honey filling line


The honey filling line accurately fills, and seals pastes, liquids, or honey by entering your desired filling volume. These machines are suitable for different-sized glass or plastic bottles containing honey products.

As a Food Filling Machine Manufacturer, let’s share with you a short but very important tips on how to operate and maintain the Honey Filling Line.

Operating Honey Filling Line

❶ A Honey Filling Line‘s filling process can be automatic or manual. Manual machines need just pushing the contact torque with the bottle mouth before sucking in the product material. When filling, don’t fill counter to the torque.

When set to automatic, the container is put first when the discharge port is emptied; after the switch is switched on, the filling process begins automatically, and the container is replaced at the appropriate moment

❷ If the metering is unstable during filling, it is important to see if there are debris lodging in the feed check valve. This creates a tight seal and alters the quantity of fill.

❸ If the lower part of the cylinder leaks, it means that the piston cover is worn out and needs replacement.

Our company specializes in providing a variety of Food Filling Machines. Aside from honey, our filling machines can also fill mayonnaise, sauces, jams, ketchup, creams, and more. Our products are of high quality and low price, we guarantee quality and service. If you would like more details, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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