Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer


As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer, share with you the difference between a creamer and an emulsifier.

The principle of emulsifying machine:

When the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is working, the materials are mixed and heated in the water pot and oil pot by heating and stirring, and then sucked into the emulsification pot by a vacuum pump. Through the center stirring in the upper part of the emulsification pot, the PTFE scraper always caters to the shape of the stirring pot. Clean the sticky material on the wall, so that the scraped material continuously produces a new interface, and then the blade is cut, compressed, and folded to make the mixing and mixing flow to the homogenizer. The material is then fixed by the high-speed rotating cutting wheel and fixed The strong shearing, impact, turbulence and other processes generated between the cutting sleeves of the material, the material is cut in the shearing slit, and quickly broken into 200um-0.2um particles.

Due to the vacuum state in the emulsifying pot, the material is in the stirring process The bubbles generated in the process were pumped away in time. Vacuum is adopted so that the produced products are no longer mixed with bubbles during the stirring process, thus ensuring that high-quality products with rich gloss, fineness and good ductility can be manufactured.

The principle of paste machine:

The paste making machine is usually includes a main pot plus two to three auxiliary pots. These are through the main pot and auxiliary materials. The main pot of the paste making machine is generally has two layers. Special light treatment. This machine adopts the upper dispersing machine, so that the materials have no dead corners. Also, the dispersion time is arbitrarily set according to different products. The voltage is 220V, the power is 0.75KW, and the maximum speed is 2900 rpm. /Minute.

The dispersing machine features an advanced German technology. The structure is unique. The material moves at a high speed in the gap between the multi-layer rotor and the stator. This forms a strong hydraulic shear, dispersing the material, and simultaneously producing centrifugal extrusion. The comprehensive force such as collision finally makes the materials fully mixed, stirred and refined to achieve the ideal requirements. The lid has an illumination observation hole to keep abreast of the dispersion of the products in the pot. Equipped with a small amount of material inlet for the special flavor addition process.

For easy operation, discharge the bottom of the pot directly into the filling machine. This is through the pipeline for sub-packaging. At the same time, the material is poured out for easy cleaning. At the same time, the lid has a lock to make the vacuum sealing effect better.

The working principles of the emulsifying machine and the paste making machine are similar. The difference is that the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer mainly functions as emulsification, and the paste making machine changes the emulsification to dispersion.

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