How Long Does a Liquid Filling machine Last?

hand sanitizer filling machine

Numerous packagers and manufacturers contemplating the purchase of filling equipment are concerned about the filling machine’s shelf life. While it is possible to claim that the filling machine or, for instance, the automatic bottle filling machine will last for many years, there are a variety of perspectives on this issue.

First and foremost, the machine itself. The frame, fill the bar, and other components may survive for hundreds of years with correct maintenance if taken care of properly.

Nevertheless, the actual concern is: “How long will my filler be effective or usable?”

While a definitive answer to this issue may be challenging to come by, the reality is that the most majority of filling machines will continue to be functional and efficient for much more extended periods than could be imagined.

When working on a packaging project, the factors that might contribute to the ultimate failure of the equipment are;

  • Environment
  • Atmosphere
  • Chemicals and other intense liquid products
  • Fumes
  • Spills

Over time, products may create stress and strain on the filling machine. Poor maintenance can shorten the life of the packing machine, and even a moist environment might cause the equipment to fail.

All of these considerations should be examined before selecting and producing a bottle filling machine or any liquid filler of your choice for your company.

With the right strategy, many of the above issues may be avoided by;

  • Carrying out essential maintenance.
  • Regular cleaning of the filling machine.
  • Maintaining the packing machinery clean and clear of dirt is essential.
    Whether it is product accumulation or just dust from the manufacturing floor, the machine will live longer if cleaned regularly.

With adequate care and maintenance and pre-production match to the filler to the project, the filler itself should not become unsuitable due to wear and tear or other factors.

Another factor influencing the future packing machine is technology advancements, which may render specific filling machine components obsolete in the future. This, however, does not require a complete overhaul of the filling machine.

hand sanitizer filling machine

The majority of industries make bottle filling equipment their primary option. In this case, the filling machines are built to be upgradeable. From adding more fill heads to installing a total PLC and turning a previously semi-automated filling machine into an automatic filler.

As technology evolves, you may add extra features to improve the efficiency of your packing equipment. Production will continue to be carried out using the filling machine. This means that you will be able to improve the machine’s efficiency when the time comes or whenever necessary.

Therefore, how long will a liquid filler be effective? The reality is that the care and attention you render will greatly benefit extending the life of the filling equipment.
In addition, with manufacturing process, we must consider and expect future improvements. The reality is that using a liquid filler will result in the success and profitability of your company’s manufacturing process, regardless of the circumstances!

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