Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

With vacuum emulsifying mixer, emulsification generally means that the two-phase incompatible materials form a stable emulsification system. This is through  mixing and stirring of an emulsifier and an emulsifier. The common emulsified two-phase materials are usually mixed with water and oil. In food emulsification production, oil is an essential oil phase component. It is often added to food or feed to meet the energy required by the human or animal for maintenance and growth. Oils and fats are also carriers of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), providing essential fatty acids to the diet. Energy is precious, especially when it is provided by the fat in the formula, so it also affects the amount of fat added to a certain extent.

Insufficient addition will affect the maximum potential of human or animal growth. Adding too much oil will not be absorbable by the human or animal body. It will excrete, causing waste, or accumulated in the liver and abdomen, affecting animal health. In addition, when the emulsification effect is not good, the nutritional absorption of food will be greatly reduced.

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is widely applicable in the industrial production of food processing, daily chemicals, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. It is a key device in these application industries, so the normal operation of the vacuum emulsifier is very important to the entire production However, due to various reasons, the failure is sometimes unavoidable. At this time, you need to understand some fault judgment and solutions. Let ’s take a look at the abnormal heating of the vacuum emulsifier, and sometimes it will encounter the heating temperature. How to solve the phenomenon of not going?

The general reasons why the heating temperature of the vacuum emulsifier does not go up:

  1. There was a problem with the heating power supply of the vacuum emulsifier.
  2. The material in the emulsification tank absorbs heat too fast. It is greater than the external heat supply rate. Making the temperature in the pot prone to fail.
  3. Disconnection of the resistance wire of the heating rod of the electric heating emulsifier. Which results in the temperature not being able to go up.
  4. The temperature probe of the heating sensor configure in the emulsification tank has damage. This makes it impossible for the user to intuitively see the temperature heating situation.

As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer, share with you how to solve the problem of heating temperature of vacuum emulsifier:

The above are the common reasons for the abnormal heating of the vacuum emulsifier, how to solve it? If you encounter similar problems during the use of the vacuum emulsifier, you can analyze and refer to the above reasons and deal with them accordingly. Upon eliminating the above reasons after analysis and inspection, it is best to contact the vacuum emulsifier manufacturer. It is ideal to have professional technicians of the emulsifier manufacturer perform after-sales maintenance. Do not disassemble the emulsification tank by yourself to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.

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