How to Adjust The Filling Volume of the Liquid Filling Machine?

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

The Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is widely used in liquid filling, like sauce, paste, honey, fruit jam, ketchup, mayonnaise, syrup, mainly for bottles, round, square, flat, shaped glass bottles and plastic bottles.

Liquid Filling Machine Volume Adjustment

The adjustment procedure for the filling volume of the Automatic Filling Machine is as follows:

  1. To modify the position of the filling machine’s bottom rod, first remove the nut and turn the screw. In order to achieve the aim of the free adjustment of the dispensing quantity, the push-pull length of the cylinder is also adjustable. Where the indicator indicates, you can positively modify the screw to increment, and vice versa. Errors exist in the actual dispensing volume, with the needle tube scale serving as It is also possible to measure the cup’s contents precisely at the start of the dispensing process.
  2. Tighten the nut right away after adjustment. Secure the crank and lower fixing rod securely.
  3. Loosen the nut and determine the correct position of the upper rod according to the length of the different syringes. After adjusting the lower fixed rod on the automatic honey filling machine, turn the crank to bring the syringe to the top dead center. Next, raise the syringe’s outer sleeve by about 2 mm to prevent breaking the needle tube. Tighten the nut before turning on the machine.
  4. After assembling the automatic syrup filling machine correctly, turn on the switch. When the automatic mayonnaise filling machine is working, the crank drives the pump to pull down the liquid, adjust the speed knob, select the appropriate dispensing speed, start normal operation, adjust the governor knob, and the clockwise dispensing speed is fast. On the contrary, the speed is slow.


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