Throughout the mixing procedure, the outer framework agitator rotates clockwise gradually. Together with all the attached Teflon blades, the substances have been scraped from the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer tank wall and then proceed upward in order that they will not necessarily adhere to the wall and burn off.
In precisely the exact same time the internal right impeller rotates counter clockwise slowly and moves down the cream into the top speed homogenizing and emulsifying zone.
Due to those two contrary forces by centre agitator and wall mounted scraper, the lotion rolls across the Automatic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer from top to bottom and rear to top. After the cream is totally blended, the warmth from the coat is fast moved to each part during the inner wall.
The center of China Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine is batch mixer (emulsifier) that is made up of a single high speed rotor and a single holed stator. The rotor is driven by ABB or Siemens engine and rotates in the speed of 3000rpm generating powerful suction power. Then they are hastened to jet out through the holes onto the stator.
The aforementioned three forms of slow and large forces repeat and replicate. Along with the lotion could be dispersed within the emulsification system and blended, dispersed, emulsified and homogenized evenly. Additionally, it can help transfer the components from the water and oil period tanks to the most important emulsification plant. The little quantity powders can also be sucked by vacuum cleaner to prevent dust. Security devices are built to ensure the mixing part will not begin if the cover is raised.

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