Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is now being accepted by more and more people and give us a lot of economic benefits. The following describes the simple operation steps of the emulsifier mixer.

  1. Turn on the power button, turn on the heating switch, and preheat the pot.2.
  2. Check the emulsification equipment, if the valves are closed, and when one equipment is heated, the other two equipment intake valves should be closed of the vacuum homogenizer mixer for cream making.
  3. Close the switch, open the switch, first heat the water pot and the oil pan, open the air outlet valve before heating, and then open the intake valve.
  4. When the temperature is heated to about 50°C, it can be stirred to accelerate the temperature rise. When the temperature required by the process is reached, stir it again to make the material reach a uniform temperature of the cream lotion making machine.
  5. Water pot, oil pot, when the temperature reaches 60 ° C or above, the emulsified pot can be heated. When the emulsifier is heated, the inlet valve and the outlet valve are closed first, and then the heating valve is opened of the cream Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer.
  6. When the emulsification pot reaches the required temperature of the process, close all the valves on the emulsification pot and evacuate. When vacuuming, first open the vacuum button on the panel and then open the upper ball valve of the Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer.
  7. When the vacuum pressure is pumped to 0.2Mpa or more, the pumping can be carried out, and after the pumping is finished, the pumping valve is closed.

The vacuum is stopped when the pressure is drawn to 0.4Mpa.

  1. Turn on the emulsifier mixer and stir.
  2. After the emulsification pot is heated to the temperature required by the process, set the homogenization relay time, open the homogenization button, adjust the speed, and homogenize the emulsification pot.
  3. After homogenizing, first open the drain valve, then open the water valve to cool the emulsifier mixer.
  4. Turn off the agitation when the temperature is lowered to the desired temperature, and vent the vacuum from the suction port or the inlet.
  5. Discharge: Raise the lid, scrape the material on the paddle, shake the shaker below, shake the pan and pour it for discharge.
  6. Equipment cleaning and sterilization
  7. Wash twice with tap water, wipe with a clean cloth, and wipe off the materials on each pot and paddle of the vacuum homogenizer mixer.

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