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What are the preliminary preparations for Liquid Glue Filling Machine dispensing? How to drain the bubbles? How to confirm the amount of glue?

The automatic glue filling machine needs to be prepared and processed in the early stage of glue filling mainly including basic items such as glue delivery confirmation, glue valve testing, bubble removal, and glue piloting.

The preparatory work in the early stage of dispensing plays an important role in the later formal packaging.

After the dispensing valve test is completed, the next thing to do is to pay attention to whether there are bubbles in the glue when sending glue to the glue filling machine and glue filling machine equipment. For those that have generated bubbles, which cylinder generates bubbles, pressurizes in which cylinder, and the bubbles are eliminated. If the glue does not flow normally after pressurization, it is likely that the inside of the valve is blocked, and the valve needs to be cleaned.

The primary process of the preparatory work for the packaging of the glue filling machine and the glue filling machine is: after the glue is poured into the glue cylinder, the amount of glue poured and the size of the viscosity must be compared with the preset amount. After ensuring that there is no error, the subsequent testing of the dispensing valve can be carried out. The test of the dispensing valve mainly refers to the test of the integrity of the dispensing valve. The dispensing valve is a component that controls a series of variables such as the size of the fluid. The quality of the dispensing valve has a particularly significant impact on the dispensing quality.

What needs to be done is the last step of pre-dispensing preparation-glue pilot. Usually we use paper to carry out the experiment. When the A glue and the B glue can flow normally and show a straight flow during the experiment, the normal dispensing operation can be carried out.

The main application areas of the glue filling machine:

Mobile phone key dispensing, mobile phone battery packaging, notebook battery packaging, computer speakers/receivers, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding sealant, IC sealant, speaker outer ring dispensing, PDA sealant, LCD sealant, IC packaging, IC bonding, chassis bonding, optical device processing, circuit components and substrate bonding, printed circuit board glue

Lighting industry

LED fluorescent powder dispensing LED drive power thermal conductivity potting, hard light bar, soft light bar potting, bulb lamp, lighting lamp, etc. sealing, LED street lamp bonding and sealing wall washer lamp, flood light, lawn lamp and other outdoor lighting irrigation Sealing, LED lamp holder potting, bonding and sealing of LED spotlight cover and lamp cup.

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