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Different Bottle Filler Models

For more than 15 years in bottle filling machine manufacturing, we have obtained excellent partnerships with many companies worldwide. Our MAKWELL bottle filler has been distributing to more than 50 countries like Mexico, Poland, the USA, Africa, and many more. We list the top MAKWELL bottle filling machine models for your selections.

Our machine ranges from automatic bottle filling machines suitable for large production requirements to semi-automatic bottle filling machine that suit small to medium scale. You can get benefits when relying upon MAKWELL bottle filling machine, from high efficiency and reliability, ease of use, low maintenance & long durability, commissioning, assisted installation, and ongoing support.

Advantages of Filling Machine Line

MAKWELL’s engineers have 20+ year of experience and will help you choose filling machine, Different filling systems are used according to different material forms, such as piston filling, flow meter filling, vacuum negative pressure filling, etc., which are widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Makwell’s filling machine is easy to operate and easy to clean. The filling system is controlled by servo motor and operated by a PLC touch screen. Filling accuracy is ±1%, The filling speed is fast, the whole machine includes: filling, capping, labeling, inject printer date, carton, sealing….

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Bottle Filler

Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine
This machine is suitable for shampoo bottle filling, high efficiency, 80% high filling efficiency. The speed and range of filling can be regulated.
Detergent Bottle Filling Machine
Full automatic linear filling machine is suitable for kind of detergent, and the adjustment of filling volume and filling speed is simple.
Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine
Full automatic filling machine is suitable for bottle filling of various bottle types, Good stability, reduce loss, save cost and improve operation efficiency.
Nail Polish Filling Machine
This machine is suitable for all kinds of small bottle filling. For those with many types of caps, it can also be customized to complete capping and other operations.
Toilet Cleaner Filling Machine
The machine operates automatically to reduce labor costs. And it can be filled in a straight line through variable frequency speed regulation.
Shoe oil filling machine
The performance of this machine is stable,no noise&pollution during production process.The parts adopt a quick-change device that is detachable and easy to clean.
Oral Liquid Filling Machine
This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of small oral liquids, which can be plastic bottles or glass bottles. Accurate filling volume.
Paint Filling Machine
The system adopts the weighing filling produced by foreign advanced technology, which has high measurement accuracy and is not affected by materials.

Makwell - The Best Filling Machine Supplier in China

MAKWELLWhy Can Be Your First Choice in Bottle Filler in China

At MAKWELL, you can find the best bottle filler. We have more than 15 years of experience manufacturing all kinds of filling machines, including bottle filler. We are certified to ISO, SGS, and CE to support your filling machine business fully. We have vast knowledge and expertise in the industry, allowing us to produce high-quality bottle filler that fits your different applications.

Meanwhile, our team offers customized solutions for bottle fillers. Your ideas and designs are always welcome in our company. We have a professional R&D team to assist your machine development. MAKWELL can customize your bottle filler to your desired sizes, color finish, designs, diameter, and other configurations. Please don’t hesitate to send us your requirements right away!

Makwell filling lines are manufacture in accordance to CE GMP ISO9001 certifications. These machines gained good reputation and sold to 50+ countries worldwide.
Two Years Warranty
You can Makwell filling lines with two years warrantee. We provide free repair within the warranty period freely if there's any problem about the machines, except for the wrong operation.
Technical Support
If you have any problem about the machines, our professional engineers are willing to fix problems or go to your factory.
Training Services
We employ skilled engineers who will train your staff to operate our filling lines. Customers can contact with MAKWELL if they need technical training. MAKWELL will provide technical training services.
Can I visit your mixer Tank and filling machine manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our mixer tank and filling  machine in Jiangsu province China. Fly to shanghai directly and we will pick you up.

How can I know your machine has good quality?

We will send video of the machine working condition, video chatting see our workshop and also you can come to visit ourfactory.

What are your advantages?

1)Competitive price;
2)Excellent technical support;
3)Great after-sale service;
4)Over 15 years experience

What is the payment terms?

30% deposit, the balance before delivery.

How long of the delivery time?

Normally 40-50 working days depend on the detail machine you request.

What is your warranty time?

Two years. Life-long maintenance services and technical support.

Can you offer overseas service?

Yes, if request.We suggest online problem solving firstly, if the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory to solve the issue.

MAKWELL Bottle Bottle Filling Machine

If you’re planning to import bottle filling machine in China to support your business, why not settle with us? MAKWELL is the top filling machine manufacturer in China, specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing bottle fillers. You can find various MAKWELL bottle fillers in multiple models.

We can fully support your business as we are ISO, CE, SGS certified company in China. MAKWELL is over 15 years in providing bottle filler solutions worldwide to healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries. Whether you’re starting up your business or having a small business, our range of semi-automatic and automatic bottle fillers can help.

Our team manufactures high-quality bottle fillers that meet hygiene requirements and the most stringent quality matched with flexibility and high performance. If you’re looking for suitable filling solutions, MAKWELL has a lot to offer. MAKWELL bottle filling machine adopts multiple types of filling systems, filling valves, and CIP (Clean-in-place).

MAKWELL is your trusted bottle-filling solution in China. We can provide a complete range of bottle labeling equipment and bottling equipment for plastic & glass bottles, jars, and cans. MAKWELL also offers custom bottle filling machine designed to the specific requirements of our clients. If you have an idea in mind about bottle fillers, please don’t hesitate to inform us to get started on your project.

MAKWELL can supply the best bottle fillers to our customers worldwide with advanced and powerful international production equipment and technology. We are trying our best to be your most professional bottle filling machine manufacturer and reliable partner of our customers worldwide.

For further information about our bottle fillers, please contact us right away! Our sales representative can support your inquiries 24/7.

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