How Does an Automatic Vertical Powder Packing Machine Work?

powder packing machine

Makwell Powder Packing Machine


The automatic powder packing machine can efficiently dispense and pack powder products and is used in a variety of industries. The vertical layout requires less space on the floor, making it ideal for use by smaller and medium-sized businesses, and allowing for the simultaneous use of many powder packing machines to maximize output. Powders that are not sticky, such as those used in disinfection, carbon, edibles, putty, color, alkaline surfaces, washing powder, medication, and pesticides, are ideal for this type of machinery.

There are 4 stages in the whole operating process:

  1. The powder enters the screw measurement device through the screw pipe after pouring into the screw feeder hopper. Then, determine the weight of each bag by the spiral’s number of turns.
  2. The Auger weigher measure out the right amount of product and drop it slowly into the packing machine. Continuously, it gives the packing machine the finished signal.
  3. When the powder packing machine gets the signal, it sends a signal back to the weigher and starts dropping the product. The machine then pulls down the film, prints the date, seals the package, and cuts it. Weighing of each bag of powder to ensure it is at the correct setting.
  4. The final product conveyor will move the bags after completing the process.

Usually, accuracy is possible by making the hopper opening or feed path smaller. However, this can cause the product to stick together and slow down the packaging rate. We solve the problem by using a servo-driven screw that quickly pulls the product from the hopper. Scale feedback lets us improve the accuracy of our system, keep track of how much each package weighs, and give the best performance on the market.

This powder packing machine is specifically developed and made for powder, ultra-fine powder, and other materials. It can perform the task of measuring, filling, and filling nitrogen automatically. This vertical powder filler may be applicable with any kind of bag-making packer to fill powder material. And is excellent for packing powdered and granular materials with low mobility. Such as milk powder, feed, rice flour, sugar, MSG, glucose, rice noodles, food additives, dyes, flavorings, fragrances, and many more.

This powder packaging machine uses OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, MST/PE, and PET/PE as the packaging material. The roll’s exterior diameter should be less than or equal to 320 mm, and the inner diameter of the frame should be no more than 75 mm. The thickness of mixed packing material is between 0.05 and 0.08 mm, thus it must have a plain surface with a 10 mm edge and cannot have any figures or written characters.

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