What are the performances features of MAKWELL vacuum emulsifying machines?

vacuum emulsifying machine

Knowing the composition of the vacuum emulsifying mixer or vacuum emulsifying machine and its main job will help you determine how well it works. We are confident you will be amazed at the performance of our emulsifier machines as you read more below!

MAKWELL Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The vacuum emulsifying mixer comprises an optional control system, vacuum system, emulsifying pot, water pot, oil pot, lifting system, working platform, and so on.

Using a high-speed emulsifier, vacuum emulsifying makes it easy to spread product materials quickly and evenly into continuous phases. The mechanical effect will move the materials in a small space between the stator and the rotor with much force. For more than 100 thousand times turbulence per minute, the materials will be dispersed and emulsified because of centrifugal force and hydraulic shearing. Revolving at a high rate of speed will make finished products that are fine, stable, and of good quality, with no bubbles.

Performance Features

  1. Our company makes a lot of different types of vacuum emulsifiers. The homogenizing systems, both internal and external, and upper and lower homogenizing.
  2. Among its mixing methods are single-way mixing, double-way mixing, and helical ribbon mixing.
  3. Single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting are two of the lifting systems.
  4. The frequency converter adjusts the speed of the triple mixing, which can meet technological needs.
  5. Imported double-end mechanical seals for making the homogenizing structure work. In addition, the highest shearing fineness can be as fine as 0.2-5um, and the maximum emulsifying rotation speed is 4,200rpm.
  6. A vacuum defoaming process can make materials aseptic. Vacuum sucking can keep dust out for powder materials.
  7. You can lift the lid of the emulsifying pot, making it easy to clean and making the cleaning effect more noticeable. This pot also has a tilt discharge system.
  8. A three-layer stainless steel plate is used for welding the pot’s body. All the pipes and the tank body are polished to a mirror finish, which complies with all GMP requirements.
  9. According to the needs of the technical process, the tank body may either heat or cool the contents within. Steam heating and electric heating are the most common ways to heat.

The electrical characteristics of the machine are of the highest quality to fulfill all international requirements in order to assure the equipment’s reliability.

More of the vacuum emulsifying mixer advantages

  1. A high vacuum degree could reach as high as -0.09MPa, which is very good for deaeration.
  2. GMP-compliant tank with a mirror finish on both the inside and outside
  3. The barrel body uses seamless stir welding and automated welding technology to eliminate cleaning blind angles.
  4. The materials are imported and of high quality.
  5. Our parts suppliers are Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, FESTO, etc.

With all the performance features of our vacuum emulsifying machine, you may be wondering how you can purchase them. Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard because you can contact us right now and see how it works! And get your mixers from MAKWELL!

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