At the beginning of 2018, a famous Greek cosmetics company purchased a MWM-650L Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer from our company. The machine arrived at the customer factory around October. Our company arranged for engineers to come to Greece on October 29, 2018 to help customers install and use the machine.

Firstly, the background of the customer is introduced. This customer is a well-known cosmetics company in Greece. Five cosmetics companies produce different cosmetics. The main products are: cream, shampoo, bath lotion, detergent, detergent, cosmetics products and other daily cosmetics products. The customer company is located in the south of Greece, beautiful Aegean Sea. Next to it, beneath the great Alps. Because the product quality of customers is relatively high, and then the machine standard requirements are very high, our company came into contact with the final choice of our company’s Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine, we also feel the rigorous and high standard requirements of customers.

Next, I’ll explain the installation steps and points for attention.

一、Installation steps

The Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer is a special equipment for producing high-grade cream and emulsion cosmetics. The components of the machine include homogenizing pot, water pot, oil pot, sweep wall stirrer, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system, electrical appliance control and so on. After the machine arrives at the customer factory, put the machine in the right place and confirm that the water, electricity and gas are installed, we buy tickets for the engineer to arrange the itinerary. When we arrive at the customer factory, our engineer immediately enters the installation work.

The following are the installation and operation steps of the Vacuum Homogeneous Emulsifier:

  1. Check whether each switch and valve is in its original position.
  2. Check whether the rotation direction of homogeneous ,sweep wall stirrer is correct, and whether the rotation position is very firm.
  3. Check the power supply voltage, meters, indicators, etc. are working correctly?
  4. Check whether there is water in the heating interlayer and do not turn on when the liquid level is below the heating rod. If the customer uses steam heating, ensure that the connecting pipes and valves between the steam generator and the vacuum emulsifier (homogenizing) mixer are properly connected.
  5. In the operation, according to the customer’s formula and production process, the material should be heated and stirred at the same time.

  1. When there is enough material in the pot, the homogenizer can be turned on and sweep wall stirred at the same time. The sweep wall stirring speed needs to be adjusted upward from zero to the desired speed.
  2. If the homogenizer fails in operation, the power supply should be switched off quickly and disassembled and repaired. When the vacuum pump is opened, it is necessary to open the vacuum control switch before opening the vacuum pipeline valve. When closing, first close the vacuum valve, then turn off the power supply. When the vacuum pressure reaches negative – 0.05 MPa to – 0.06 mpa, open the feed valve to suck the materials in the water pot and oil pot. And often check the integrity of the filter, so as to avoid impurities into the emulsifying pot, to ensure the normal operation of the homogenizer. The vacuum in the emulsifying pot should not be too high. Generally, it should be kept between – 0.05 MPa and – 0.06 MPa to avoid boiling water.
  3.     Machines must be cared for when they are working. If people leave, whommust stop working.
  4.     Before the machine stops working, it is necessary to adjust the frequency converter back to 0, then press the stirring stop button.
  5.   Turn off the power switch, check whether the water valves are closed, and open the vacuum exhaust valve.
  6. After discharging the products, clean the residues in the pot with warm water to keep the pot clean.

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(The picture is a 20-year-old customer car. We expect our machine to work like this car for a long time.)

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