How Beef Jerky Packaging Machine Pack Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

Beef jerky is often available in grocery stores and is always packaged attractively. Beef jerky, on the other hand, poses a packaging difficulty. Thankfully, the whole process can be simplified, quick, and accurate when using a specialized beef jerky packaging machine.

How does the beef jerky packaging machine packs beef jerky?

A lift conveyor transfers beef jerky into the hopper; once it reaches the necessary horizontal height, a photoelectric detector mounted above the hopper stops the conveyor’s upward motion. The photodetector sends a start-feeding indication when the hopper’s horizontal position decreases to the predetermined level.

The vibrating plate first moves the beer jerky that goes into the hopper to the buffer hopper, where it waits to be weighed. Once the weighing sensor figures out how much beef jerky is in the weighing hopper, it sends a signal to the central processing unit. There are many weighing hoppers all the way around the main body of the scale. The system gets the weighing signal and does a random combination process at the same time. Using a detecting circuit, we can quickly determine how many different weighing hoppers combinations will give us the most accurate readings. The beef jerky is moved within the chosen weighing hopper by a control that opens and closes the weighing hopper. After fully unloading the beef jerky, the product goes through a finishing groove before going to an automatic packaging machine.

The Elements

Our device uses an overhead delivery to the machine that packages beef jerky. The jerky is transported to the top of the system by the bucket conveyor, where any clumps are dispersed without endangering the jerky itself.

It is then passed through a multi-head weigher for precise weight packing. We can attain a degree of accuracy within a fraction of a gram using up to 240 cycles per minute. This tiny deviation from absolute precision is due to the varied sizes of the jerky. Still, the approach makes the operation very accurate within the allowed fraction of a gram.

The products then fall into the bagger from here. You may use film or prefabricated pouches with our solutions!

Packaging beef jerky requires little effort. Being the one responsible for the machine’s care and maintenance, a knowledgeable operator is essential for a flawless packing run. Please contact us if you are experiencing problems with jerky beef packing.

Now that we understand how beef jerky packaging machines package beef jerky, the next question is what to look for in beef jerky packaging machines if you want to purchase one.

beef jerky packaging machine

What Features to Look For in a Beef Jerky Packaging Machine?

The process you use to package beef jerky influences the product, just as the production process you choose affects the quality of the raw ingredients.

We are aware of the unique needs for jerky processing and packaging. Despite the fact that we use the term “beef jerky,” our jerky packaging machine can also package turkey jerky, as well as jerkies made by niche manufacturers using exotic meats, wild game, mushrooms, or even vegan jerky.

Essential Features

Jerky is unlike any other dried food product as it retains some moisture even after drying. It also causes a greater likelihood of clumping and sticking during weighing. Thus, this causes certain bags to be lighter than necessary while others are heavier than necessary.

With the food packaging machine and process we’ve created, these problems will no longer be an issue. We are able to give the right amount in each bag and with each fill, because we use a specific procedure that involves sifting, weighing, and bagging the contents.


How Beef Jerky Packaging Machine Pack Beef Jerky?

First up is the beef jerky packaging machine, perfect for medium-to-high production rates and quickly opens, fills, and seals your beef jerky into premade stand-up pouches. With a compact size and versatile design, our beef jerky packaging machine offers more straightforward operation, cleaning, and servicing.

Get in touch with us right away. Our experts may modify the system to fit your requirements.

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