automatic food filling machine

Depending on the filling products, the automatic food filling machine can be into four categories:

  • liquid filling
  • paste filling
  • powder filling
  • particle filling

Alternately referred to as semi-automatic filling machines or fully automated filling machines, depending on the degree of industrial automation. These machines are integral to filling production lines used in many different food packaging businesses. On the other hand, you should know these things before you buy your automatic food filling machine.

Learn These Before Buying an Automatic Food Filler

First: Classification of Automatic Food Filling Machine

The automatic filling machine can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, liquid filling machine, oil filling machine, paste filling machine, sauce filling machine and automatic slurry filling according to the filling principle. Installed, powder automatic filling machine, automatic water filling machine and vacuum automatic filling machine.

Second: How to choose Automatic Food Filling Machine?

  1. Look at the running speed of the automatic filling machine
  2. The environmental performance of the automatic filling machine
  3. Since the purchase of Oil Filling Machine is for the calculation of the cost of the enterprise, we must consider the operating cost of the entire equipment, such as the input of manpower and material resources. When purchasing the automatic filling machine equipment, we must make a trade-off between the procurement cost and the operating cost. Weigh the trade to find the best cost-effective purchase plan for you.
  4. The most important point is the after-sales service of the purchase.

Third: Installation Considerations for Automatic Food Packing Machine

  1. After unpacking the box, first, check whether the skill information of the automatic filling machine is complete and whether the rigid board is damaged during transportation so that it can be processed in real-time.
  2. Place and adjust the feed assembly and discharge assembly according to the shape shown in this clarification.
  3. Add new lubrication to each lubrication point.
  4. Rotate the rigid board with the rocking handle to check whether the rigid board is running in an accurate direction, and the rigid board must cover the grounding.

Fourth: Maintenance Technology of Automatic Food Filling Machine

  1. Small liquid automatic filling machine The machine body is made of stainless steel. Do not scratch the surface with sharp and hard tools.
  2. When removing and removing the piston, remove the fixing screws at the same time to avoid affecting the other process requirements when removing the first one.
  3. Before cleaning the piston Automatic Food Filling Machine, remove the remaining product and the bucket filled with a mild cleaning solution. Food Filling Machine Supplier recommends using warm water. Use soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning solution if needed.
  4. The cylinder has been lubricated at the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil.
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