As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

Liquid Glue Filling Machine buyers need to know the following points:

First: First, you need to understand your product characteristics, specifications, dimensions, etc. In addition, you need to understand the glue information of the products used. The type of glue: epoxy resin, polyurethane, and silicone. What is the viscosity of the main agent? What is the viscosity of the hardener? Mixing ratio: main agent: hardener. And the allowable range of error: what is the difference between the upper and lower, what is the density, what is the operating time, what is the minimum and maximum range of the discharge volume, and how much does your company use in a day? How many products are produced per day.

Second: Know that it is easy to handle after the first point before, you can follow it to configure the equipment, A, B barrel size. Can the barrel be heated? According to whether the product needs to be equipped with an automatic line, it is still a fixture. Many customers want to have ready-made glue filling machine equipment. In fact, they understand. In fact, the glue filling machine is more suitable for custom-made according to different shapes and sizes. This is more conducive to machine maintenance, maintenance, and price adjustment. It can also save the company a lot of expenses. In addition, it is suitable for its own product equipment, and the life of the machine can also be maintained.

According to the degree of automation, automatic glue filling machine equipment can be divided into: semi-automatic glue filling machine and automatic glue filling machine; according to the nature of the glue used, it can be divided into: single component glue filling machine and double component glue filling machine. These are the most common name of glue filling machine and the most widely used glue filling machine in actual production.

Semi-Automatic Glue Filling Machine with Ce Gmp is slightly lower in automation. The main working principle is to press out the glue through the air pressure. The hand-held glue head is filled in the place where the product object needs to be glued. There is no mechanical part as an auxiliary movement. More suitable for users, there are many types of products, specifications change greatly, and items that cannot be mass produced.

The automatic glue filling machine, first of all, is much higher than the semi-automatic dispenser. The mechanical movement part is added on the basis of the original manual glue filling machine. At the same time, the rubber storage barrel is also equipped with heating, stirring, The function of evacuation can effectively solve the phenomenon of wire drawing and air bubbles in the process of glue filling. The mechanical part can accurately realize the three-axis movement and realize the glue filling at any position in the space.

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