Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine

Type:  Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine
Film Width: Max.420mm
Bag Length 80-300mm
Bag width: 60-200mm
Packing Speed: 5-60bag/min
Film Thickness: 0.04-0.12mm
Measuring Range: 150-1500ml
Diameter: 1217*1015*1343mm
Weight: 900kg

Automatic Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine

This automatic chips packing machine is made up of a Z-shaped elevator, a multi-head electronic weigher feeder, and other parts. It can automatically make bags, weigh, fill, seal, cut, print the date or number of bags, inflate, count, and discharge them.

This machine uses a combined method of measuring that is based on microcomputers. It is fast, accurate, and great for measuring irregular and granular materials like chips. The computer control system, human-machine interface, and large touchscreen display are all easy to use, smart, and effective. Using a servo film conveyor system with precise placement and horizontal seal servo control makes the performance excellent.

This stainless steel automatic potato chips snack packing machine can make a pillow or a vertical bag based on the production needs.

Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine

Automatic Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine Features

  1. This automatic food packing machine has a PLC controller with an EN/CN HMI that makes it easy to use and make changes. It can keep track of parameters for up to 10 products and quickly adjust to production.
  2. Servo film-pulling belts and double film-pulling belts make bags that are easy to pull and have a great shape.
  3. The vertical and horizontal sealing blocks have independent temperature control, and the accuracy can be as high as +/- 1 degree. This makes the seams look perfect and lets different kinds of composite film, even PE film, be used.
  4. This automatic potato chips snack packing machine can make pillow bags, gusseted bags, continuous bags, and also punchin.
  5. It has a separate circuit box for controlling powder and pneumatics.
  6. The measuring system for filling is a multi-head combination weigher with a higher level of accuracy.
Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine
Chips Weighing Packing Making Machine

Automatic Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine Applications

This automatic food packing machine is used widely in factories that make potato chips and frozen french fries. It can also accurately weigh and package peanuts, pistachios, seeds, jelly, biscuits, candy, chocolate, pet food, puffed food, ironware, plastic parts, potato chips, popcorn, puffed snack, pills, bolts, nuts, and other granulated. And flaked, stripped, or irregularly shaped materials.

It uses laminated packaging film that seals with heat, like PE/PET, PE/AL/PEL, BOPP, Paper/PE, etc. Special sealing blocks can also be used with PE film. This automatic potato chips snack packing machine is used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, and many other industries.

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Why Automatic Chips Weighing Packaging Making Machine is the Best for Chips Production?


  1. This automatic chips packing machine vibrator can automatically change how much it shakes or vibrates based on the target weight during rapid weighing. This makes the blanking more even and the combination higher.
  2. It uses a high-precision digital weighing sensor and an AD module for accurate measuring.
  3. The speed and angle at which the hopper door opens and closes are adjustable to fit the measured object. This keeps the hopper door from getting stuck.
  4. The combination weighing can be set to multiple and next feeding so that bulky materials don’t get stuck when trying to get in.
  5. With this high-speed automatic chips packing machine, the measuring device can automatically do the weighing, feeding, making of bags, filling, printing the date, counting, etc.
  6. To make sure food is safe, parts that come in contact with food are high-quality 316/304 stainless steel.
  7. This potato chips snack packing machine can make pillow-shaped bags, vertical bags, bags with holes, and so on, depending on what the production needs.
What is the Potato Chips Packing Machine Price? 

This food packing machine comes in different models, and each model has a different packing range and price. After sharing your raw materials, bag size, and other needs, we’ll offer you the best model and send you the price for the potato chips packing machine.

The price of this type of packing machine is fair, no matter which machine you choose. Different productions use different methods and materials, so their prices will vary.

Why are Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machines Worth Buying?
  1. It works well in terms of speed, accuracy, etc. It gets rid of the problem of big measurement mistakes that come from the heavyweight of block materials.
  2. Excellent machine quality. During use, there is no heavy maintenance needed, only regular cleaning.
  3. Suitable for several kinds of packaging. It has more than one use and can weigh different products like blocks, granules, strips, etc.
  4. This automatic potato chips snack packing machine is very accurate and uses parts that are also very accurate, so the price will be reasonable.
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