The composition of the Vacuum Homogeneous Emulsifier is more complicated. Today we will introduce some of his components – the stator head of the Homogenizer Mixer. In order to meet different process requirements and expand the scope of use, we have specially designed three different types of interchangeable stator heads, which can be disassembled in a few minutes. The cleaning process is made of stainless steel, which is convenient for the production of different products. The size of the stator head varies with the power of the motor for the emulsifier. And it is related to the rotor size of a specific model, and the size of the particles that can be processed by various models increases in proportion to the diameter of the stator hole of the emulsifier.

(1) Round-hole stator head: suitable for general mixing or pulverization of large particles. The circular opening on this head provides the best circulation in all stators, achieving the most complete circulation for higher viscosity fluids. Use of the emulsifier.

(2) Long-hole stator head: Long hole provides the largest area for surface shearing. It is suitable for rapid pulverization of medium solid particles and mixing of medium viscosity liquid. Good cycle and high shear capacity indicate that the head can be applied. In the case of emulsification and homogenization. (3) Combined stator head: The combined stator mesh with perforated mesh provides the maximum possible shearing action. Strict emulsification requirements or suspension of fine powder can be effectively accomplished by combined stator heads, suitable for mixing low viscosity liquids. It has the highest shearing speed and is most suitable for the preparation of emulsions and the pulverization and dissolution of small particles in liquids.

(4) Push-down propeller: The special thrust downward propeller can be assembled on the rotor drive shaft to aggravate the fluid circulation or generate a vortex to mix the light particles with the material. The blade can be based on the level of the liquid surface. Make adjustments of the emulsifier.

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