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Food Packaging Machines

MAKWELL offers you an extensive range of packing machines for your food products that will depend on your requirements. There can be a chip packing machine for your bite-sized snack products, a candy packing machine for sugary sweets, or a beef jerky packing machine for jerky meat strips products.

We can also provide a device suitable for your production if you have other specific food products. The MAKWELL food packaging machine is popular amongst food and beverage companies and other industries. No matter what type of food you want to pack, MAKWELL has the suitable filler for you.

MAKWELL Food Packaging Machine

Machines are generally the best option for packing food products, and MAKWELL offers many food packing options, both for free-flowing and non-free-flowing. In addition to packing machines, we also provide capping machines, weighing machines, labeling machines, VFFS bags, and other related equipment.

MAKWELL food packing machines consist of several fillers that can fill containers, bottles, pouch packing, bags, etc. You can choose from cup fillers, auger, vibratory, and pistons for filling your food products. With our packing machines, we can handle a variety of viscous liquids that range from small to large, with nozzle configurations, to automatic piston fillers for large volumes.

food packing machine
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Food Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL food packaging machines help you improve your line’s efficiency. We can fill any product into any container with our packing devices and batch feed systems. Our machines feature; advanced design and features that deliver clean, precise portions of practically any hard-to-fill product.

A container and conveyor configuration allows a fill rate of up to 120 cpm; Available with numerous container configurations, such as continuously flowing containers, single lanes or multiple lanes, and horizontal or vertical bagging equipment.

Easy to clean with fewer moving parts, easy to disassemble, and fast belt removal. Importantly, the MAKWELL food packing machine complies with all manufacturing regulations.

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MAKWELL Food Packing Machine

Why choose our food packing machines?

Making the right choice when selecting a food packing machine is essential. It’s a big decision, but we’re confident we can help you find the best food packing solution.

MAKWELL has a line of food packing machines and supporting equipment that will work seamlessly with your production line and ensure that your workflow runs smoothly.

Whether you want to pack chips, candies, or beef jerky, we have a solution for you.

Choosing MAKWELL Food Packing Machine 

Using the right equipment on your food production line is one key to your business success. Our food packing machines guarantee a fast and efficient production process, reliable packaging, timely delivery, and easy cleaning, increasing your production and sales. Let us satisfy all your needs!

Let us know how you make your product, its required temperature, what containers you use, and how to fill them. Our next step is to determine what you expect from the new equipment. Do you need a new line of filling machines or need an expansion? Would you like to have a more efficient packing line or speed up production? Your information will help us select the machine that fits your needs.

As such, what choices do you have? Choose from horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) or vertical fill seal (VFFS) solutions, using the volumetric filler best suited to your product. Additional equipment may include conveyors that vary in speed, capping, and labeling machines. These features vary based on your operation and product type. It is always best to work with our filling and pack technology team to come up with the most suitable solution for your product.

We can help you get the best equipment for your food production line and find the right solution for your food packing needs.

What should I consider when selecting a food packing machine?

When selecting a food packing machine, think of the product’s exact characteristics. The first step is to determine the precise specifications of the product. While new generations of food packing machines are available for different types of food, MAKWELL can help you choose which one is right for you.

The following are a few things to consider when selecting a food packing machine.

MAKWELL food packing machines are available for various food applications. The machines can handle foods that are difficult to fill, such as candy, chips, beef jerky, vegetables, salads, shredded meats, cooked rice, pasta, cereals, and fruits. Their versatility means handling several containers, including jars, cups, trays, cartons, boxes, plates, cans, and more.

An essential attribute of any packing machine is its accuracy. We aim to maintain machines’ accurate packing throughout their long working lives, keeping their maintenance to a minimum while maintaining optimal output.

Several different applications require sanitary packing systems. For our food packing machines, a clean and efficient filling is essential.

The advantages of MAKWELL food packing machine

The development of automated food packing machines has proven time and labor-saving for companies that process large amounts of food and beverage. The following are some of the reasons our packing machines are a staple in the food industry:

  • Fully automated and easy to use.
  • Dose with precision and consistency to ensure that each container is filled to the same level.
  • Automated production reduces downtime, staff, and labor costs.
  • Packing machines that can deal with a wide range of goods and packing.
  • Food packing machines made from stainless steel offer easy cleaning.
  • The systems include simple mechanisms, tilting drip trays, hinged consoles, tilted hoppers, easy disassembly of the heads, and a quick belt release mechanism.
  • MAKWELL’s product line includes several models of volumetric filling devices and is available for upgrades and equipment additions.
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