Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a device for emulsifying materials. Detailed functions include stirring, homogenizing, mixing, dispersing, and vacuuming. As a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Supplier, share with you.

Emulsifying machine is widely used in beverage, juice, ointment, cosmetics and other industries.

The emulsifying machine has various advantages different from the reaction kettle, dispersing machine, colloid mill and other equipment.

First, the emulsification machine integrates functions such as reaction, dispersion, and agitation.

Secondly, the operation of the emulsifying machine is simpler than that of single-function equipment. For example, the lid can be rotated to discharge and feed, the heating temperature can be set arbitrarily at any time, and the equipment is easy to clean and maintain. The equipment is more delicate and other advantages.

The emulsifier’s stirring, homogenizing, heating and other methods can be selected, and the diversified operations are only for producing better products.

In fact, the emulsifying machine has another advantage for food users. That is, in some food industries, if the materials can be mixed and stirred in the emulsifying machine, and then the original production operations such as stirring, etc., the taste of the product will definitely be better Originally more delicate, even, and upscale.

When the materials are mixed and homogenized in the emulsifier, the vacuum pump in the equipment can be turned on. This will create a vacuum in the pot. So that the material can not generate bubbles under vacuum. But when letting the materials stir, there can be no seams on the emulsifier. Although it may not be completely sealed, it must be sealed when the emulsifier is running!

When operating the emulsifier, it must be an indispensable process for mixing and mixing materials. So today I want to share with you what happens when the emulsifying machine mixes and mixes the materials poorly. Now let’s take a look!

When the emulsifying machine mixes and mixes materials, it takes a lot of time and money. When a certain process of mixing and mixing materials fails to meet the standard, it is likely that the resulting product will not meet the standard. The money and time used to produce the product is completely wasted. This is the problem caused by the emulsifier’s failure to achieve this process.

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