MAKWELL Cartoning Machines

The MAKWELL cartoning machine is an advanced machine that combines mechanical, electrical, air, and light technology for a wide range of cartoning applications. Our machine can fold cartons manually, open and put products in cartons, put batch numbers, and seal them.

The cartoning machine can also work alone or with other pieces of equipment to set up a manufacturing line. Power is needed for the cartoning machine to work because it runs all the electrical circuits that move the other parts. Basically, the process starts with making blank cartons into straight stand-up packaging, putting your product inside, folding, sealing the sides, and then sealing the carton.

Cartoning Machine Applications

The MAKWELL cartoning machine makes manual packaging a lot easier, saving you time and money. At present, most of the anti-counterfeiting features are on the packaging. Also, the cartons have a glue seal, so you can tear them open to get the product out. This will help fight drug counterfeiting. Boxing up products ensures they don’t get mixed up when manufactured, sold, or eaten.

The second goal is to keep the area free of bacteria and dust pollution. Cartoning machines make it easier for goods to move. The horizontal and vertical cartoning machines can pack various products, such as sauces, liquids, pastes, lotions, creams, gels, paints, aerosols, powders, and adhesives, with applications in industrial, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical industries.

packaging machine
packaging machine

Cartoning Machine Features

MAKWELL cartoning machine will make your packing process much more efficient. We provide you with easy-to-operate and intelligent equipment. The cartoning machine is multi-functional that can complete any packaging task simultaneously. Each part of the machine works together, is stable, and is reliable.

Also, the continuously moving and pulling carton-opening mechanisms are efficient. The pusher has an alarm and half facility to guarantee high carton packing quality and safety in operation. There is also protection against air pressure and vacuum. On an open caster, the facility immediately checks for machine safety. The hand wheel on the instrument panel makes adjusting the product size simple and fast.

The process is simple, using variable speed, PLC control, word, and numeric display. It saves maintenance costs and protects the primary driving. Furthermore, the cartoning machine will automatically indicate failure and stop working immediately.

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Is your company in need of a cartoning machine?

Are you in the market for a cartoning machine? Give MAKWELL a call! We offer some of the best cartoning machines in the industry. We manufacture all-encompassing cartoning machines that aim to satisfy our clients.

Is a cartoning machine really necessary? As a starting point, all cartoning machines have similar goals: reduce time and effort spent manually making cartons and filling them with products. In addition to minimizing labor costs, you need a cartoning machine for big-scale manufacturing.


We help you choose the most suitable cartoning machine. If you plan to purchase a cartoning machine, we offer the following;

Design of Machines

In general, our cartoning machines are built to be long-lasting machines that can withstand heavy loads, vibrations, and harsh production environments.

Custom Solution

We make a cartoning machine that meets your needs and fits your space.


Packaging requirements may change in the future. If you think your product packaging might change in the future, our equipment can adapt or fit multiple carton sizes. Additionally, we ensure the cartoning machine will be fast enough to keep up with your demands.

Machine Size That Is Appropriate

We have a lot of cartoning machines, so we can help you find the right ones for your packaging line. A space-saving carton machine is also an option.

Automated Machine Integration

Cartoning machines are usually in or around the center of customer lines. You can be confident that any equipment you have before or after your cartoning machine will be compatible.

Timing of delivery

Modern consumers expect their equipment to arrive quickly. You may also request our consumption plan to follow all consumption stages, including planning, purchasing, installation, setting up, and coding.

Services for technical support

After the machine is set up in your factory, we will provide technical support. A number of service technicians will be available to assist you.

Integrity and trustworthiness

Our industry reputation speaks for itself. Following the installation of the machine, we ensure that you will receive future support and service from us.

Types of MAKWELL Cartoning Machine

There are many different products on the market, and each one requires its own packaging. So different types of cartoning machines are available for different types of packaging. To determine the best cartoning machine for your product, you must take the time to learn about them.

The most commonly used cartoning machines are automatic cartoners and medical cartoners. However, they can also be classified into several categories;

Automation level

The automation level of the cartoning machine varies between semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines. A full-automatic cartoning machine comes in intermittent automatic cartoners and continuous automatic cartoners.

Product Cartoning

industries use this method for packing products into cartons. There are two kinds of cartoning machines depending on how they fill the product. They are horizontal cartoning machines and vertical cartoning machines.

Carton Sealing 

Depending on the sealing type of the final product, cartoning machines come in mixed, tongue, labeling, adhesive, unfolding, self-locking types, etc.


Packaging Shape

The cartoning machine is available in a plate, hose, bottle, and other shapes.

Packaging Specification

Packaging specifications can determine whether the cartoning machine will operate as a single, double, multiple, or combination piece.


We believe you now have a better understanding of the cartoning services we provide. If you are looking for a reliable cartoning machine, let us know, and we are here to help!

How many bottles can the packing machine produce per minute?

The speed of a packing machine is expressed in completed bottles per minute (bpm). This value shows the final output per minute. The packing machine speeds for your operation will depend on your product, qualities, factory environment, bottle type, operator competence, and budget.

Calculate the equivalent bpm if you have a specified target bottle. A semi-automatic or manual packing method might be preferable for varying production needs. Whereas automating the operation accelerates the whole process.

Are there any specifications for packaging machine bags or containers?

Yes. It is essential to understand the precise specifications of your bags or containers to specify the suitable equipment and present you with an accurate packing machine estimate. There are certain specifications for each packaging machine, and the manufacturer’s suggestions will base on your container size and type.

Here, you must provide the dimensions, weights, or volumes of the package and any applicable legal restrictions. Metric units measure in mm or ml, whereas imperial units measure pounds, inches, and ounces.

What is the difference between Free-Flow and Non-Free-Flow products?

Understanding whether your product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing is critical to any powder packaging machine. This impacts the filler your product needs to disperse powder into its package.

With the effect of gravity, the free-flowing product falls rapidly. Non-free-flowing materials, on the other hand, must be sufficiently compacted and supported during packing since their cohesive qualities need whole new filling processes to carry the materials efficiently.

Volumetric or free-flow auger product fillers are for packing free-flow powders, and non-free-flow powder packing requires an auger filler that can correctly dispense cohesive materials.

What should I consider when using a granule packing machine?

Granule packaging machines contain electrical components for controlling their operation. Avoid flushing it right away. You may risk damaging the control parts. Choose power and air source that comply with applicable equipment restrictions. Ensure that the air and power supply are off before dismantling or cleaning the equipment. Some circuits in the electrical control remain active even after shutting off. Ensure the machine has a power socket with a ground wire to prevent electric shock.

What role does the viscosity of a liquid play in its packaging?

Fluids differ by their viscosity; it is their resistance to flow. The molecular structure of fluid with a high viscosity doesn’t flow as easily. In comparison, a fluid with low viscosity flows very quickly because its molecular structure causes very little friction when moving.

In selecting liquid packing machines,consistency is an important consideration. Viscosity dictates the product filler used: it must exert the appropriate force to produce flow without overfilling the package.

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