We Can Handle Any Cosmetics Packaging Challenges

Whether you run a single cosmetic product or a wide range of cosmetics, our complete cosmetic range of machines is excellent for companies dedicated to handling cosmetics precisely and aesthetically.

  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automated cosmetic filling machine, up to 120 bottles per minute with accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Process & mix thick creams and other skincare products.
  • Volumetric filling for creams, gels, and lotions; Vacuum filling for oils and scents; Heat filling for wax.
  • ATEX-certified solvent-handling solutions.
  • Screw, press, and valve crimping machines
  • Clear customs with ISO, CO, and CE certificates.

We can fill the following products...

cleansing milk
Cleansing Milk
hand cream
Hand Cream
Moisture Cream
Moisture Cream
6 Products Found.

Cosmetics Manufacturing Machine Advantages

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Accurate Filling

Precise filling & control product pouring into containers for high-quality results.

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Efficient, non-stop machines create large volumes faster. Speed boosts productivity.

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Container-specific product dosage. Our cosmetic fillers provide accurate, repeatable fills.


Make creams, clean containers, fill, seal, and label containers all in one-boosts efficiency.

Makwell: Cosmetics Sanitary Expert

Makwell designs and develops full-process systems to meet industry sanitation requirements, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our extensive industry experience, along with our 15 years in the business, provides cosmetics manufacturers complete confidence that our machines will fulfill all of their strict industry requirements for health and safety, as well as sanitary production procedures.

We create turnkey CIP systems to allow our clients access the clean-in-place (CIP) technology’s benefits. Specifically, a clean-in-place system that combines a cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, heat, and water may be used to effectively clean process pipes, containers, and equipment “in situ.” The cosmetics industry benefits from cleaning on-site as it saves time, labor, and expenses on “out-of-place” cleaning and eliminates the risk of re-contaminating equipment during re-assembly.

liquid filling machine for cosmetic oil
cosmetic bottle filling machine

Cosmetics Processing & Packaging

MAKWELL cosmetic machines emulsifies, fills, and packages. Emulsifier Machine, Homogenizer, Conveyor, Heater, Chiller, Sterilizer, Disinfectant, Molder, Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine, Container Cleaner, Capping, Labeling, etc.

Our cosmetics manufacturing machines’ temperature, emulsification duration, feeding method, and stirring conditions provide stable and high-quality emulsion cosmetics.

From thin liquids to thick pastes and creams, the piston cosmetics filling machine is adaptable. It precisely dispense product into containers using a piston-driven device.

We proudly provide a comprehensive range of cosmetics equipment that meets industry standards and is simple to clean and disinfect for different cosmetics production needs.

Custom Cosmetics Solutions

Makwell is a trusted provider of specialized equipment for the cosmetics industry. Our engineering team can design and build machinery that is robust, flexible, and highly effective. We can help you develop, fabricate, and install the best packaging processing machine for your needs or in partnership with existing machinery.

We cover a wide range of processing and packaging equipment for various cosmetic products, which categorized as;

  • Cosmetics making machines
  • Cosmetics packaging machines
  • filling machine for cosmetics

If your company makes several products, you may customize machinery to work well. Choose from various sizes and features to optimize cosmetic manufacturing and packaging.

cosmetic bottle filler

Why Choose Makwell Cosmetics Processing & Packaging Solutions

filling machine for cosmetics
cosmetic filling machine

Are you looking to update your cosmetic products with the latest trends within the company’s timeline and needs? Automated processing and cosmetic bottle filling machine with efficient manufacturing procedures might be the answer if you’re searching for speed, convenience, and quality. With our machines, your company can stay ahead of the curve and get a technological edge. Automation allows you to keep up with rising demand, ensure consistent quality in your production and packaging, and move quickly.

Meet Growing Demand
Automated machines capable of adapting quickly to market changes are essential. Investing in our machines, such as a cosmetics making machine and the cosmetic packaging machine, will boost your production ability to produce the necessary amount of cosmetics. Automation may also lower the risk of workplace injuries due to the repetitive nature of many daily tasks. Once your manufacturing line is automated, you may relieve workers of tedious jobs so they can engage in other, more value-added operations.

Waste & Cost Reduction
No man can be as cautious as a well-configured machine; if used correctly, an automation process will never commit an error. Investing in automation may reduce or even eliminate your production waste and negative environmental impact by minimizing material and time waste caused by human error. Integrating automated processing and packaging technologies for your cosmetic product and other areas increases your company’s return on investment (ROI) by reducing manufacturing and packaging costs and increasing productivity.


What is a cosmetic filling machine?

Processors for cosmetic fillings, including but not limited to perfume, nail polish, lotion, cream, and more. These machines allow the cosmetics industry to produce its products safely and efficiently.

What is the function of the paste filling machine?

Sticky and viscous substances like creams, sauces, and adhesives are filled into containers using this equipment, which is essential for maintaining uniformity, precision, and efficiency in manufacturing.

What is the process of powder filling machine?

This filling machine fills pouches with powder using a lengthy screw-type system. Powder products that are free-flow or non-free-flow need different auger setups. Powder packing systems often include transfer points that emit dust.

filling machine for cosmetics
Cosmetics Machine Characteristics
  • Optimize manufacturing and packaging processes
  • Excellent efficiency and precision
  • Smart fault-finding system
  • Machine line compactness
  • High level of automation
  • Reduce workload
  • Easy to use
cosmetic filling machine
Reliable Cosmetics Machine Manufacturer

We guarantee consistently high-quality operating service as we adopt the latest technology and techniques to provide the most suitable machines at an affordable price. Our cosmetics machines are certified in the following;

  • ISO9001
  • cGMP
  • SGS
  • CE

Cosmetics Processing and Packaging Machines

mixer machine
Cosmetics Emulsifying Mixer

Our cosmetic Emulsifying Mixer is designed and constructed to mix thick body cream mixtures and other skincare products. With faster reaction rates, this industrial-grade mixer can achieve optimal particle size and homogeneity in a shorter amount of time. Our high-shear cosmetic mixer homogenizes, emulsifies, disintegrates, mixes, and solubilizes components. We provide various sizes and configurations of cosmetic mixers to match your specific ingredient quality and budget.

Filling Machine
Cosmetics Filling Machine

filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions are product-specific. Filling machines, like cleaning equipment, may be automated. Also, the filling principle used depends on the product. Overflow and gravity fillers may be suitable for perfume and other low-viscosity cosmetics. While piston and pump fillers are better for thick creams, toothpaste, and other high-viscosity cosmetics. Cosmetic filling machines function with glass, plastic, pouches, bags, and specialized cosmetic containers.

splinder capping machine
Capping Machine

Capping machines seal and preserve filled products. A portable chuck capper can twist one cap and container at a time. Other capping equipment uses a cap delivery system and automated conveyor for continuous capping. Snap cappers or plunger cappers may cap fragrances efficiently and consistently. The optimal capping machine for a cosmetic product depends on its cap, container, and manufacturing needs.

Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine

After using the cream filling machine to fill cosmetic products, the label may be applied in various methods. The product label provides an opportunity to communicate and establish yourself from the competition. Labeling machines may encourage innovation by attaching labels to the front and back of a product, wrapping it, or adopting a three-panel design. While pressure-sensitive labeling machines work well with glass or plastic containers, coding equipment prints lot numbers, expiration dates, and other information directly on labels. Cosmetic labeling machines, like other equipment, are available in various automation levels to meet your needs.

Makwell Cosmetics Industry Machines

Makwell equips companies with specialized filling machines for cosmetics built to withstand the corrosive effects of chemicals and liquids and handle various materials and containers in the cosmetics industry. Whatever you wish for your processing and packaging line, we are pleased to provide equipment for the cosmetics industry.

We understand filling techniques for cosmetics vary, such as thick lotions and caustic nail polish removers have different chemical properties. Because of this, a cosmetic cream filling machine or liquid filling machine for cosmetic oil of your own or a custom design is the best solution.

When packaging cosmetics, it is essential to have the most suitable processing and packaging line equipment available. Using Makwell machines built to last and engineered to deal with many liquids means that your cosmetic manufacturing line will operate effectively for many years.

We at Makwell are committed to supporting you in choosing the right machinery. Get in touch with us to learn more about the machines we provide that are mainly made for cosmetic products.

What filling machine is best for filling liquid cosmetics?

Cosmetic liquid filling machines fill liquid cosmetic products such as creams, oils, and lotions into containers. They fill efficiently and precisely using volumetric nozzles.

This machinery ensures product quality and customer satisfaction in high-volume manufacturing lines. Fill jars and other cosmetic packaging with liquid cosmetics.

What cosmetic filling machine can handle thin to thick liquid products?

Piston filling machines can handle a wide variety of products, from thin liquids to thick solutions and creams, thanks to their adaptability. To precisely fill containers with the specified quantity of product, they use a system that is driven by pistons. The cosmetics sector is a major user of piston filling machines, which are excellent for the filling of thick gels, shampoos, oils, waxes, conditioners, and a plethora of other products. This is the way to go for companies dealing with cosmetic fluids of different viscosities.

What cosmetic filling machine can fill powdered products?

With cosmetic powders, powder filling machines are the answer to that. It can pack eye shadow, setting powder, translucent powder, powder foundation, mineral powder, talcum powder, powder, and many more.

This machine uses volumetric and weight-based filling to accurately dispense products, reducing waste and ensuring consistency. Also, you can customize powder filling machines to fit various container sizes, guaranteeing production line integration.

What cosmetic filling machine is suitable for granule products?

Granule products such as exfoliants, bath salts, and scrubs fill well in granule filling machines. Volumetric filling systems on these machines ensure product homogeneity. It provides versatility for cosmetic applications as it can handle a variety of granule sizes.

Cosmetic granule filling machines fill and pack cosmetic goods into bottles, jars, pouches, bags, etc. They measure cosmetics accurately to fill containers consistently. Businesses may get granule filling machines in both small and big sizes to suit their needs.

What cosmetic filling machine fills powdered and granule cosmetics into capsules?

A capsule filling machine fills capsules with powder or granular cosmetics like nutrients or skin care. Products are dispensed into empty capsules by capsule fillers. Fill capsules accurately and efficiently without damaging them, giving customers a high-quality product.

Customizable capsule filling machines are capable of handling different capsule sizes and manufacturing capacities.

How to Choose a Cosmetics Machine?

When choosing the best cosmetic machine, these are the factors you should always keep in mind;

1. Reliability
Reliability should be one of the most critical factors to look for when choosing equipment. Even though it can be used in a wide range of situations, its limits are ultimately set by how long its parts, components, and systems last. High-quality cosmetic devices will provide a significant return.

2. Efficiency
The effectiveness of cosmetic machines depends on a variety of factors. Speed, capacity, and automation are essential factors affecting a machine’s performance. Consequently, pay great attention to the specific characteristics to help you select the one that best suits your needs.

3. Cost-Effectiveness
The cost of a cosmetics machine like the cosmetic liquid filling machine may vary widely based on a number of factors, including its type, features, specs, etc. Thus, choose a cosmetic machine that is both affordable and meets your production needs and goals.

4. Easy Maintenance
Depending on the cosmetic production needs, running the cosmetic machine might take many hours, days, or even weeks. As a result, the maintenance processes must be simple to comprehend and apply.

5. Floor Space Availability
There is a wide range of sizes and technical features for cosmetic machines. Because of this, it’s essential to measure your floor space very carefully before purchasing cosmetic machines. Make sure your chosen device will give you enough room to do other operations.

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