glue filling machine

As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, let us share this with you.

Liquid Glue Filling Machine buyers need to know the following points:


First, you need to understand your product characteristics, specifications, dimensions, etc. In addition, you need to understand the glue information of the products used. The type of glue: epoxy resin, polyurethane, and silicone. What is the viscosity of the main agent? What is the viscosity of the hardener? Mixing ratio: main agent: hardener. And the allowable range of error: what is the difference between the upper and lower, what is the density, what is the operating time, what is the minimum and maximum range of the discharge volume, and how much does your company use in a day? How many products are produced per day.


You may customize the equipment, A and B barrel sizes, and rest certain that it is simple to manage after the initial point. Is it possible to heat the barrel? It remains a fixture regardless of whether the product requires an automatic line. Prefabricated glue filling machine equipment is highly sought after by many clients.

In fact, the glue filling machine works best for custom orders that vary in size and form. Machine upkeep, repair, and pricing adjustments are all made easier by this. It may also help the business save a ton of funds. On top of that, it works well with its own product machinery and helps keep machines running for longer.

There are two main categories of automatic glue filler machines: those that are semi-automatic and those that are fully automatic. Additionally, there are machines that use single-component or double-component glue, depending on the kind of glue used. In real manufacturing, these are the most prevalent names for glue filler machines and the glue equipment that serves the most.

Semi-Automatic Glue Filling Machine with Ce Gmp is slightly lower in automation. The fundamental idea is to use the air pressure to force out the adhesive. Glue is applied to the product item by filling the hand-held glue gun’s head. As an auxiliary mechanism, there is no mechanical component. Benefiting consumers more, there is a wide variety of products, specifications are subject to frequent modification, and certain things simply cannot be mass-produced.

Automatic Glue Filling Machine

The automatic glue filler machine, first of all, is much higher than the semi-automatic dispenser. The mechanical movement part adds on the basis of the original manual glue filler. At the same time, the rubber storage barrel also has heating and stirring features. The function of evacuation can effectively solve the phenomenon of wire drawing and air bubbles in the process of glue filling. The mechanical part can accurately realize the three-axis movement and realize the glue filling at any position in the space.

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