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Bottle Filling Machine

When bottling products, choosing the right filling and packaging machine for your business is important.

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MAKWELL Bottle Filling Machine & Bottling Equipment

Our bottle filling machine can consistently fulfill your high standards. Expect industry-leading quality from every bottling machine. We provide high-speed bottle filling machine that fills bottles at a speed of 80 bottles per minute.

Our bottling machines effectively fill products into various containers during the final processing step. You may bottle beverages, shampoo, water, oil, liquid detergent, sauce, hand sanitizer, nail polish, toilet cleaner, shoe polish, oral liquids, paint, e-liquid, glue, eyedrop, perfume, etc., using MAKWELL automatic bottle filler customized to your needs.

We make bottle filling systems for various products and bottle kinds—Bottling line machine with the latest innovations to fill bottles quickly and accurately. Our bottle filling equipment handles thick or free-flowing liquids, foaming, stringing, dripping, chunking, and dry goods.

Automatic Bottle Filling Equipment

Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for shampoo bottle filling, high efficiency, 80% high filling efficiency. The speed and range of filling can be regulated.

Detergent Bottle Filling Machine

Full automatic linear filling machine is suitable for kind of detergent, and the adjustment of filling volume and filling speed is simple.

Beverage Bottle Filling Machine

Beverage bottling equipment is mainly used to filling liquids such as beverages, detergents, oils and so on. It is widely use for foodstuff chemical and medicine filed etc.

Olive Oil Filling Machine

Beverage bottle filling machine is mainly used fo filling liquid. Such as beverages, detergents, oils and so on. It is widely use for foodstuff chemical and medicine filed etc.

Sauce filling machinie

This sauce filling machine is the high viscosity fluid, paste the ideal equipment for filling. Reasonable design, small size, easy to operate, there are filling volume adjustment handle, filling speed can be adjusted, filling high precision.

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

Full automatic filling machine is suitable for bottle filling of various bottle types, Good stability, reduce loss, save cost and improve operation efficiency.

Nail Polish Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for all kinds of small bottle filling. For those with many types of caps, it can also be customized to complete capping and other operations.

toilet cleaner bottle filling machine

The machine operates automatically to reduce labor costs. And it can be filled in a straight line through variable frequency speed regulation.

Shoe Polish Filling Machine

The performance of this machine is stable,no noise&pollution during production process.The parts adopt a quick-change device that is detachable and easy to clean.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of small oral liquids, which can be plastic bottles or glass bottles. Accurate filling volume.

Paint Filling Machine

The system adopts the weighing filling produced by foreign advanced technology, which has high measurement accuracy and is not affected by materials.

E-liquid Filling Machine

Siemens PLC control, the filling head can be customized 2-12 heads, the filling speed is 1000-3000BPH, the filling accuracy is ±1%, and the material contact part is made of food-grade material.

glue filling machine

This machine is suitable for all kinds of glue bottles, round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. It adopts the servo piston filling method, and the filling accuracy is ±1%, 1200-2000BPH.

eye drop filling maachine

This machine is suitable for the production of various liquids that need to be filled, stoppered and capped, and can automatically insert the inner stopper, the outer cover and the capping.

perfume filling machine

Each filling head is independently controlled, easy to adjust, and high precision. Sensor fiber, no bottle, no filling, suitable for different perfume bottles.

Water Filling Machine

This series of machines are mainly used for the Non-Aerated drink such as mineral water, pure water, non-gas wine drink and so on, with optional capacity from 3000 to 24000BPH.

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Bottle Filling Machine Advantages

Fast and Consistent

Accurate volume, level, and weight filling save time. Boost productivity with consistency and speed.

Flexible Customization

Build to meet manufacturing demands. Handle various containers and products. One machine can process all product-and-container combinations.

Easy To Operate

Easy-to-use touch-screen interface. Set indexing, fill, and other times and turn on/off machine parts fast.

upgradeable icon

Upgrade to help you expand as product demand grows. Configure automation, nozzles, neck guides, and more.

Bottle Filler Machine Bottling Steps


This is the first bottling step as pre-filling bottle cleaning is essential. The grippers on cleaning tools are changeable. Depending on the size, it either grabs bottles and cleans them or blows air into nozzles.


For filling, bottling machines are a must. Under the pumping valves, the conveyor moves the bottles. After filling, this filler may also release gas. Especially when dispensing beer into bottles. This stops rusting by letting oxygen escape from the top of the bottle. The best bottle filling equipment prevents valves from opening when no bottle is present.

 Cap and Label

The capping machine and labeling machines are the last ones in the bottling process. After filling, bottles proceed to these machines. Each bottle is capped, sealed, and labeled for storage or transit.

bottle filling machine
bottling machines

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bottle Filling Machine

When choosing your automatic bottle filling machine, there are several aspects to consider—

🔵 Target Speed
🔵 Accuracy
🔵 Container Shapes
🔵 Product Properties
🔵 Temperature, etc.

Primarily your product’s characteristics, with viscosity being the essential factor.

Bottling Machines Technical Advantages

Having an automatic bottle filler for bottle packaging has several benefits. Here are a few reasons why you need one:

🔵 A bottle filler speeds up operations and saves time.
🔵 Its automatic feature minimizes manufacturing and packaging expenses.
🔵 The latest filling machines use PLC control for quick, effective filling.
🔵 No bottle, no filling technology, and power saving system helps save energy and reduce product waste.
🔵 Built for accurate and consistent filling.

bottling machine for sale

Understanding More of Bottle Filling Machine

bottle filling equipment
bottling equipment

🔵 What is the purpose of bottling machines?

Among the most typical operations, bottling machines include bottle filling, capping, and labeling. Different bottling machines are used in bottling filling.

🔵 What is the function of bottling?

Bottling ensures an effective and efficient distribution of products globally.

🔵 What is an automatic bottle filling system?

The pump-based automatic filling system is suitable for small scale bottle filling machine as it allows for autonomous quality control in industrial production based on programming.

🔵 How does a bottle machine work?

It uses a pneumatic pump to fill bottles with liquid or other products from a floor-standing or machine-mounted hopper. May use a foot pedal and containers beneath the filling nozzles to fill.

🔵 What is a bottling machine?

The bottling machine is a piece of machinery that does some or all of the work involved in filling a bottle and getting it ready to sell. Regular duties carried out by bottling machines include filling, capping, and labeling bottles.

🔵 What is a bottle filling and capping machine?

A bottle filling and capping machine fills liquid into different packaging. Our filling machines fill aqueous, foamy, and semi-viscous solutions.

🔵 What are the types of bottle filling machines?

These machines may be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. Modern automated bottle filling machines are very productive and long-lasting. Its speed control and flexible nozzles make it ideal for a wide variety of bottles.

🔵 How is automatic bottle filling?

The infrared sensor identifies the bottle, then the conveyor motor pauses and the dc pump starts filling the bottle automatically. After filling, the dc pump stops. Thus, the conveyor motor moves, and the bottle leaves the dc pump.

🔵 What is the working principle of a bottle filling machine?

High-pressure powers liquid filling machines. This is liquid pressure filling, where the liquid flows into the container according to its weight when the liquid reservoir pressure equals the bottle air pressure.

🔵 What are the steps in the bottling process?

Uses a diving nozzle to fill containers foam-free. Automatic bottling machines are efficient and stop without containers using the ‘No Bottle No Fill’ technology.


Choose a liquid filler depending on product viscosity, container type, fill rate, fill volume, and metering or filling method.

A. Bottle Filler Systems

Gravity Filler

Functions best with thin, free-flowing liquids.

Overflow Filler

Fills transparent containers well with thin liquid products for shelf appeal.

Pump Filler

Works best with gels, oils, and other thick materials by time or pulse.

Automatic Positive Displacement Pump Filler

Fills water-thin and heavy paste compositions.

Piston Filler

Allows accurate volumetric fill for thicker, high-viscosity products.

B. Dry/Powder Product Filler Technology

Auger inline filling systems and tablet filling machines or capsule counters for any filling machine your product requires.

C. Specialized Bottle Filling Machines

Form fill and seal machine or packet filler, tube filler & sealer for plastic filling and metal tubes, and anything else you might require specialized filling.

Factors to consider when designing a filling system are product viscosity, bottle/container types, and machine filling rate and volume.

D. Other Configurations Available

MAKWELL supplies a full line of industrial bottle filler suitable for many uses. All bottle filling machines have quick-disassembly valves and pumps. With the flanged fast-release connections, they are easy to take apart and clean.

1. Molten Filler- Molten fillers are different from other fillers as they have adjustable heated controls, PLC user controls, and nozzles that don’t foam or drip.

2. Corrosive Filler- All of a poly filler’s parts are HDPE. This makes it resistant to corrosion in many industry settings. Putting 1/100-second timers on each fill head makes fine-tuning easy and accurate. This automatic filler machine can fill anything from a few drops to five gallons. It can also work with thin, foamy, or thick liquids.

Bottle Filling Machine | Reliable and Flexible Filling Control

automatic bottle filling machine
Bottling Machinery Key Components

What is Automatic Bottle Filling Machine?

The number of nozzles on your filling machine determines how many bottles may be released into the filling area by configuring the Auto-Fill. A sensor detects the arrival of the bottles at the filling area, and the filling process starts automatically when the filling machine activates.

🔵 Filling Nozzles

These parts dispense products into the bottles. Their design depends on the type of machine and filling material. Some factories use many filling nozzles for high-speed manufacturing, while others only use one.

🔵 Control System

The control system is the machine’s brain. It controls the following;

  • Products flow, the 
  • Movement of pistons or valves
  • Spinning of the carousel
  • Connection between sensors and the operator interface

🔵 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

The control system controls these components. They move pistons, valves, and other machine parts and need regular maintenance.

🔵 Sensors

These check how full the bottle is under the filling tube. Infrared, proximity, or other types of sensors. If a bottle is there or when it reaches the desired amount, the monitor tells the control unit to fill or stop.

🔵 Valves

Valves regulate product flow from the hopper to the filling nozzles. They can be fully automatic or manual. A control system opens and closes automatic valves depending on filling needs.

🔵 Hopper

Above the filling nozzles, the hopper contains the filling product can be customizable to accommodate different products, volumes, and pressures.

🔵 Capping and Labeling Devices

Monoblock bottling machinery features capping and labeling components. After filling bottles, these devices add caps and labels.

🔵 Conveyors

Bottles move down the manufacturing line below filling nozzles via conveyors. They can handle various bottles and travel at varying speeds according to production needs.

bottling equipment
Automatic Filling Machines Designed for Use in Challenging Applications

Product filling requires machinery that can handle strong chemicals. We create and offer custom robust and high speed bottle filling machine to face various filling challenges. Our equipment works on many products. These include;

  • Beverages and bottled water
  • Sauces, ketchup, jams, mayonnaise
  • Cosmetics. personal care items, pharmaceuticals
  • Candles and melting products
  • Cartridge filling machinery
  • Agriculture-related goods
  • Industrial and domestic cleansers
  • Stains, paints, and sealant supplies
  • Automotive supplies
  • Petroleum products
  • Corrosive products and acids
  • Hazardous solvents

Install A Complete Bottle Filling Solution

bottle unscrambler
Bottle Unscrambler

This machine sorts and unscrambles bottles and feeds them onto a conveyor belt system for a manufacturing line.

capping machine
Capping Machine

Capping machine attaches the cap or lid to each container during the packing production. It automatically caps and offers snap-fit caps and screw caps.

labeling machine
Labeling Machine

Labelling machines applies custom labels on bottles, jars, ampoules, vials, containers, and other packaging materials.

filling and capping machine
Filling and Capping Machine

This monoblock machine automatically fills glass, PET plastic bottles, receptacles, etc. with liquids and covers it with a screw- or snap-fit cap.

MAKWELL Bottle Filling Machine

If you’re about to import a bottle filling machine to support your business, why not get in touch with us? MAKWELL is the largest supplier and manufacturer of filling machines in China. We develop and produce multiple models of bottle fillers to suit a wide range of bottling industries.

As an ISO, CE, and SGS-certified Chinese manufacturer, we can help your business in every manner. For over 15 years, MAKWELL has made bottle fillers for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other industries. Startups and small businesses can benefit from our semi-automatic and automatic bottle fillers.

We make high-quality filling machines and equipment that exceeds the strictest hygiene standards and is flexible and efficient. We also offer several filling options and use several filling methods, valves, and CIP.

MAKWELL is a trusted company in China that can help you fill bottles. We can give you custom bottle filling machines to fill bottles, jars, cans of glass, plastic, or metal, or any of your specific requirements.

We supply the best bottle fillers globally with modern and international solid manufacturing equipment and technology. We strive to be a leading bottle filling machine manufacturer that provides excellent professionalism and is a valued partner to our worldwide clients.

For further information about our bottling equipment for sale and automatic bottle filling machine price, please contact us right away! Our sales representative can support your inquiries 24/7.

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