How Does An Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Work?

automatic tube filling and sealing machine


An automatic tube filling and sealing machine inserts empty tubes onto a table with rotary indexing and positions them precisely. It then fills the tubes with a specific product and closes them using processes such as folding, heat sealing, or cutting.

Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Working Principle

The first thing you’ll do when using an Automatic Tube Filling Machine is to place the empty tubes into the tube holder. This is often an automatic procedure, although it may sometimes be necessary to do it manually. Depending on the type of machine.

In addition, the tube holders rotate in tandem with the rotary table, setting them at various locations. In this case, the control unit helps configure the process’s settings and do any other necessary tasks. The machine’s many functions conduct in a logical and effective order.

Moreover, after aligning the tubes below their filling nozzles, the automatic tube filling and sealing machine starts filling them with the necessary substance. Furthermore, the tubes are hermetically sealed, printing batch numbers with production and expiration dates. The tube tails are then cut off, with all these procedures automated.

Working Process

  1. Manual Tube Feeding
  2. Automatic Tubes Unscramble
  3. Automatic Tubes Feeding
  4. Mark Orientation Cylinder Drop
  5. Mark Orientation
  6. Filling Cylinder Drop
  7. Filling
  8. Sealing Cylinder Press
  9. Ultrasonic Sealing
  10. Trimming
  11. Finished Product Ejection

Technical Specifications

🔵 Filling Station

This tube filler has a hopper that can hold up to 40 kg and a shut-off valve connecting to a filling cylinder that has a mechanism for adjusting its capacity. A unique pneumatic system is built into the delivery nozzle to stop it from dripping.

🔵 Sealing System

The two main components of this system are the heating and sealing stations.

🔵 Heating Station

In this phase, hot air is pushed under pressure to warm up the sealing zone ahead of time. Then, the compressed air is heated in a chamber with a hot air tool leister. Both a pneumatic regulator for adjusting the pressure of the air and a temperature regulator are available. Tubes are sealed using pneumatically driven, specialized jaws in this sealing process. This is the location where the batch coding takes place.

🔵 Trimming Station

This is the trimming station for the asymmetrical or uneven tube ends.

🔵 Batch-Coding Station

The sealing unit offers barcode generation in batches.

🔵 Product Ejection

At this station, the tubes are discharged automatically. Single-head output may produce 1500-1800 tubes per hour.

🔵 Electrical

This automatic tube filler and sealer machine has a 1 HP, 1440 rpm Hindustan motor, a 30:1 ratio gearbox, an electrical panel box, and a no tube, no fill procedure. Note that a 3HP air compressor is necessary.

With the support of our skilled team and cutting-edge technologies, we are able to manufacture and distribute an extensive range of automatic tube filling machines. Applicable to fill LDPE and HDPE tubes with a variety of substances. In the pharmaceutical business, this equipment is widely applicable. With optimum review cast press and annealed steel, we construct this machine in accordance with modern technology. Our equipment is not difficult to use and has a high degree of operational familiarity. Customers may get this automatic tube filling and sealing machine at reasonable prices.

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