vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixer

Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer

A famous Greek cosmetics company invested in our MWM-650L Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer at the start of 2018. Around October, the machine got to the customer’s plant. On October 29, 2018, our company sent experts to Greece to help users set up and use the machine.

Successful Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer Installation

Starting with the customer’s history. This client is a famous cosmetics business in Greece. Five different businesses offer beauty products. Its main items are cream, shampoo, bath oil, laundry, makeup, and other daily cosmetics. The clients’ business is in the beautiful Aegean Sea south of Greece. 

Right next to it, under the big Alps. The customers’ expectations for product quality are relatively high, and so are their standards for machines. When our company chose the final choice of our Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine, we understood the strict and high standards that the customers had.

Next, we’ll cover installation and precautions. Steps for installation;

A special Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer makes high-quality cream and emulsion cosmetics. The equipment has a homogenizing pot, water pot, oil pot, sweep wall stirrer, vacuum system, electric or steam heating temperature control system, electrical appliance control, and more. After the machinery arrives at the client factory, position it and check the water, power, and gas. We acquire engineer tickets to plan the route. Upon arrival at the client plant, our engineer begins installation.

The following are the installation and operation steps of the Vacuum Homogeneous Emulsifier:

  1. Ensure each switch and valve is in place.
  2. Check the homogenous sweep wall stirrer’s rotating direction and firmness.
  3. Check that the power supply voltage, meters, indicators, etc., function.
  4. Check the heating interlayer for water, and do not switch on if the liquid level is below the heating rod. Ensure the steam generator and vacuum emulsifier (homogenizing) mixer pipes and valves are connected if the client needs steam heating.
  5. The customer’s recipe and manufacturing process need simultaneous heating and stirring.

  1. With enough material in the pot, the homogenizer may be switched on, and the sweep wall agitated. The sweep wall stirring speed must be increased from zero to the necessary speed.
  2. Turn off the power supply and dismantle and repair the homogenizer if it fails. Activating the vacuum pump requires activating the vacuum control switch before opening the vacuum pipeline valve. Close the vacuum valve before turning off the power. Open the feed valve to draw materials into the water and oil pots when the vacuum pressure drops to –0.05 to –0.06 MPa. Check the filter regularly to prevent contaminants in the emulsifying pot and guarantee homogenizer performance. Avoid excessive emulsifying pot vacuum. Avoid boiling water by keeping it between – 0.05 MPa and – 0.06 MPa.
  3. Machines require maintenance while in operation. If workers leave, they must stop working.
  4. Before stopping the machine, reset the frequency converter to 0 and hit the stirring stop button.
  5. Test the water valves and open the vacuum exhaust valve after turning off the power switch.
  6. To keep the pot clean after discharging products, wash the residues with warm water.

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(The picture is a 20-year-old customer’s car. We expect our machine to work like this car for a long time.)

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