The types of products are divided into Linear Labeling Machines and rotary labeling machines.

The main categories are: self-adhesive labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, beer labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, Automatic Paste Labeling Machine, paste labeling machine (upper paste labeling machine, glue labeling machine) and hot melt adhesive labeling machine.

These products can be used for flat paste, single or multi-faced packaging, cylindrical paste, partial or full-covering cylinder paste, recessed and corner parts, etc.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic, automatic, semi-automatic and manual labeling machines.

According to the realization of different labeling functions, it can be divided into plane labeling machine, side labeling machine and circumferential labeling machine.

Labeling machine series: Vertical Labeling Machine, vertical double standard fixed point labeling machine, vertical multi-function labeling machine, plane labeling machine, horizontal labeling machine, single side labeling machine, double side labeling Machine, air suction type side labeling machine, online labeling machine, wire labeling machine, three labeling labeling machine, friction type labeling labeling machine, reverse wheel type labeling labeling machine and other custom-type labeling machines;

Semi-automatic labeling machine series: semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle double-calibration fixed-point labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle plus code labeling machine, semi-automatic air suction type square bottle labeling machine, etc. Machine

Pager series: Friction type pager, friction type double head sorting machine, reverse wheel type pager, automatic counting and stop pager, automatic detection of bar code plus kicking machine, anti-static pager, carton sorter, etc. Custom-made pager; mobile device series: egg mobile coding device, XY circuit board coding device, XY mold coding device and other customized mobile devices;

Conveyor line series: stainless steel conveyor line, aluminum profile conveying line, chain conveyor line, drum conveyor line, turning line, frequency conversion line, adjustable automatic discharge differential line, mini folding conveyor line, large production line, etc. A variety of customized conveyor lines; the company also undertakes a variety of types of capping machines, capping machines, rewinding machines, bottle unscramblers, tablets, filling machines and other custom-made equipment.

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