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Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Mixer Machine

Our vacuum emulsifier machine is a multi-function equipment used in the food, cosmetics,
pharmaceutical, and chemical industries for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying,
and suctioning very viscous materials, pastes, and creams.

Best for 5L, 10L, 15L, 25L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L, 350L, 500L, 650L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 5000L
Homogenizer (high-speed agitator), sweep wall agitator (low-speed agitator)
Polished 316L stainless steel builds machines
Optimal emulsification within 10 minutes
Fully automated PLC control

MAKWELL Emulsifier Mixer Machine

The MAKWELL vacuum emulsifying mixer emulsifies cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical products, especially those with high viscosities and granular contents, such as cosmetics, creams, and ointments. To ensure the longevity and efficacy of our vacuum-emulsifying mixer, we use advanced manufacturing techniques, a premium motor, and a converter.

Our emulsifier machines are equipped with a mixing mechanism to produce creams and liquids of varying viscosities. Moreover, you may customize the speed of the machine to suit your demands. Each of our vacuum emulsifying mixers is built with a vacuum system that prevents the formation of air bubbles in the contents.

Emulsifier Mixer Machines

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
Homogenizer Emulsifier Mixer

This vacuum emulsifier homogenizer is a complete system for producing viscous emulsion, dispersion, & suspension in various industries on a small or large scale. The vacuum atmosphere prevents aeration, providing void-free end-product mixtures.

Cosmetic Homogenizer Mixer
Cosmetic Homogenizer Mixer

This cosmetics homogenizer mixer is perfect for mixing large cream and emulsion batches with much powder. 50L-10000L working capacity. Cream and emulsion of 10,000–100,000 cps. Two-micrometer particles are equally scattered.

Homogenizer Emulsifier Mixer
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

This vacuum emulsifying mixer makes small to medium cream and emulsion batches. 50L–2,000L working capacity. Cream and emulsions of 10,000–50,000cps viscosity. Top-mounted batch homogenizer emulsifying and homogenizing. Double jackets for heating and cooling.

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Emulsifier Mixer Machine Advantages

effective heating emulsifying mixer
Effective Heating

The bottom-mounted electric heater provides easy-to-control heating.

homogenizer and mixer emulsifying mixer
Homogenizer & Mixer

Effective homogenizing using voltage 380V, power 15KW, 3000rpm. Mix with voltage 380V, power 5.5KW, 0-63rpm. Transparent filter, interlayer scraping, frequency control.

hydraulic lifting emulsifying mixer
Hydraulic Lifting

Effortless lifting mechanism makes closed-system emulsification efficient.

advanced control emulsifying mixer
Advanced Control

A control system with a digital time relay adjusts homogenizer speed and time based on material. All control buttons are visible.

Emulsifier Mixer Machine Applications

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is used to mix product materials with varying viscosities in personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Multiple mixing methods are used in these industries to purify and disperse products like creams, lotions, ointments, preparations, product suspensions, and more.

  • Pharmaceutical companies use this machine to process ointments, oral syrups, latex, emulsions, and injections.
  • Emulsify viscous food products like mayonnaise, jam, butter, oral liquids, infant food, chocolate, etc.
  • Chemical companies used this technique for emulsifying polyesters and synthetic fibers. It also processes latex, saponification products, detergents, paints, and coatings.
  • Petrochemical, printing and dyeing chemicals, paper, pesticide and fertilizers, plastic and rubber, power electronics, etc.

The vacuum emulsifying tank is completely sealed, so the material can safely heat up and mix inside without any risk of it leaking into the surrounding area. The emulsifier machine will meet all of your sterility and sanitary production needs. In addition to that, there are other wide applications of the vacuum emulsifying mixer.

Emulsifier Mixer Machine Applications
Emulsifier Mixer Machin Features

Emulsifier Mixer Machin Features

The vacuum emulsifying mixer has the best features to meet your specific mixing needs. This machine features an automatic lid that rises when the equipment is running. Emulsifying boilers draw material directly from oil and water boilers. The discharge occurs when the emulsifying boiler turns. Heat can be set up with electricity and steam.

Intercalated bed cooling is easy and convenient since there is a warm layer on the exterior of the bed. The homogenizer and stirring blades can work together or on their own. Processes sliming, mixing, dispersing, and other functions quickly. Emulsifier machine components are stainless steel and mirror polished on the inside. The production process adheres to GMP hygiene standards.

Emulsifier Machine Working Principle

1.  First, heat the water and oil pots separately.

2. The emulsifying pump draws water and oil into the pot. This pot is just below the water and oil pots.

3. A scraper helps clean the mixer. The center mixer mixes ingredients when set, having materials constantly making new interfaces.

4. Materials are cut, crushed, mixed, and blended with the help of a rotary vane. A high cutting wheel speed and fixed cutting cover are used till the materials are 200nm-2um.

5. The hydraulic shear enhances centrifugal force-induced tearing and other mixing impacts. With this, emulsification creates stable, high-quality, bubble-free products.

6. Air created while mixing instantly fills the vacuum in the emulsifying pot. After that, the emulsified product materials settle and are released.

Emulsifier Machine Working Principles

Emulsifier Mixer Machine-MAKWELL

What are the benefits of mixing with the MAKWELL mixer?

Do you have a hard time mixing things that don’t mix well? How about emulsifying viscous liquids? The search is over because the answer is here! You are invited to learn more about the MAKWELL vacuum emulsifying mixer!

Our company is an emulsifier machine manufacturer specializing in filling and packaging machines for various industries. With years of experience, trusted senior engineers, and machines that comply with CE standards and have passed ISO9001 certification, our mixing equipment line is best for clients with sophisticated needs and requirements.

The MAKWELL vacuum emulsifying mixer is an industrial equipment used for dispersing, making viscous emulsions, and suspending products. An important function of the mixer is to make sure there are no dead or hard corners and that products are smooth. This machine refines and disperses creams, ointments, lotions, and other products.

Our emulsifier machine will keep your blending environment under control, preventing air circulation that might lead to the degradation of blending sharp edges. The controlled mixing environment helps to make sure that the final results don’t have any gaps in them. The machine is excellent for making small, medium, and huge amounts of refined products. The computerized system gives off a lot of energy, which speeds up the whole process. Because of the mixer, it is easier to clean and mix products that aren’t easy to mix—saving you time and costs.

Furthermore, the overall vacuum emulsifying mixer consists of several parts and comes with a lot of sub-equipment that do tasks like emulsifying and stirring the products inside the vessel. Automating your mixer reduces the chance that machine operators may mix too much or too little of each batch. It will level up your manual blending production into a more advanced mixing process!

Ready to get started? Contact MAKWELL today, and let’s start mixing!

What are the different types of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers?

Different types of vacuum emulsifying mixers can work based on making and designing as every industry requires a suitable kind of mixer machine. These mixers do their best to ensure that your blend is consistent. Listed below are some types of emulsifier machines that we sure can help you with!

Up Homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

You can create many different types of cosmetic and medical products with a homogenizer mixer. It does an excellent job of giving you even mixing. This machine can make ointments, lotions, creams, and other emulsion products. In addition, we have developed mayonnaise emulsifying machine, it can provide better emulsification for the production of mayonnaise effect. As part of the vacuum system, the homogenizer mixer completely controls the airflow of the mixing environment. This equipment is one of the most used vacuum mixers for precision mixing.

Bottom Homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

When it comes to uniform mixing, this machine is very accurate. It evenly distributes each material to ensure effective mixing. The motor of this mixer generates kinetic energy for bottom base mixing. This machine mixes by hydraulic shear.

Nanometer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 

The nanometer-based mixer makes it possible to mix products with sensitivity and accuracy. Upon mixing, it checks the quality of the mix in a small measuring unit to make sure it was done right. Speed and precision make this mixer even more versatile, making it suitable for many different types of products. Working with it is very simple. It is also very easy to use for different types of mixing.

Micro Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

A micro vacuum emulsifying mixer works by mixing different types of solutions and liquids more thoroughly. A mixer has multiple blades that help get sticky things off the walls of the mixer and help grind products using high shear mixing.

Suppository Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The Suppository Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer delivers suppository medicine and helps make oils with a lot of solids into emulsions. As a whole, it’s a high-tech machine that is made to meet the best possible standards. The production rate is high because of the triple mixer, the dust-free system, the whole auto-feeding, all of which contribute to its excellent performance.

Laboratory experiment Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 

Mixers in labs are typically small. Small-scale mixers like this are handy when mixing different chemicals with a certain amount. This mixer ensures that the substances are well mixed to guarantee that they work. For its stability, this solution operates well.

Fixed type Homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

You can make a variety of daily products as well as medical supplies using this mixer. You’ll also get precise results with the addition of kinetic energy and hydraulic shear mixing. Moreover, many industries use this machine for mixing products that we use every day.

Does one of our emulsifier machines suit your needs? The above are merely some of our emulsifying vacuum mixers. We also provide mixing machines in other types of applications. We can customize a line of mixer machines to match your manufacturing process. Contact us today to get mixing started!

How to keep a vacuum emulsifying mixer going for a long time?

All of the parts of the MAKWELL vacuum emulsifying mixer are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it last and works well for a long time. Here are some tips to extend the functional life of your emulsifying machine;

  • Make sure all moving parts and gears are properly lubricated.
  • Regularly checking vacuum valves and pressure gauges is necessary.
  • A half-yearly check of the distance between the agitator and bowl will improve mixing quality.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean the emulsified tank before and after every use to ensure it is clean and disinfected.
  • Be careful not to use the mixer in an overloaded situation, such as when it is overloaded with weight or when it is working overtime, since this can shorten the mixer’s life.
  • Whenever you haven’t used your mixer in a while, always turn it on for a test run. This way, the mixer can be pre-heated and adjusted as accurately as possible.
  • Every day, keep a record of cleaning. Use water and soap to clean the base of your unit and pots. Be sure to keep the base as dry as possible to avoid rust.
  • To avoid damaging the internal components of the vacuum emulsifying mixer, do not use a water hose on it.
  • Keep a record of your maintenance log to help you figure out what’s wrong. For more help, check out the operating manual.

The ideal temperature ranges of a vacuum emulsifying mixer to best operate

50-80 ⁰C is the best temperature range this machine can reach. These temperatures can exceed 100 ⁰C, depending on your procedure. It is better to use machines with built-in cooling systems when long processes could make the temperature rise above 150 ⁰C.

What safety measures must be followed while using a vacuum emulsifying mixer?

Many things need to be checked before you start using the mixer to make sure there aren’t any risks at work.

  • During the manufacturing process, there are a lot of built-in safety features that can help prevent accidents. For example, there are colored push buttons that make it harder to accidentally press them and an alarm system that tells you if vacuum valves aren’t being held tight enough.
  • The platform should be dry at all times to make it less likely that someone will fall and get hurt.
  • Make sure to check the valves and the pressure gauge to make sure they work properly.
  • Grounding is required for any electrical wiring.

Our company ensures that only the best parts are used to help keep your vacuum mixer machine running for a long time. We also recommend following the standard procedure when maintaining your vacuum mixer machine.

Vacuum emulsifying mixer care requires consideration of several technical and financial considerations. Regardless of how difficult the process seems to be, you can be certain that our goal is to make the outcome as valuable to your company as possible. Feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance.

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