On December 5, 2018, Sri Lankan customers purchased

Adhesive Filling Machine in our company. After 30 days of production, it passed the test smoothly today and will arrange shipping.

Next, I will explain the components of the Filling And Capping Machine and the inspection we need to do before shipment.

adhesive filling  capping and labeling machine mainly includes: explosion-proof electronic control box, bottle feeder, explosion-proof Filling Machine, automatic capping machine, labeling machine, bottle processing platform.

1.explosion-proof electronic control box:Customers’ adhesives are special and belong to flammable and explosive products. So it is necessary to choose explosion-proof system when filling, so as to ensure that the material can avoid explosion or ignition due to the use of electrical parts during filling.

2.bottle feeder:Just put the bottle into the mouth of the bottle feeder machine, and the bottle will automatically enter the conveyor belt to reach the filling head of the filling machine.

(bottle feeder)

  1. explosion-proof filling machine:We need to put the adhesive in the hopper ahead of time, and then the filling system will control the filling volume according to the piston movement through the piston movement, and then fill the material into the bottle insideaccurately. We will make the filling head size and the filling head form according to the bottle diameter and material characteristics of the bottle mouth.

4.automatic capping machine:put the cap into cap shake table. The cap vibrates into the orbit. Waiting for the bottle to come, it will be automatically placed on the top of the cap, and then the cap will be closed after it is in place.

  1. labeling machine :After the cap is screwed, as the conveyor belt enters the labeling machine for labeling, we need to put the label into the labeling machine in advance, confirm the length and width of the label, adjust the position of the bottle, and then we can label the bottle automatically.

  1. bottle processing platform:After labeling, our products have been produced, so workers can stand at the bottle collector and pack the produced products.

Above is the machine component and work introduction of the adhesive filling machine. Each part has a clear division of labor and simple operation.

What else will we do before delivery?

  1. Before re-shipment, we should first do the last product operation monitoring to ensure the stability of the machine without any problems. After monitoring, we will arrange the delivery.
  2. Our packing is seaborne and airborne, strong plywood boxes, all of which meet export standards.
  3. Product labels, instructions and customs declaration documents should be prepared in advance and confirmed with customers.

Find a freight forwarding company to ensure that it reaches the customer before the delivery deadline.

If you have the above requirements, please contact, whatsapp:008615961816725

The service purpose of MAKWELL MACHINERY CO., LIMITED is: customers are God, we will continue to create more high-quality products to serve customers. Professional R&D and production of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, bottle filling and capping machine, Tube Filling And Sealing Machine, mixer tank, planetary mixer, packaging machine, paint mixer and so on.

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