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Granule Packing Machine

We offer Automatic Form Fill and Seal Machine for packaging granule products such
as rice, tea, salt, sugar, spices, and other similar granules. Automatic vertical packing
machine finishes the process of measuring, bagging, date printing to finish
product output.

MAKWELL Granule Packaging Machines

MAKWELL, the best supplier in China, offers various automatic granule packing machines for your granular products. Many filling machines are compatible with our packing machine, including liquid pump, auger scale, multi-head weigher, volumetric cup filler, etc. Along with cutter, coding machines, tap, laser cutter, after vibration, and bag linking devices.

The MAKWELL granule packaging machine packs granules into sachets using the latest packing technology- featuring a stepping motor-driven bag-making system that is highly accurate. Companies are more likely to choose configurations that include different lifters, discharge conveyor systems, and working stations. Depending on your needs, you can select a suitable granular filler model.

Granule Packaging Machines

Tea Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 30-60 bags/min. Packing range of 1-100g. Especially for packing powdery and superfine powdery products.

Spices Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 5-80 bags/min. Pack free-flow and non-free-flow powders and liquids, solids, and granule products.

Rice Packaging Machine

Packaging speed of 30-60 bags/min. Excellent for packaging granules and puffed food products in many industries, including food, drinks, cosmetics, etc.

Salt Sugar Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 20-35 bags/min. Pack different kinds of granule products, like salt, sugar, nuts, beans, seeds, desiccant, etc.

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Granule Packaging Machine Advantages

One-Time Packing Completion Icon Granule Packing Machine
One-Time Packing Completion

Automatic bag formation, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing. Complete the whole procedure precise & fast.

Neat Sealing & Cutting Icon Granule Packing Machine
Neat Sealing & Cutting

Digital input sealing and cutting position, high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, for more precise sealing and cutting.

Custom Packing Material Icon Granule Packing Machine
Custom Packing Material

BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminum/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Polyester/Aluminizer/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP, etc.

Smooth Operation Icon Granule Packing Machine
Smooth Operation

Touch screen operation, PLC control, stepper motor bag length control, stable performance, quick adjustment, and accurate detection.

Granule Packaging Machine Applications

MAKWELL granular packaging solutions handle various products, providing an automatic filling and sealing machine for your granular materials. This machine packs sugar, salt, tea, spices, rice, capsule packaging, tablets, monosodium glutamate, desiccant, seeds, and other fine particulates; equipped with automatic measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, and counting functions.

Different packaging or bag styles are available to handle all granular products. The MAKWELL granule packing machine has a wide range of applications in food industry packaging, pharmaceutical, chemicals, medical, cosmetics, construction, agrochemical, fertilizer, and other sectors with granulated non-sticky and loose products.

granule packing machine
packaging machine

Granule Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL makes granular products fillable and sealable automatically. We offer our consumers many features with our MAKWELL granule packing machine.
These include; A PLC, control panel, and touch screen, making operating more convenient and friendly; a photoelectric eye control ensures consistent, dependable operation. The top sealing is smooth and clean using the latest international small bag packaging technology.

As part of the filling process, the machine parts in contact are 304 stainless steel, safe to use. Machine components are compact, solid, and easy to use.

Finish the process of measuring, bagging, and date printing automatically. In packaging operations, the disk-type capacity cup adjuster increases efficiency and reduces material loss.

Granule Packing Machine Technical Benefits

  1. Personalized Welcome Page: modify your unique screen page.
  2. Multilingual Interface: support a variety of languages.
  3. Adaptable Filling System: Use a system of adjustable volumetric cups.
  4. Diverse Sealing: Suit different types of bag styles.
  5. Ribbon Date Coding Machine: Print the batch number, expiry date, and production. Maximum of three lanes with 14 letters.
  6. Organized Circuitry: Adopting internationally renowned electric component brands is the major strategy to ensure that the machine performs as expected.
granule packing machine

Granule Packing Machine Phases

granule packing machine
granule packing machine

Granule packaging machines offer multiple pros over manual packaging methods. One of their importance is speed, which significantly enhances production efficiency and output.

What is a Granule Packaging Machine?

A granule packing machine specializes in packaging granular or granulated products. The size and shape of granules are very consistent, and they are tiny, solid particles. Many businesses rely on this equipment, including those dealing with food, medicine, chemicals, and farming.

Granule Packing Machine Phases

1. Product Filling System

The products are loaded into the 304 stainless steel hopper before the packaging equipment is activated. For instance, a volumetric cup or multi-head weigher measures the weight of granules like grains, sugar, and tea leaves.

How does a food packaging machine work?

A special slitting tool cuts the roll of packaging film into strips. Premade pouches are another option. After slicing, sticks are formed into thin bags filled with grains or other products and sealed.

2. Packing Film Transport

Film transport belts are positioned near the bag-forming mechanism of the granule vertical packaging machine, peeling off a single sheet of packing film.

3. Bag Forming

The film then enters a shaping tube that is designed depending on the dimension of the production bag. The film is wrapped around the forming tube, overlapping the two outside edges. This is the first step in the bag-making procedure.

4. Bag Sealing and Cutting

The cutter, equipped with a heater, advances and slices the bag once the product has been loaded and placed inside. On a vertical packing machine, this marks the completion of the whole packing cycle.

The primary goals of the granule packing equipment line are to maximize productivity and reduce the number of damaged products.

granule packing machine
Granule Packing Machine Characteristics and Advantages

🔵 Characteristics of Granule Packaging Machine

❶ New design, compact, practical construction, sophisticated technology.

❷ English/Chinese screen display. PLC, servo motor, simple to use. Adjust settings without stopping the machine.

❸ A labor-saving device with fully automatic procedures.

❹ GMP stainless steel for food packaging.

❺ Horizontal, vertical temperature control, best for diverse mix film, PE film packaging material.

❻ Maximum wear limit and many automatic alarms.

❼ Temperature-independent control system, accuracy ±1°C.

❽ Double motors pull film correctly and quickly.

🔵 Advantages of Automated Packaging Machine

❶ Faster manufacturing.

❷ Prevents injuries resulting from repeated strain.

❸ Remove all possible obstacles.

❹ No more downtime.

❺ Rise in worker fulfillment.

❻ Better product cost management leads to more sales.

❼ Enhanced client support.

granule packing machine
Additional Equipment (Optional)

The final bag may be released onto a conveyor or to additional equipment such as a check weigher, metal detector, carton packaging machine, etc. Depending on the packaging products and needs, the following are optional devices for your consideration;

Systems for packing powder, granules, liquid, snacks, coffee, and so on into packaging.

Role hole or euro slot hole punching

Box carton packing machine

Date coding printer

Labeling machine

Nitrogen filling

Weigh checker

Metal detector

Tear notch

In the food packaging industry, what machines are popular?

  • Check weigher
  • Food granule packing machine
  • Vacuum chamber machine
  • Vacuum packaging machine

Granule Packing Machine Bag Types

stick bag
Stick Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


4 sides seal bag
4-Side Seal Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


3 sides sealing bag
3-Side Seal Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


irregular shape bag
Irregular Shape Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


pouch bag
Pouch Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


stand-up pouch bag
Stand-Up Pouch Bag

Non woven fabric, transparent bag, composite film, color bag, etc. If you prefer seal customization, please contact us.


MAKWELL - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

Which Packing Machine is Best for Granule Products?

Are you a person or company specializing in granule products and looking for a filler machine to speed up the packing process? Then relax, as you have found MAKWELL!

A granule filler machine helps you fill granules like salt and sugar accurately and efficiently. MAKWELL manufactures a range of packaging solutions, including bagger, vibratory filler, drill, and weighing machine to quickly and accurately fill products.

Automated granule packing machines are an elevated form of particulate packing machines. The machine can automatically perform all the necessary tasks, including measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, and counting. Each bag keeps a perfect photograph by using the electrical sensor to detect the color markings on the packing film. The MAKWELL granule packing machine will pack fine particles automatically.

MAKWELL Granule Packing Machine Characteristics

Several helpful features support the efficient operation of the machine. A key switch and digital display make the packing machine easy to work. This machine creates high-quality bags using a computer-controlled function, intelligently eliminates false colors using automatic color tracking, and includes dual temperature and sealing controls.

Granule Packing Machine Characteristics Application
  • Suited for granular products such as sugar, salt, ,rice, tea, spices, capsule, monosodium glutamate, seeds, desiccant, and other fine particulates.

Applications include food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical, cosmetics, construction, agrochemicals, fertilizers, etc.

MAKWELL granule packing machine produces your granules with the speed and accuracy you need for vertical filling and sealing. We offer a variety of bag styles to handle all types of granular products. Furthermore, our experienced team is ready to advise you on which bagging system will be most suitable for your operation.

What is the purpose of a packing machine?

A packaging machine is used to package different products. Automatic filling, sealing, wrapping, cleaning, and packaging equipment fall under this category. Machines that sort, count, and accumulate are also included in packaging machines.

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