Eye Drop Filling Machine

This eye drop filling machine fills and seals in a 2-30ml bottle. It has a high-precision piston pump or peristaltic pump that fills the bottle, can be set to fill the bottle, measure accurately, and be easy to clean and maintain.

Model: Automatic Eye Drop Filling Machine
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Capacity: 30-60 bottles/min
Filling Volume: 10-150ml (customized)
Power: 1.5Kw
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%
Dimension: L1500*W900*1500mm
Weight: 500KG
Customizable: yes

❶ This liquid filling machine is controlled by a PLC, making it steady and dependable.

❷ A touch screen with a human-computer interface that is very simple to use.

❸ This machine uses food-grade pipes and quick joints that are easy to take apart and clean.

❹ Feature “No bottle, no filling”, a filling number counting system, and a CIP function.

❺ Excellent measuring accuracy with a filling error rate of ≤ ± 1%.

❻ Filling with a piston pump, giving a high level of accuracy.

❼ The new GMP standard is used to make this machine.

Suitable Tube Diameter: 30-75mm
Suitable Tube Length: 40-250mm
Filling head: 4-10
Filling range: 1-10ml
Output: 25-45bottles/min
Power: 0.9kw
Power Supply: 220V,50HZ
Contorl speed mode: Frequency modulation
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

The eye drop filling machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industrial, and other industries. This machine is suitable for filling products like;

  • oral liquid
  • oil essence
  • eye drops
  • cosmetic perfume
  • battery liquid, and so on.

This negative vacuum pressure and the self-priming device are used with glass, plastic, metal, and other containers.The small caliber and a high liquid surface expansion stress mean that no liquid will come out when the container is turned upside down.

eye drop filling machine

How to Choose Eye Drop Filling Machine?

When choosing an eye drop filling machine, keep in mind the following features:

Production Capacity

Find a machine that can meet your production needs in terms of capacity, like a machine that can fill eye drops quickly. If you have a large production, you need an automatic eye drop filling machine.

Quality Compliance

To maintain safety and cleanliness, the eye drop filling machine must meet the quality standards for eye drop filling.


The eye drop filling machine uses stainless steel as its primary raw material. Sterilized and rust-proof, it guarantees that the eye drop filling operation stays clean.

Model and Brand 

It’s a good idea to look for an eye drop filling machine model and brand that has a strong track record among other users.

User-Friendly Machine

To choose a machine, look for one that has a human-machine interface that is easy for you to use. These include getting a machine with a PLC control panel that lets you set up and monitor its operations.

Advances in Technology 

Choose a machine that is updated with the latest technology in the field.

Technical Specs

The machine’s performance, quality, and speed will all be determined by its technical parameters.

Other Support Machines Integration

To complete the manufacturing line, you need a machine that can be readily connected with other support equipment.


To get the most effective eye drop filling machine, you need to know exactly what you’ll be using it for. Get to know more about your product and your chosen industry.

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