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MAKWELL Granule Packaging Machines

MAKWELL offers your granular products an automatic filling and sealing machine. Many filling types of equipment are compatible with this packing machine, including liquid pump, auger scale, multi-head weigher, volumetric cup filler, etc. Along with cutter, coding machines, tap , laser cutter, after vibration, and bag linking devices.

The MAKWELL granule packaging machine packs granules into sachets using the latest packing technology- featuring a stepping motor-driven bag-making system that is highly accurate. Companies are more likely to choose configurations that include different lifters, discharge conveyor systems, and working stations. Depending on your needs, you can select a suitable granular filler model.

Granule Packaging Machine Applications

MAKWELL granular packaging solutions handle various products, providing an automatic filling and sealing machine for your granular materials. This machine packs sugar, salt, tea, spices, rice, capsules, tablets, monosodium glutamate, desiccant, seeds, and other fine particulates; equipped with automatic measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, and counting functions.

Different packaging or bag styles are available to handle all granular products. The MAKWELL granule packing machine has a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, medical, cosmetics, construction, agrochemical, fertilizer, and other industries with granulated non-sticky and loose products.

granule packing machine
automatic packing machine

Granule Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL makes granular products fillable and sealable automatically. We offer our consumers many features with our MAKWELL granule packing machine.
These include; A PLC, control panel, and touch screen, making operating more convenient and friendly; a photoelectric eye control ensures consistent, dependable operation. The top sealing is smooth and clean using the latest international small bag packaging technology.

As part of the filling process, the machine parts in contact are 304 stainless steel, safe to use. Machine components are compact, solid, and easy to use.

Finish the process of measuring, bagging, and date printing automatically. In packaging operations, the disk-type capacity cup adjuster increases efficiency and reduces material loss.

Makwell - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

Which packing machine is best for granule products?

Are you a person or company specializing in granule products and looking for a filler machine to speed up the packing process? Then relax, as you have found MAKWELL!

A granule filler machine helps you fill granules like salt and sugar accurately and efficiently. MAKWELL manufactures a range of packaging solutions, including bagger, vibratory filler, drill, and weighing machine to quickly and accurately fill products.

Automated granule packing machines are an elevated form of particulate packing machines. The machine can automatically perform all the necessary tasks, including measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, and counting. Each bag keeps a perfect photograph by using the electrical sensor to detect the color markings on the packing film. The MAKWELL granule packing machine will pack fine particles automatically.

MAKWELL Granule Packing Machine Characteristics

Several helpful features support the efficient operation of the machine. A key switch and digital display make the packing machine easy to work. This machine creates high-quality bags using a computer-controlled function, intelligently eliminates false colors using automatic color tracking, and includes dual temperature and sealing controls.

MAKWELL Granule Packing Machine Characteristics Application

  • Suited for granular products such as sugar, salt, ,rice,tea, spices, capsule,monosodium glutamate, seeds, desiccant, and other fine particulates.

Applications include food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical, cosmetics, construction, agrochemicals, fertilizers, etc.

MAKWELL granule packing machine produces your granules with the speed and accuracy you need for vertical filling and sealing. We offer a variety of bag styles to handle all types of granular products. Furthermore, our experienced team is ready to advise you on which bagging system will be most suitable for your operation.

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