Cosmetic Filling Machine: 5 Types to Choose From

As a cosmetic filling machine manufacturer, we offer several different types of filling machines for use in cosmetics. These various fillers are available, each with its own set of advantages and use that may be useful for a wide range of companies.   

Cosmetic Filling Machine 

Piston Cosmetic Filling Machine 

A flexible piston filling machine accommodates viscous products from thin liquids to thick creams and pastes. Piston-driven mechanisms allow for precise dosing into storage containers. Filling products such as heavy oils, conditioners, shampoos, gels, creams, waxes, and more are ideal for piston filling machines often used in cosmetics.

cosmetic filling machine

The servo motors in the cosmetics industry’s auto piston filler offer pinpoint precision. The filling volume may also be easily adjustable with the use of a touch screen. Rapid filling rates and significant savings are hallmarks of automatic piston filling devices. 

This machine is widely applicable in cosmetics because of its versatility and short changeover time between different product runs. Piston fillers are the finest option for companies that deal with fluid cosmetics with varying viscosities. 

Cosmetic Capsule Filling Machine 

A capsule filling machine fills capsules with powder or granular cosmetic items, such as skin care products or vitamins. It fills empty capsules with different sorts of cosmetics. It also protects the capsules’ integrity throughout the filling process, producing the best end product. 

Because of their adaptability to diverse capsule sizes and manufacturing capacities, capsule filling machines are useful for a wide range of cosmetics companies. Additionally, the cosmetic industry offers capsule filling equipment that is fully automated, semi-automatic, and manual. The cosmetic industry extensively uses industrial capsule fillers because of their efficiency and scalability. 

Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine

Oil, lotion, and cream are just some of the cosmetic liquids that may be filled using a machine built for the task. Effective and exact packing is guaranteed by the volumetric nozzles used in these machines. 

cosmetic filling machine

This equipment is perfect for large-scale production lines as it can fill up to 30 cans per minute, providing constant product quality and satisfying client needs. Lotion filling machines may also fill various containers, such as jars, with liquid cosmetics. 

The highest grade #304 and #316 stainless steel are used to construct cosmetic liquid filling equipment. It has a stellar reputation for its extended lifespan and dependable performance. These machines are also automatic, having a PLC sensor and LED intelligent control panels for simple operation. 

Cosmetic Powder Filling Machine

A cosmetic powder filling machine dispenses powdered cosmetics, including mineral powder, finishing powder, pressed powder, talcum powder, face powder, setting powder, powder foundation, makeup, translucent powder, eye shadow, etc., into containers. 

These powder fillers provide primary filling, refilling, and straight double-head filling to ensure precise measurements every time. The servo drive control screws and servo motors offer reliable operation. Additionally, both the filling speed and positioning are pinpoint accurate.

cosmetic powder filling machine

To guarantee correct product dispensing, avoid product waste, and maintain uniformity, this machine combines volumetric and weight-based filling techniques. Furthermore, powder filling machines are adaptable to fit various container sizes, allowing for simple incorporation into your existing manufacturing process.

Cosmetic Granule Filling Machine

These cosmetic granule filling machines are designed to automatically fill and distribute certain cosmetic granules into predetermined containers, such as bottles, jars, pouches, bags, etc. To ensure uniform and consistent filling of cosmetics containers, they use precision measurement devices. Depending on their needs, businesses may choose between smaller or larger granule filling machines. 

Filling containers with granules of cosmetics like scrubs, exfoliants, and bath salts is a breeze with the help of a granule filling machine. The volumetric filling technique these machines use guarantees constant and precise product dispensing. As a result of their versatility, these cosmetic filling machines are a convenient option for many kinds of cosmetic uses. 

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