automatic capsule filling machine

Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

◎ Applicable with capsule sizes #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.
◎ Filling speed of up to 420-500 grains per minute
◎ Column-Pill Positioning Design Feature
◎ Suitable for the medical industry
◎ Guaranteed 2-year warranty time
◎ Complete ISO, CO, CE-certification for clearing customs

MAKWELL Capsule Filling Machine for Medical Industry

With 15 years of manufacturing expertise, Makwell proudly supplies pharmaceutical businesses with reliable capsule filling machines along with a capsule counting machine. Our latest low-noise equipment is best for current pharmaceutical filling processes that demand accurate production techniques in low to medium production scale.

MAKWELL semi-automatic capsule filling machines provide a high level of automation in filling powders, granules, and liquid into soft and hard gelatin capsules. It is an excellent choice for startup pharma companies, ensuring efficient and dependable operations at a low production cost. Experience safe filling standards with CE and GMP-certified filling equipment.

Capsule Filling Machine

semi-automatic capsule filling machine
Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Finish 15,000—25,000 capsules/hour of  non-adhesive or wet powders & small granules. Best with 000#,00#,0#,0#,1#,2#,3# capsule sizes.

double head capsule filling machine
Semi-Automatic Double-Head Capsule Filling Machine

Fill maximum of 50000 caps/hour of powder/pellets. Applicable with 000#-5# and safety capsules.

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Capsule Filling Machine Advantages

icon column pill
Column-Pill Positioning Design

5 to 8 minutes fast mold changeover.

icon capsule
Complete Capsule Filling

Feed, sort, fill, and close capsules; all-in one.

icon automatic control
Electro-Pneumatic Control

Advanced electrical control systems run pneumatic power systems.

icon customize

Adjust the rotation of the dosage disc to accommodate different capsule sizes.

How Does the Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Work?

What is a semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is made to meet the exacting standards of today’s pharmaceutical production processes. This machine works with 00–5 capsule sizes and can handle powder form, granulates, or grains. 

A semi-auto capsule filling machine combines manual and automatic techniques. Staff may manually load capsules and filling materials and shift caps and body trays. Automatic segregate, fill, close, and release capsules. 

The operation of each device is unique. The tablet filling machine follows the following steps;

  1. Place colorless and transparent capsules in the capsule or tablet filling tray.
  2. Separation of capsule caps from bodies.
  3. Dispensing pharmaceutical products to the capsule’s body.
  4. Reposition the capsule bodies and caps.
  5. Dispatching of filled capsules at the end of the process.

All capsule filler machines, also known as encapsulators, use this same principle to do their function.

capsule filling machine
semi automatic capsule filling machine

What are the design specifications of a semi-auto capsule filling machine?

Automatic Loading: Solid-state control circuitry automatically stops the loading table after 50 strokes, removing operator attention.

  • Automatic Filling: Automated swing-in and swing-back lower operator strain.
  • Pneumatic Closing: This lessens work by using an electronic sensor to activate the closing pneumatic cylinder.
  • Vertical Closing: Vertical filling capsules eliminate rejects and powder spills. Essential for pellet filling. Two auger speeds and nine filling table speeds do this.
  • Adaptable Hopper: Allows quick cleaning disassembly. Reduce batch changeover times.
  • Capsule Output: Ring loading increases capacity. This lets current installations generate more production.
  • De-Dusting Display: Ejection chute separates capsule powder easily.

What is the structure of a Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler?

The semi automatic capsule machine is designed for optimal efficiency with a practical and smart construction. Everything works together smoothly, from the electrical unit to the PLC control system, filling system, loading system, cap and body tray, pneumatic system, filling table, and capsule closing system.

  1. Electrical Unit: delivers adequate power for most machine operations.
  2. PLC Control System: This is where you enter the filler’s filling parameters.
  3. Filling System: This component regulates the machine’s capsule-filling speed.
  4. Loading System: It automatically positions filling material and empty capsules before filling.
  5. Caps and Body Tray: This two-part tray mechanically separates caps from capsule bodies.
  6. Pneumatic System: Air compression drives pump filling material into empty capsules.
  7. Filling Table: The dynamic variable filling table speed improves dosage accuracy.
  8. Capsule Closing: The capsule’s bottom is protected by U-shaped locking pins.
semi automatic capsule filling machine

Capsule Filling Machine Types

capsule liquid filling machine
capsule filling machine

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

manual capsule filling machine

The manual capsule-filling machine is for personal use or production operations, requiring a precise quantity of specified materials per capsule. For pharmaceutical capsule production in small amounts, this capsule-filler is best.

One pressing cycle of the filler produced 800 capsules. It has a provider tray and a loading tray with 300 holes on average. The pin plate filters, and the sealing plate seals the capsule lid. A 300-hole loading tray cam handle is attached to the machine. When these components are put into the core device, it may create 300 capsules or as necessary. 


Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

semi automatic capsule filling machine

A semi-automated capsule filler combines manual and automated capsule filling equipment. This machine needs minimal human input. If it fulfills pharmaceutical industry cleanliness standards. It can fill and reposition capsule caps automatically according to programming instructions. It may also be altered for manual capsule production as needed. The semi-auto capsule filling machine is durable, low-maintenance pharmaceutical equipment with solid construction and design.

Proven non-corrosive materials and stainless steel for critical minor components reduce contamination and simplify cleanup. The capsule filler machine may be reused to fill capsules with granular and powder substances for the pharmaceutical business.


Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

automatic capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machines fill capsules with therapeutic contents without operator intervention. The computer programs these devices to follow input commands. Pharmaceutical companies use automated capsule-filling equipment for large-scale capsule manufacture, filling any fine or powder particle inside the capsule. Add a dust extractor, capsule polishing machine, empty capsule ejector, and defective capsule sorter to an automated capsule filling machine to make it autonomous.

These machines let pharmaceutical companies mass-produce high-quality, contamination-free capsules. They can fulfill pharmaceutical hygiene and quarantine standards with little human intervention.

double head capsule filling machine
  • A liquid capsule filler makes it possible to precisely dose hydrophilic to thixotropic liquids by volume for filling capsules. Additionally, it has the ability to heat liquids to the ideal viscosity for filling.
  • Guarantees efficient and reliable closure and filling of capsules.
  • Flexible auger speeds that suit various powders.
  • The infeed hopper helps lessen fluctuations.
  • Accurate product filling.
  • Corresponds to cGMP and CE requirements.
  • Fast and simple maintenance.
  • Transport wheels for convenient moving.


The tablet filling machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can accurately fill powder, granules, and pellets into capsules.

  • Whereas a capsule liquid filling machine or a capsule filling machine for oil best fills oils or liquids into soft gels or soft capsules.
  • Powder capsule filling machine fill empty capsules with powder-formatted active materials.

Applicable Capsule Sizes

  • #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
  • capsule filling machine size 5
  • capsule filling machine size 4, and so on.

Filling Application

  • Liquid: The liquid station enables the precise volumetric dosing of hydrophilic to thixotropic liquids. It can also heat liquids for optimum viscosity during the filling process.
  • Powder & Granule: Granule, powder, and pellet dosing system using advanced slide-gate technique.
  • Pellet: Pellets may be volumetrically dosed gently, precisely, and compactly using the dispenser.
  • Vacuum: Wheel Dosing- Vacuum-wheel dosing is especially suited for dry powder inhalation (DPI) and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dosing with a high accuracy for small quantities.
  • Micro Tablet: This small automatic capsule filling machine softly and accurately handles single to multiple tablets into capsules, from large round to micro-tablets.
  • Combos: The modular design allows for filling a wide range of product combinations.
size 4 capsule filler
Why Choose Makwell Capsule Filling Machine

Our capsule filling machines bring benefits to your business in a variety of ways. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience:

1. Filling Accuracy

Using an automated capsule filler in your manufacturing will guarantee high filling accuracy.

2. High-Quality Capsules

Produce capsules with different ingredients and forms. This helps the pharmaceutical sector as capsules contain similar components and shapes.

3. Ingredients/Components Consistency

The tablet bottle filling machine combines ingredients uniformly. This improves the efficacy of medicinal pills.

4. Enhance Productivity

Boosts production. It’s faster, which increases your output.

5. Ease of Operation

Simple operation. It needs little to no experience to operate. The user manual is enough.

6. Cost-Effective

This capsule filling device reduces manufacturing expenses. One operator serves its purpose.

7. Low Maintenance

Affordable maintenance costs. The UI highlights any maintenance concerns.

Each equipment has a full product handbook, including files, videos, and images. Covering installation, debugging, daily maintenance, and troubleshooting. Enjoy  2-year warranty and lifetime service.

We offer parts and components below market pricing after the two-year guarantee. Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, and others provide over 80% of these parts.

Moreover, we can develop and design plans for your equipment and formula assistance; all customized to meet your manufacturing needs.

Install A Complete Capsule Filling System

capsule polish machine
Capsule Polishing Machine

This capsule polishing machine sorts capsules and tablets. It can polish capsules, eliminate static electricity, and remove invalid capsules with low weight, empty shells, fragments, or cap-body separation automatically. It is compatible with almost all capsule molds.

automatic capsule counting machine
Capsule Counting Machine

This automatic counting machine counts and fills bottles automatically (odd, even, prime). It is compact, steady, and has low operating noise. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies.

MAKWELL Capsule Filling Machine

Are you planning to boost your company by purchasing a capsule filling machine? MAKWELL is China’s leading filling machine and packaging machine manufacturer, specializing in designing, developing, producing, marketing, and distributing filling equipment. MAKWELL capsule fillers are available in a variety of versions.

As a manufacturer with ISO, CE, and SGS certifications in China, we can support your business completely. MAKWELL has delivered filling solutions to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries for over 15 years worldwide. Our selection of semi-automatic and automatic capsule fillers will help you whether you’re starting a company or running a small operation.

We manufacture the highest-quality capsule fillers that are adaptable, highly efficient, and compliant with all relevant hygiene regulations. MAKWELL offers a selection of solutions to meet demands. Expect that the MAKWELL capsule filling machine, tablet bottle filling machine, and small automatic capsule filling machine consistently produces high-quality results.

With modern and sophisticated international manufacturing equipment and technology, MAKWELL can provide the best capsule fillers to customers worldwide. We strive to be the most reliable provider of capsule filling machines!

Please get in touch with us for further information on our capsule fillers. Your queries may be answered 24/7 by our sales representative.

When buying a Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, what should you look for?

Model and Brand

Definitely get a reliable machine. The capsule filler must be from a reputable manufacturer. This should work longer. Although initially more expensive, this approach removes the stress and expense of failures and repairs.

Production Capacity 

When buying a capsule filling machine, you probably consider production capacity. This should impact your equipment purchase choice. Semi-automatic capsule fillers are the most dependable for medium production.


Have an easy-to-use filler interface. How straightforward the interface is to use determines results. This is because semi-automatic filling needs an operator. You know how updating the user interface is cumbersome and may lower productivity.

Quality Compliance 

Quality standards let you evaluate equipment before buying it. They also indicate safety. Quality requirements vary by location and machine manufacturer. Watch for ISO, cGMP, RoHS, and C.E. certifications.

Technical Specification

Semi-automatic fillers differ in quality. That implies their work speed and quality varies. Before purchasing a capsule encapsulation machine, ask a specialist how it works. You can decide what functionalities are necessary for production this way.

Technological Advancement 

The technology of semi-automatic capsule fillers has advanced. Your machine should meet production needs. The automation level also affects your purchase. Middle-level production suits semi-automatic equipment. Some machines can create 700 capsules per hour, others 5,000. If you want to increase capsule production, check your machine’s hourly output.

Auxiliary Equipment Integration 

Additional equipment is necessary for full production. Your equipment must work with labeling and packing machines. This covers capsule types the machine can fill. Soft and firm gelatin capsules are most common. Choose which capsules to fill as well. This is to determine the most effective machine to buy. Doing so will avoid future manufacturing issues.

Reliable Manufacturer

Choose a filling machine according to its manufacturer. This involves reviewing the manufacturer’s filling machine expertise, models, and reputation. With these characteristics, you’ll find one that fulfills your expectations.

How does it prevent powder wastage?

Yes. It has a system that especially fills capsules with products. The cover ensures that the filling funnels are filled precisely to the right amount. Powder waste can also be controlled by changing the speed.

What are the benefits of having variable speed control?
  • Ease of operation.
  • The powder material is fed into the machine in a controlled manner using a dependable and precise mechanism.
  • It’s an excellent tool for making sure hygiene standards are fulfilled.
  • An effective technique for loading granular and powdered substances.
How do you make sure the capsules are of excellent quality?

Capsules are quality-tested by comparing the output to the original requirements. These criteria include the capsule’s form and content.

What type of material is a semi-automatic capsule filler made of?

Most semi-automatic capsule fillers are stainless steel. This is a good option because it’s durable. It may also resist corrosion from chemicals within the capsule. The low contamination rate makes it safer and cleaner for us.

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