Stainless Steel Mixer Tank Stainless Steel Mixer Tank


1000L Stainless Steel Mixer Tank include: cover, vessel tank, jacket, stirrer and sheft gearing system and so on. This machine scrap and paddle going to different direction. This will make the material mixing more sufficient.

2)Process Flow:

1.Put Materials into the mixer tank(suggest to buy the machine with a working platform)

2.Press buttom,the machine mixer.

3.When It’s finish,the viscosity liquid,low viscosity cream flows out from valve on the mixer tank

4.The finished product , pump out fromDischarge Valve


a.The Mixing speed is Adjustable or not according to your requirement
b. Electric Heating,suitable for working under a temperature
c.Variety of Agitator Type, Anchor Stirrer, Impeller, Pusher, Frame  ,etc.
d.Machine Materials SUS304 or SS316L according to the requirement of Corrosion Resistance

e.Vacuum ,to provent the bubble.

f.Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification

Technical parameters for 1000L stainless steel mixer machine

* SUS304, one layer

* 380V 50HZ 3phase

* beide motor

* Blade speed 60rpm, 4kw turbine worm reducer

* Scraper speed 60rpm, 7.5kw turbine worm reducer, with four fluorine scraper

* Tank body stainless steel 3.5 mm, tank bottom 4 mm

* bottom discharging mouth distance 400 mm machine. beide moto, total height 2100 mm

* scrap and paddle going to different direction

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