how to make suppository

How to Make Suppository

Automatic Suppository Filling Packaging Machine On Making Suppositories

A suppository filling and sealing machine makes the shell for the suppositories out of PVC, PVC + PVDC, PE, or PVC + PE. The suppository contains the medication. Makes suppositories in the shapes and sizes that you choose. Click here for Your Full Guide To Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine!

The Automatic Suppository Filling Packaging Machine has a stable and efficient manufacturing process, filling, freezing, sealing and other production processes to complete the whole process, and the production capacity is 3,000-4,000grain/hour.

Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine

Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine

1. Process flow

The clamping mechanism will roll the material into that area for suppository shaping—preheating mold, blow mold, and the blow mold and bubble forming.

Suppository top edge (cutting edge) will be cut using the triangular knife.

2. Filling

The filling accuracy is +/- 2%. The filling material barrel features an electric heating insulation system. The top is fitted with a mixing machine for making drugs. The medicines are pumped into the filling head with great accuracy thanks to a VAT filling pump.

3. Cooling design

The cooling box, which has a cold water unit, receives the suppository from the whole drainage system.

4. Shearing

The solid suppository enters the sealing section after cooling, passing through the preheating mold, sealing mold, marking mold, hob (top), and counting shear.

Suppository Filling Packaging Machine Advantages

🔵 High Accuracy of Filling

The injection pump body goes through a unique processing step to improve the piston-to-pump body sealing performance and the accuracy of the infusion volume. It has flexibility in the dosing.

🔵 Combination structure of triangle knife and dot line knife

Ensure that the knives on the dotted and triangular lines perfectly line up to give the bolted shell an effortless tear look.

🔵 Servo transferring shearing system

Instead of manual adjustment, touch screen parameters are adjustable for easy operation, exact positioning, stable operation, and efficiency to finish the shear number.

🔵 Filling parts without sticking material on the pump

The suppository packing machine filling pump is precise, seals well, has a smooth inner wall, and is stable, ensuring long-term operation without hanging walls.

🔵 Stirring tank speed adjusting system

Because the medicinal product matrix has different viscosity, you cannot adjust the mixing effect, and may mix the drug may before filling, changing the final product drug content.

🔵 Fractional cooling system

The cooling system uses latest grading cooling technology to prevent material drops and fractures during pharmaceutical separation.

🔵 PLC Examine system

PLC’s on-line tracking feature finds faults and sound a warning during self-check.

🔵 Filling parts equipped with anti-static system

Note: While filling the flowing area near the bolt shell with a trace drug, the electrostatic force travels along the shell wall, climbs a short distance, and reaches the bolt’s sealing parts, compromising the seal at the back if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

🔵 Filling parts without sticking material on the pump

The Suppository Packaging Equipment has high precision and good stability. With this, it can run without wall for a long time.

🔵 Sealing and Shearing 3 degrees pre-heating

Be cooled solid suppository into sealing area: heat sealing molds (sealing) from primary preheating mold to secondary preheating mold; code (lot number). counting shearing with hob (clip) above.

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