our factory Makwell machnery Co., Ltd exported one new set air fresheners card pillow packing machine to Liverpool,UK.

Automatic Card Pillow Packing Machine Usage:

Applicable for packing solid regular objects, instant noodles, ice lolly, popsicle, napkin, such as card, biscuits, chewing gum, chocolate bar, candy, cake, sweets, soap, hotel soap, tooth brush, noodles, soup ladle, scoop, syringe, hardware spare parts. Polyethylene medical and so on pillow packing.

Air fresheners card pillow packing machine Function and features:

  1. PLC control, color touch screen, and high sensor photoelectric color chart tracing

2.color touch screen to make machine excellent performance, simple operation and high production capacity, which is adjustable.

  1. Gear system besides double frequency converter controller, making machine simpler operation and more stable when high-speed working.

4.this machine can automatically counting the packaged pieces.

5.when in the emergency, the emergency button will power off automatically

5..this machine can be installed a printer, it can print production and expiry date.

6.  The highest pillow type packing machine in China.

7.this machine can be installed to the filling gas device.

Welcome to use Automatic Rotary Type Rotary Pillow Packing Machine!

If it is the first time to use our pillow packing machine, please read carefully and thoroughly this “operation manual”, it will help you to use and maintain the machine correctly, assure the safety of people and machine, full play the performance of the machine, reduce troubles and prolong the service life of the machine.

  1. Safety Precautions

1) Never start the machine before make familiar with the correct operation methods and safety regulations.

2) Untrained and unauthorized persons are not allowed to operate this machine.

3) Carefully read this manual and understand all of the contend and requirement in this manual before using the machine.

4) The machine can be operated only after it is completely installed and properly adjusted.

5) Before starting the machine, make sure there is no tool or any other object on top of the machine.

6) Before switch off the power , never touch the inside of the machine or the electric equipment.

7) Never leave the running machine unattended-operators should not leave the working scope of the machine during the machine is running.

8) When the machine is running, never touch the sealing wheel, sealing die and moving parts.

9) Electric control circuit must be checked and repaired by prefessional electicians.

10) Do not refit the machine, or install any device, tool or peripheral equipment to the machine without the permission of our company in order to avoid any danger.

11) If there is anything in the manual you cannot understang, or if you eauipmenter any probiem that cannt be solved with this manual, please contact our company or our sealer, never try to handle it yourself.

12) Do not use this machine in the environment other than the stipulated.

Warning: For your safety and the safety of the machine, do observe all above safety precautions, otherwise, this company will be free from any reponsibility for any accident out of inobservance. 

  • Machine Description
    • 1.Machine Application

This machine is designed for packing fixed shaped materials into pillow packages, suitable for packing all kinds of regular shaped solid products, including foodstuff, such as biscuits, breads, moon cakes, candies etc, commodities, industrial parts etc. For small pieces and separated articles, they should be put in to boxes or tied into blocks before this machine can be used to pack them, and this packing method is also applicable to pack other nonsolid products.

  • 2.Structural features
  • Dual frequency converter control, bag length is adjustable, no need to adjust idle running distance, adjustment can be make in one step, save time and film.
  • Text type human-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick.
  • Problem self diagnose function, any trouble is clear at a glance.
  • Highly sensible photoelectric eye for color mark tracking, which makes sealing and cutting position more accurate.
  • Independent temperature PID control, more suitable for packing films of all kinds of materials.
  • Positions fix stop function, free from cutter sticking and film waste.
  • Simple driving system, work is more reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.
  • All controls are carried out with software, it is convenient for function adjustment and upgrade, and it will never drop behind.

2.3.Machine outline and names for each part (see diagram1)

Diagram1. Outline of rotary type pillow packing machine and the components

2.4.Position and names of adjusting components(diagram 2)

Diagram 2. Positions and names of the adjusting components for Rotary type pillow packing machine

List of attached documents,fittings and tools

(A) Documents

1. Instruction manual

2. PLC construction specification

3. Transducer instruction manual

4. Thermostat instruction manual

5. Color mark magic eye instruction manual

6. Approach switch instruction manual


1. Push block                        nylon,10 pieces,or stainless eteel,5 pieces

2. End-sealing cutter                  1pair

3. Mid-sealing drive belt               1piece

4. Mid-sealing electric heating tube      2pieces  110V  200W

5. End-sealing electric heating tube       2pieces  110V  200W

6. Power cord                        5meters


1.     Monkey wrench              1pieces

2.    Hexagon ring spanner           1set

3.     “-” type screw driver          1 pieces

4.     “+”type screw drover        1 pieces

The service purpose of MAKWELL MACHINERY CO., LIMITED is: customers are God, we will continue to create more high-quality products to serve customers. Professional R&D and production of vacuum emulsifier mixer, bottle filling and capping machine, tube filling and sealing machine, mixer tank, planetary mixer, packaging machine, paint mixer and so on

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General manager: Jane jiang



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