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Makwell is a top and trusted filling machine manufacturer of inline filling machines and liquid packaging technology, with a broad range of fillers. The filling system can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or completely automatically. We provide gravimetric and volumetric liquid filling machines for a variety of sectors, including food and beverage manufacturing as well as industrial and corrosive product manufacture.

Our automatic filling machines come in various sizes, from small tabletop equipment to large systems for packaging liquids used in factories. Check out our filling machines below, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products.

We can help you choose the best packaging machine for your business when it comes to filling products. Let us give you a free consultation right now!

Bottle filling machine

High Speed Linear Piston to filling, and it used for shampoo, detergent, hand sanitizer, nail polish, shoe polish, toilet bowl cleaner, oral, paint etc.

cream filling machine

Features high precision filling system. Suitable for filling viscous paste materials like: face cream, ointment, lotion, etc.

Liquid filling machine

Automatic liquid filling machine, We customize the liquid filling machine according to the customer’s bottle type and products.

Food filling machine

Piston filling system have high filling accuracy and stability, Easy to operate and clean. contact with materials use SUS316L, whole of machine use SUS304, Comply with food safety standards.

Aerosol filling machine

Widely used for filling perfume, body spray, spray paint, deodorant, air freshener, insecticide spray, car air control freon, etc. Its filling speed can reach 3,600 cans per minute.

Powder filling machine

The dry powder filling machine uses screw or measuring cup for filling. This is to suit different powders. Filling volume is 10-5000g with filling speed of 10-40bottle/min.

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Food Filling Machine

8 Varieties of Filling Systems

filling machine
filling machine

Among the 8 filling systems we offer, we can select the one that suits your production best:

1. Gravity Fillers

Thin, foamy materials are most suited for gravity fillers, whereas thicker products are for pressure/gravity fillers. Each unit of our liquid filling machines and gravity fillers is customized to meet your specific production requirements and financial concerns by adding the ideal number of fill heads and contact parts for filling your liquid products.

2. Net Weigh Fillers

The best way to guarantee that each container you fill has the same amount of product in it is to use a net weigh filler. They work best with liquids filled in large amounts, like 5-gallon pails or high-value products that need to be weighed properly to prevent loss.

3. Overflow Fillers

We provide you with access to a wide range of high-quality conventional and portable overflow fillers made for the business world. Our high-quality overflow fillers can fill thick and low-viscosity liquids into various containers and can fill a broad range of liquids. Because of their excellent accuracy, these machines can fill even the most complex containers.

4. Piston Fillers and Filling Machines

Piston fillers are made of high-quality stainless steel and have parts that can come in contact with food. Piston Fillers were made to handle thick or chunky liquids, but they also work well with liquids that are as thin as water. They often fill bottles with alcoholic drinks and juices, sauces, salad dressings, cosmetics, liquid soaps, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, paint, petroleum, and even acids and corrosives.

5. Portable Molten Fillers

The Portable Molten Filler can fill a wide range of products and work with many different sizes and shapes of containers. Even though its main purpose is to fill candles, it can also fill other hot-filled items, such as deodorants, petroleum jelly, lip balm, and glycerin soaps.

6. Pressure Fillers

For bottling any liquid from water-thin to medium, constant viscosity, we provide a broad range of gravity and pressure/gravity Fillers. Thin, frothy materials work best with gravity fillers, while thicker products may be filled with a combination of pressure and gravity fillers.

7. Pump Fillers

We manufacture pump filling machines for most liquids that range from thick to thin. They are great for low to medium packaging needs that need to be done quickly. Single-head filling models of these machines come with different nozzles, hoses, seals, and pumps.

8. Rotor Pump Fillers

🔵 Considerations for Filling Systems

The liquid filling machine can fill sauce and water into bottles. Although they have distinct viscosities, water and sauce are liquids. The bottle filling machine for sauce is different from water filling machine.

Powered by a powerful pneumatic cylinder, a piston filler keeps sauce warm and lower in viscosity. An overflow filler accepts gravity-fed water.

🔵 Low and High Product Consistency

Understanding your product helps you choose a liquid filling solution. This helps with equipment selection. Any substance might be watery or creamy. Product viscosity affects metering, fill rate, and other industrial processes. The method measures product viscosity.

🔵 Filling Rate

How many bottles can it fill every production cycle? This is a key production question. Is a portable, semi-automatic, full-line automatic solution, or automated rotary system best? Product consistency, bottle type, and filling volume affect fill rate.

🔵 Filling Volume

Understanding your filling volume seems simple. Yet, it is crucial when calculating filling speed, product consistency, and metering systems. To comply with industry standards, your business may have various fill accuracy criteria. Thus, understanding your fill quantities and industry standards is essential to production success.

🔵 Filling Machine Bottle Types

Finding the optimum filling equipment requires knowing the bottle type. Bottle type—round or square, glass or plastic, tall or short, tiny or wide holes, stable or unstable—can impact the creation and configuration of your liquid filling machine solution.

🔵 Choosing the Right Liquid Filling Systems

Product characteristics—wet, dry, watery, or thick paste—determine liquid bottle filling method selection. When selecting a liquid filler, you must consider product viscosity, container type, fill rate, fill volume, and dosing or filling system.

🔵 Dry Product Filling Machine 

When it comes to filling machines, we offer everything from tablet counters to auger Inline filling systems.

🔵 Special Bottle Filling and Sealing Machines

Our developers are professionals in Form Fill and Seal Machines, tube filling and sealing machines (plastic and metal), and any other filling systems you require.

MAKWELL Filling Machine

Are you looking for a reliable firm to manufacture your filling machine requirements? No need to go far! Right now, you found the best one – MAKWELL. In China, MAKWELL is a famous filling machine manufacturer and supplier with 15 years of expertise. 

You can trust the MAKWELL filling machine that guarantees maximum process productivity. Every manufacturer needs to have high-quality, efficient filling equipment. No worries! MAKWELL has a lot of experience in this industry. We can help you find suitable filing machines that suit your different applications.

MAKWELL adopts the consistent quality and efficiency of every filling machine and meets your specific requirements. You can trust our test lab technician performing different tests on your filling machine to ensure its quality. MAKWELL is your reliable partner when it comes to high-quality filling machines.

No matter what your application is, MAKWELL is always here to support your filling machine needs, from dry product filling to viscous products. Whether it is a semi-automatic filling machine or a fully automatic filling machine, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution for the filling machine.

Whether you need to import filling machines for your business, MAKWELL is the solution. If you have any questions about our machines, please leave us a message immediately!

Our sales representatives can quickly answer all your questions and inquiries.

What is a filling machine?

Filling machines are equipment used to fill pouches, bags, bottles, jars, cans, and other containers with a pre-set amount of products, like food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. The filled containers are then capped and sealed using supplemental or additional machines such as capping and labeling machines.

Manual machines help to set or hold products in place during productions. And operators are in charge of most of the controls and operations. Semi-automatic machines help with filling and packaging, allowing one person to do tasks at once quickly and accurately. Automatic filling machines perform the work without the help of an operator. In fully automated applications, the only thing the operator has to do is monitor the filling parts.

Filling Machines Level of Automation

Automated inline packaging systems may be made to operate with filling machines. They are available as standalone semi-automatic equipment, monoblock, and uniframe packaging systems that combine a filler with capping, labeling, etc., or even as tabletop fillers that can fill up to two bottles simultaneously. Automatic filling machines will make more filled bottles faster. Your filling machine’s level of automation will depend on how many bottles you need to make per minute, hour, or day.

Each type of filling machine may have the potential to adjust the speed of the fillers. An eight-head automated filling machine may be needed if there are a lot of products to fill. The filling equipment can be made to fit up to eight more fill heads in the future; even the machine already makes a lot of output. Because of this, the equipment will be able to meet your needs up to two times over! Also, as your company grows, automatic filling machines can adapt to meet your requirements.

Filling Machine Materials

Filling machines fill containers with various commercial products in bulk and original equipment manufacturer or OEM supply shipments. Among the packaging materials included in the production are:

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
  • Tubes and Vials
  • Cans
  • Cartridges
  • Capsules
  • Aerosol Containers
  • Cups and Trays
  • Pallets and Pails
  • Drums and Kegs
  • Cases
  • Bags and Pouches
  • Bottles and Jars
  • Blister Packs
  • Cartons and Boxes

Additional packaging equipment is included with our filling machine. Filling machines may be used in combination with a variety of other equipment such as;

  • Accumulators
  • Batching Machines
  • Bagging Machines
  • Banders
  • Sleeves
  • Box-Making Machine
  • Bundling Machine
  • Capping Machine
  • Combining Machine
  • Counting Machine
  • Forming Machine
  • Sealing Machine


When choosing a filling machine, you need to look at all the features, specs, and machine applications. In automatic filling machines, the rate is often shown in pieces per minute. There is a built-in feeder and a computer interface that connects to a network that controls the machine in some automated fillers. For better corrosion protection, our filling equipment is comprised of stainless steel. Aseptic or sanitary filling machines are simple to clean and prevent harmful bacteria from growing or being present. Portable or movable filling equipment is either light or has wheels or casters for mobility.


Our filling machines are used a lot in the chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical industries when it comes to applications. Additionally, they are used to make foods, beverages, cosmetics, etc.

How servo system enhances filling machines’ performance?

Filling machines use a servo drive system to control the main structure of the machine, which makes the machine very stable and accurate. The unique servo control system, which moves the filling piston vertically, saves energy for a long time and lowers the load rate of the machine, enhancing the filling machine performance.

Using the PLC, adjustments may be done quickly and easily, without any additional tools. The design of the servo control system allows for different types of liquids to be filled into the bottom layer, surface layer, and the bottleneck (the opening).

The servo system controls the filling, which moves the pistons in very precise ways to get a very accurate filling. The piston is designed with an adjusting mechanism so that users can get the best possible accuracy.

The automatic filling machines are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and other industries. The personalized control panel system is simple to use and can help you get the best results through the PLC’s production monitoring.

How Servo Filling Machines Work

The filler’s main computer keeps track of each pump head’s rotation separately to know exactly how much product has been supplied. Each pump and nozzle is turned off as soon as the required fill volume is met, ensuring that your products are filled accurately. The computer keeps all of the fill parameters in memory so that it can quickly switch between different types of fills.


  • A servo system controls the filling machine.
  • Accurate to ±0.5%.
  • The filling speed is adjustable.
  • PLC and high-tech touchscreen control make it easy to run the whole operation.
  • Changeovers and cleaning are easy.
  • The ISO-9001 system is used for high-quality production.
  • Strong conveyor system with a Siemens motor that moves it. Conveyor guide rails that may be adjusted to fit different products.
  • Stainless steel that meets GMP standards.
  • A drip detection system.
  • The bottle holding mechanism makes sure the bottles are in the best position before they are filled.
  • Features “No bottle, no filling” system.
  • Automatically detects jammed bottles.
  • Light and sound alerts on a manufacturing error.
  • Overload protection circuit breaker by ABB.
  • Interlock guards for a safe register of the filling zone.
  • Memory slots are used to store filling settings for future operations.
  • The machine is easy to set up and use, and it needs very little maintenance to work well and last a long time.
  • High-quality finish on the filler structure.
  • A touch screen makes it easy to change the volume. A servo system is used to control the filling of the pistons.
  • Each piston can be adjusted for fine-tuning individually.
  • The digital control system lets you do more than one filling action on the same bottle at the same time.
  • The height nozzles can be adjusted via a touch screen.
  • To keep foamy liquids from bubbling, set the nozzles above the bottle’s mouth or bottom-up and match the liquid level in the bottle.
  • The speed of filling is adjustable. It can fill slowly at first, then speed up, then slow down again to finish. This can stop foamy liquids from bubbling and keep them from spilling.
How useful is a fully automatic bottle filling machine?

MAKWELL fully automatic bottle filling machines are beneficial in any bottle filling production line. The machine doesn’t need much human help to work, saving you from labor costs. The system automatically arranges and fills bottles with the correct product level. And fills bottles of varied sizes.

Our machine doesn’t cause leaks since it can instantly adjust syringe sizes. And during the filling process, you may control the speed automatically. The excellent capping features make it easy to cap the bottles automatically. Finally, labeling comes next. This feature ensures your labels go on each bottle.

How do you design and build your cream filling machines?

The MAKWELL automatic cream filling machine is designed and built with the latest technology to meet the market’s needs. Our machine uses a metering pump made of stainless steel to fill and use a combination of automatic cover, electrical and mechanical. It is cost-effective, functional, and compact. Moreover, our cream filling machine is adaptable for many different containers to fill in products like creams, ointments, lotions, etc. And is widely used for cream filling cosmetics and other industries. Fully compliant with GMP standards, convenient to use, and easy to maintain.

What trends in manufacturing liquid filling machines do you have?

MAKWELL liquid filling machine is in line with filling manufacturers’ trends when making liquid fillers. We build our equipment in a timely manner to keep up with increasing demands. Our filling solutions are flexible and can accommodate various labels, containers, closures, and products—easy changeover of machine components and food safety compliance.

Our liquid filling machine is a multipurpose solution that handles multiple liquid packaging operations in one monoblock, such as filling process, capping containers, labeling, and so on. Keeping up with these manufacturing trends, you can ensure that your liquid filling machine is at its best.

How accurate and efficient is your food filling machine?

As filling machine manufacturer, we understand the importance of filling containers accurately and consistently. Filling machines must be accurate to be effective. With MAKWELL, you can be confident that your food filling machine will keep filling accurately for the long run with the help of a durable design that keeps it operating at optimal levels with minimal maintenance. Maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the filler is possible with the excellent automation and the components that make up the machine. Our food filling machine has advanced PLCs which control the filling process and make constant adjustments, resulting in accurate product flow.

What are the major components of a powder filling machine?

MAKWELL powder filling machines are essential in filling various powder products. The major components that make up our powder filling machine are hopper, filling heads, mechanical drive system, sensors, PLC control system, and measuring cup or weigher. The hopper holds the powder while filling heads fill powder into packaging.

The mechanical drive system controls the moving parts of a machine. Sensors assure accurate filling and proper positioning of containers, while PLC control sets the filling parameters. And a measuring cup or weigher for filling powders into packages with greater precision.

What are the different types of filling machines MAKWELL has?

Filling machines are an integral part of the packaging industry for food, beverages, and other products. The packing procedure uses a range of fillers, depending on the nature of the product- supported by manufacturers that supply different types of filling machines.

All of MAKWELL’s filling machines aim to fit the specific demands of each client while delivering consistent quality and efficiency. Under the guidance of a highly qualified test lab technician and engineers with more than two decades of expertise, the team undertakes various tests and operational checks on the filling machines to assure their quality. MAKWELL is certainly a trusted source for high-performance filling machines. Learn more about the many filling machine types that MAKWELL offers and which are best suited to the needs of each company or industry;

1. Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine– This machine is perhaps the most important in any bottling operation. Common filling methods include volumetric filling, gravity bottle filling, and negative pressure filling.

Cream Filling Machine– The food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries use this machine for filling and sealing creams, lotions, toothpaste, and ointments.

Food Filling Machine– These are available on manual filling machines that run products through a feeder nozzle, semi-automatic filling machines that use compressed air to drive pumps, and automated food filling machines that manage food products from handling to packing.

Liquid Filling Machines– are also referred to as flow filling machines found in most factories to fill beverages. Liquid-based products come in precise measurements in quantities suitable for specific containers.

Aerosol Filling Machine– These machines are used extensively in many industries, such as personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceutical, perfumery, technical, and housing. Commercially, they are used to fill a wide range of aerosols and other products.

Powder Filling Machine– These machines can fill a broad range of powder and granular products, either free-flowing or non-free-flowing materials. Powder filling machines commonly come in forms and automation levels suitable for either volumetric or quantitative filling.

2. Tube Filling and Sealing Machine– This machine fills creams, gels, and other fluid products into laminated tubes and polyethylene. Product packaging is sealed with hot air, along with a date stamp or a batch number.

3. Mayonnaise Filling Machine– MAKWELL equipment is able to handle viscous liquid foods such as mayonnaise. Mayonnaise filling machines and associated packaging equipment, such as customizable cappers, conveyors, and labels, to provide complete packaging for mayonnaise.

MAKWELL is a comprehensive manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of filling machines in China, operating for 15 years. The company manufactures high-quality filling equipment for a variety of sectors and is committed to developing strong partnerships. MAKWELL presents the best filling machine models available for each application and industry.

For more information about MAKWELL Filling Machines or determine which one would be ideal for your packaging needs, visit the MAKWELL Filling Machine website’s product category or contact a MAKWELL representative.

What is the material used on the water bottle filling machine's base?

The strong base of the water bottle filling machine has four feet and is stainless steel and tubular frame construction. Because the water bottle packaging machine comes into contact with liquids, it is made of steel or plastic that is safe for food.

Are MAKWELL water bottle filling machines manufactured to a high standard?

Yes. MAKWELL water bottle packaging machine is manufactured on high-quality standards. The cylinders, wires, motors, and welding frames are all well-engineered. Filling valves, capping heads, and machine height are all meticulously handled by our team of experts. Fast molds make different sizes of bottled water faster and more efficiently. As we continue to improve our machine’s design and stability, you are sure to get the best bottling filling machine.

How stable are MAKWELL water bottle filling machines?

We use better processing to make sure that the water bottle packaging machine’s quality and accuracy are at their best. We strictly follow the set assembly procedures throughout the machine manufacturing process. Because we want to guarantee that our water bottle filling machine doesn’t stop working during the long manufacturing process, we only use the best electric parts to ensure stability.

Can I purchase all the water filling equipment I need in MAKWELL?

MAKWELL can provide you with a one-stop, customized water bottle packaging machine. Our engineers can make bottling equipment that fits your bottle size. Depending on your needs, we may use various filling techniques, such as mechanical filling valves, flow meters, negative-pressure valves, gravity fillings, etc. We offer water bottle filling machines, washers, cappers, labelers, conveyors, and other equipment needed for your water production.

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