E-liquid Filling Machine

Model: Automatic E-liquid Filling Machine
Suitable for: E-liquid, E-juice, Essential oil, cbd oil, oral liquid, etc.
Capacity: 20-60 bottles/min
Filling Volume: 1-500ml (customized)
Power: 2.5Kw
Power Supply: 110/220/380V
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%
Dimension: L1750*W950*1800mm
Weight: 600KG
Customizable: yes


E-liquid Filling Machine

The e-liquid filling machine has a lot of important parts, each of which does a specific job, like filling the product, putting the cap on, screwing the cap on, labeling, and so on.

Among the parts of automatic E-liquid filling machines are ceramic piston pumps, nozzle filling, unloading trays, and moving conveyors, as well as other parts that are used today. This machine’s high-quality construction and design are used according to GMP rules.

e liquid filling machine

❶ A Schneider servo system controls this e-liquid filling machine.

❷ This machine gives ≤±1% filling accuracy.

❸ Schneider’s PLC and high-tech touch screen controls make it easy to operate.

❹ Use ISO-9001-certified production methods.

❺ Bottom-up filling, bottleneck location, “no bottle, no fill” system. Stainless steel frame filling area.

❻ A touch screen makes it easy to change the volume. A servo system is used to control the filling of the pistons.

❼ A digital control system lets you do double, triple, and more filling operations on the same bottle.

❽ Set the nozzles above or below the bottle’s mouth, so that foamy liquids don’t bubble up.

The e-liquid filling machine applies to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, cosmetics, and other industries, filling different containers with liquid products. This machine is useful because they help you pack different liquids into different-sized containers without wasting more material. Fills products such as;

  • e-liquid
  • face serum
  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • eye drops
  • nasal drops
  • ears drops
  • juices
  • food essences
  • cold drinks, etc.

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What are the different types of e-liquid filling machines?

In the cosmetics, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, e-liquid filling machines are very important equipment. This machine helps you pack different liquids into different-sized containers without wasting more material.

Today, new e-liquid filling machines show off the best ways to pack the liquid quickly without a lot of work. You don’t need a lot of workers to keep going with a big filling process. The different types of e-liquid filling machines are;


Manual e-liquid filling machines are available in different sizes and may be operated by the user manually. It can fill volumes between 5ml and 15ml. This machine is perfect for producing small batches of e-liquid products.


In a six-headed filling machine, semi-automatic e-liquid filling machines can fill up to 6 ounces/second with an e-liquid solution. You’ll need a skilled technician who knows how to operate the system correctly for semi-automatic machines. A semi-automatic filling machine can fill about 2500 bottles an hour, and they are very accurate when it comes to filling volume ranges of 10ml.


An automatic e-liquid filling machine works on a bigger scale in a factory. When filling e-liquid, the whole process is done automatically. This machine has a lot of important parts, and each part has a job. For example, the product is filled, the cap is put on, the cap is screwed on, and so on. For this, you’ll find the most up-to-date automatic e-liquid filling machines that have ceramic piston pumps, nozzle filling, unloading trays, movable conveyors, and more. The well-equipped structure and design of this machine meet GMP rules.

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