. Do the hand wheel with the anti-clockwise direction, and the

threading needle is raised from the thread hole. And the threading needle

is raised from the threading hole. If there is happen “ click sound”, this is the problem. When such a problem occurs, simply loosen the clamping

block on the threading needle bar and place the threading needle bar


3.Adjust the threading needle bar, pay attention to not swing around, only

up and down to avoid affecting the knot. The effect of knot and dial knife

has a great relationship. When in adjustment, please do threading needle

bar should not be too low, as long as the hook can hook the thread.

  1. When adjusting the length of thread, pay attention to the thread

between the needle and the hook can not collide, leave a space ( about

0.5mm), but not too large. And the hook with the thread knife can not

collide,especially adjust the thread from long to a certain extent

more than the own machine range easy to collide.

  1. Regularly check the thread between the knife and the board is between

the collision, if there is a collision on the adjustment plate on both ends of

the fixed screw.

6.After passing the punching die to the threading needle, if the position is

not right, ca not easily adjust the threading alignment, you must adjust the

two stroke screw.

  1. When the tag is jammed, check that the positioning of the tag is

accurate and push the pushing knife out of the determined position

  1. Before the machine running, fill the oil into the oil hole for 2 time in

one day.And a large slot change the butter oil each week.

  1. To ensure that the machine is placed in stable position, the horizontal

position can be corrected by four feet screws.

  1. When replacing the setscrews on the pushing knife, care must be

taken to keep it too long to avoid the top of the pushing knife screw.

11.When the thread feeder does not work, check whether the thick groove

of the cable is on the top of the sensor, or replace the cable, make sure the

thread is not jammed so turn on the motor switch

If you have the above requirements, please contact, whatsapp:008615961816725

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