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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find various common usage problems and applications such as filling machines, labeling machines, packaging machines, capping machines, mixer machines, filling equipment production lines, etc.

If you don’t find any related problems, you can send email to, we will give you relevant solutions.



Yes, all kinds of oil products are suitable for our oil filling machines.


Yes, oils with the same properties can be produced by sharing the same filling machine. It is recommended that when using the same filling machine, parts of the pipeline can be purchased with new filling tubes. When changing the products, the pump needs to be fully washed and replaces with a new set of filling tube to ensure that the product does not cross-contaminate when it is filled.


Yes, the filling tubes of our filling machines are all food grade certified. While filling liquids, the filling tubes are made of stainless steel 304 or 316 stainless steel with strong acid resistance, depending on your product.

4.Is it possible to modify the filling machines to meet unique requirements?

Yes. All of the filling machines can be modified to meet individual needs and specifications. The most reliable solution is to speak with the industry professionals directly about all products available for modification. Deciding to alter a specific machine involves many technical factors. It is essential to evaluate all of them.

5.Is there a filling machine that can accommodate the filling of liquids into a variety of container sizes?

Yes. The in-line filling machines are the kind of liquid filling machine that is most suited for operations involving various container sizes. In a production line, it is a cost-effective option for filling containers in bulk.

6.Is there a filling machine ideal for a small-scale business?

Yes. When selecting the right equipment, being aware of the production capacity and the rate is significant—using a semi-automatic filling machine for small manufacturing lines, such as those in a start-up enterprise, might save time and money while increasing reliability and efficiency. Visit MAKWELL to learn more about all products available for starters.  

7.What kind of equipment do you have that’s excellent for filling bolognese products into containers?

Yes. Filling Bolognese, mayonnaise, pesto, and other types of sauce into containers is possible with the mayonnaise filling machines. To effectively fill containers with viscous liquid foods like Bolognese, specific equipment is needed. The mayonnaise filling machines are specifically developed for this type of product and can be customized to fit the needs of particular applications.

8.Is it possible to purchase a complete set of tube filling machines? What are the inclusions?

Yes. A complete set for the tube filling machine is available- comprising a filling machine for filling paste liquid into tubes, a capping machine for capping the tubes after filling, a labeling machine for labeling and packing, and a cartoning machine for packing products into cartons. Make inquiries about all products included in a complete set of tube filling machines by reaching MAKWELL.

9.Which Filler System Is the Most Effective-Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Automatic?

The most appropriate filler for your business is determined by its requirements. Manual filling machines are an excellent choice for entry-level small businesses with few workers and no intentions for expansion. Semi-automatic filling machines are an excellent alternative for most small firms planning to expand their operations. About all products, automatic filling machines are the optimal solution for complex or large-scale business that requires a faster output rate.

10.How can I choose the correct filling principle for my product?

Filling machines transfer materials from a holding tank to ready-to-fill bottles or containers. Each principle contributes something unique to the packing system. About all products, a piston filler or pump filling equipment is often required for thicker, more viscous materials. Overflow fillers and gravity filling machines are used to fill thin, free-flowing materials.

11.Which Filling System is preferable, Liquid-Level or Volumetric?

One needs to consider about all products requirements for filling machine selection. The filler should be determined by two critical factors: The final fill level in the bottles and the material used to fill them. Liquid-level filling machines fill containers at the necessary level regardless of product amount. Volumetric filling machines fill containers with an exact quantity of liquid regardless of the final fill level.

12.What are the applications of tube filling and sealing machines?

The tube filling and sealing machine is used to fill and seal cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products into tube containers. The tube filling machine is made to work with large and medium-sized batches or projects.

13.What is the filling accuracy and capacity of the tube filling and sealing machine?

The tube filling and sealing machine has a filling accuracy of ≦±1%. The capacity is adjustable between 40 and 60 units per minute, depending on your tube demands.clik here to product

14.What does an automatic tube filling and sealing machine is equipped with?

The tube filling and sealing machine is equipped with a Mitsubishi Electric PLC controller with a touch screen, a Mitsubishi Electric servomechanism drive, pneumatic elements, a liquid level sensor, an air heater with automatic temperature setting, a counter for production output, and a tube sealing strength tester.

Can I visit your mixer Tank and filling machine manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our mixer tank and filling  machine in Jiangsu province China. Fly to shanghai directly and we will pick you up.

How can I know your machine has good quality?

We will send video of the machine working condition, video chatting see our workshop and also you can come to visit ourfactory.

What are your advantages?

1)Competitive price;
2)Excellent technical support;
3)Great after-sale service;
4)Over 15 years experience

What is the payment terms?

30% deposit, the balance before delivery.

How long of the delivery time?

Normally 40-50 working days depend on the detail machine you request.

What is your warranty time?

Two years. Life-long maintenance services and technical support.

Can you offer overseas service?

Yes, if request.We suggest online problem solving firstly, if the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory to solve the issue.

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