Electronic volumetric filling machine. VoL-JET series electronic volumetric filling machine, which is equipped with electronic flowmeter filling valve, can be applied to various bottle types, the machine is equipped with a memory control panel of 99 sets of different product parameters, through a random central rotation PLC control can ensure continuous and reliable data transmission. The filling process is controlled by a dedicated flow meter related to the filling valve. There is no vertical mechanical movement during filling, so there is no wear, maintenance, and easy cleaning. The aseptic control valve and the container do not contact during the filling process, which is very suitable for filling in a sterile environment.

Electronic rotary PET filling machine is a new system that combines rotary bottle washing, filling and capping. It uses a “bottleneck” delivery system, and the conversion between different bottles and packaging can be completed in one minute. It is suitable for non-aerated beverages, carbonated beverages, and pulp-containing beverages. The filling temperature can be between 5℃-70℃, and the filling volume can reach about 44,000 bottles per hour.

The new container back pressure electronic filling machine is a new device developed based on the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter. It has three different filling forms: aseptic aerated beverage with bottle and nozzle contact, aseptic non-aerated beverage with bottle and nozzle contact, non-aerated beverage with bottle and nozzle contact and aerated beverage. This machine can be regarded as a universal filling system, it can handle a variety of bottles and products of different specifications, with extremely high packaging quality and operational safety.

With the development of society, the food filling machine industry is developing more and more rapidly, and the development of food factory filling machines is also changing with the change of technology. In this case, only keeping up with the times, Only then can the sauce food vacuum filling machine gain a good development advantage in the market.

Overview of food filling machine features:
1.Leading vacuum drip-proof technology in the filling machine of food factory, no dripping phenomenon.
2.High precision, the error is less than 0.3%.
3.The vacuum filling machine for sauce food adopts Siemens control system with stable performance and simple and convenient operation.
4.The key components of the food filling machine are completely imported to ensure stable quality.
5.The filling machine of the food factory can freely set the filling volume and adjust it automatically, which is convenient and fast.

Note: The filling range and speed of the food filling machine can be designed with different numbers of filling heads according to user needs, and can also be equipped with various capping machines, capping machines, labeling machines, sealing machines, shrinking machines, The bottle filling machine and other equipment are more efficient and more suitable for your actual production needs. You can contact us if you need such equipment.
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