What are the filling solutions for industries’ tube filling and sealing needs?

tube filling and sealing machine


There is no doubt that tube filling and sealing machine needs are always high. The good news is that there are many filling solutions available for different types of tubes for filling and sealing products.

Tube filling and sealing machines fill laminated tubes and polyethylene with creams, pastes, or other liquid products in medical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, and chemical manufacturing industries. Heat-seal them, stamp the date or batch number on the end of the tube, and cut away any extra plastic that forms on it during the tube sealing process.

Our company manufactures tube filling and sealing machines and other filling and packaging equipment in China. We make a variety of tube filling and sealing machines that are used to fill various products into tubes and then seal them. These machines can fill a wide range of products such as cream, gel, ointment, toothpaste, etc.

Tube filling machines generally pack products with different flow and viscosity characteristics. The machine is built in strict compliance with GMP standards and has a user-friendly design that makes it excellent for sealing and filling aluminum tubes and laminated tubes.

Tube Filling Machine Types

The tube filling machine uses a filling and sealing procedure that differs based on the nature of the tube and the type of product being filled and sealed. The following are a list of different tube types:

  1. Laminated tubes
  2. Aluminum tubes
  3. Plastic Co-extruded tubes
  4. Metal Collapsible tubes

The automatic tube filling and sealing machines can automatically perform operations such as automatic hose discharge, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic date printing, and more. For a semi-automatic system, manually put in the hose and manually seal its tails. Hand-filling or manual tube machines are also available if you’re running a small business and looking for an affordable option.

How Tube Filling Machines Work

The highly automatic system has a circular rotating plate at the filling stations for placing the tubes. The first station is where the filling is gonna work, and then carries on to the next phase. The tube filling machine’s continuous stations do the folding operation on the tube. After two folds, the tube transports to the next station for coding. The filled tubes are then pulled out, resulting in completed filled tubes.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Advantages

  • Improves Productivity-tube manufacturers will fill creams and lotions into tubes in a short amount of time using the tube filling line. The speed and accuracy of the machine help to make more products in a faster way.
  • Low Labor Costs: There is no need for labor costs when you use a tube filling machine. This means that it is a more cost-effective option.
  • Consistent and Reliable: The machine is very consistent and reliable when it comes to filling tubes with materials.
  • Minimize Waste Products: our filling machine is very precise and efficient when it comes to filling, which helps cut down on waste and waste disposal.
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