As a Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you. Juice drinks provide us with the vitamins we need in our daily life more conveniently. The variety of fruit juice products in the supermarket is all derived from the juice drink filling machine.

Liquid Filling Machine process:

1. The boxes with empty bottles are stacked on the pallet and sent to the pallet unloader by the conveyor belt. The pallets are unloaded one by one. The boxes are sent to the unloader with the conveyor belt to remove the empty bottles from the box. The conveyor belt is sent to the box washing machine, after being cleaned, and then transported to the boxing machine, so as to load the bottle containing the beverage into it.

2. The empty bottles taken out of the unpacking machine are sent to the bottle washing machine for sterilization and cleaning by another conveyor belt. After being inspected by the bottle inspection machine, they meet the cleaning standards and then enter the filling machine and capping machine.

3. Drinks are filled into bottles by the filling machine. The bottles filled with beverages are capped by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After labeling, the bottles are sent to the boxing machine to be loaded into the box and then sent to the pallet stacker to be stacked on the pallet and sent to the warehouse.

Since it is so important, you should take it seriously when you use it. Once a problem arises, you must deal with it in a timely manner. Today, I will tell you a few simple maintenance tips. You won’t suffer from mastering a few.

First, the filling machine fails to start

1. First turn off the power, check whether there is a circuit problem, and then check the fuse.

2. Release the emergency stop button, and then restart the machine.

3. Check if there is a power supply in the switching power supply section.

4. Check whether the mechanical touch screen and PLC communication cable are connected correctly.

Second, the material of the juice beverage filling machine can not fall down, can not be filled

1. Check whether the nozzle is turned off, and then restart the machine.

2. Check whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the injection cylinder and the injection cylinder are leaking.

3. The material reaches the lower limit, not enough to fill the corresponding container.

3. The filling amount of the filling machine is inaccurate

1. Check whether the paper feeding system of the equipment is faulty.

2. Clean the pipeline and check for impurities in the material.

3. Replace the sealing ring of the pneumatic valve, the air pipe leaks, and replace the pneumatic valve.

4. Clean the solenoid valve and replace it.

5. Adjust the ball valve to reduce its impact and increase the diving depth.

6. Adjust the electromagnetic switch of the injection cylinder. The time relay digital LED indicator flashes, but is not filled: Replace the O-ring of the liquid filling machine.

7. Adjust the electromagnetic switch of the sample cylinder of the juice beverage filling machine.

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