How is a Mayonnaise Machine Designed?

Mayonnaise Machine


Our mayonnaise machine is easy to use, has a more straightforward design, and uses less room overall because of its taller form. Its modern mixier machine ensures that the final product will be of consistent quality. It is adaptable and works with a wide range of devices, including vacuum, jacket heating/cooling, multiple-open lids, sample designs, etc. The system becomes the best tool for processing fluids as a result. Its design is adaptable and allows for customization to meet the requirements of various sectors. 

Mayonnaise machines are excellent for making pharmaceuticals and emulsions in the cosmetics business, mayonnaise and other condiments in the food industry, and coatings, suspensions, pigments, and other things in the chemical industry, among other things.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with Top Entry Paddle  

Blenders meet the stringent quality requirements of the food, beverage, and related sectors throughout construction and finishing. We specialize in custom tank and mixing tank design and fabrication. We have extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing blending tanks and features various blending tanks and relevant equipment for use in the food sector. Introduction It uses cutting-edge technology from the turn of the century to cool via convection off its round and vertical walls. Because the whole process is automatic, the process is in real-time. Raw milk may be made into cream by fast cooling it to the required temperature of 4–5 and maintaining that temperature.

Mayonnaise Machine Design Characteristics 

The imported compressor was chosen because of its excellent performance, energy efficiency, complete seal, and overload prevention mechanism. In addition, a mechanism that automatically sprays and mixes the liquid in cycles is installed.

  1. By use of direct growth and development, our cooling tank’s compressor and evaporator can chill fresh milk. 
  2. Able to hold between 1,000 and 30,000 liters. 
  3. The milk tank, automated agitator, refrigeration unit, and microcomputer control cabinet are the four parts that make up the unitary milk chilling tank. The fine polishing and corrosion resistance of stainless steel makes it challenging to discolor. A stiff insulating layer filled with a material that does not transmit heat well. Foam, because of its low density and high thermal insulation.
  4. The SUS 304 stainless steel used in our tanks is safe for use in the food industry.
More Mayonnaise Machine Details 
  1. Stainless steel, type SUS 304-2B material.
  2. The Art of Welding AC-TIG
  3. PU foam insulation between 60 and 80 mm thick; 12-hour temperature increase of less than 0.9 degrees Celsius.
  4. Speed of agitator rotation, 32–36 rpm.
  5. Less noise, reliable compressor.
  6. Intelligent temperature control system that saves labor.
  7. Full automation of the cleaning operation makes it more practical.
  8. Design work that is explicitly ordered to meet the needs of a mayonnaise manufacturer.
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